Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Gudiya asks Radhe to get Ruby married

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 24th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruby asking Gudiya about the electricitymeter and tricks her to switch off the lights. Gudiya says ok and goes to switch off the light. Ruby says I will wait for you in the room. Gudiya comes to the meter box, while Ruby takes her bag to leave. Radhe and Sarla ask how did the light go? Pappu tells that he couldn’t get the torch. Sarla says everyone has light at home. Pappu says I will check the light. Ruby comes out of house and turns to go, when she sees Gudiya standing. Gudiya holds her hand and asks her to come inside. Ruby asks her to let her go. They come inside. Pappu switches on the light. Gudiya asks everyone to give promise not to get angry. She tells that my sister was not eloping like Sharma ji’s daughter, but had planned to leave by switching off the light. She says Ruby was troubled by you (Tai ji) and that’s why thought to go. Kasturi slaps Ruby and says forget that I will get you married with the guy of your choice. Radhe says bhabhi ji…. Kasturi takes Ruby inside and closes the door.

Gudiya and others wait outside Kasturi’s room. Gudiya says she thought to let her elope, but thought Ruby will not face herself in future. She says by the way, I learnt to switch off the light. She hopes Kasturi is not beating Ruby. In the morning, Ruby is crying. Gudiya wakes up and asks why is she crying in the morning. Ruby tells that she is going for forever to God. Gudiya is shocked and asks why you are talking like this. Ruby says I will die without him and tells that my mum told that she will not let me marry guy of my choice. She says I will never forgive you. Gudiya says I won’t give you a chance not to forgive me and says my babu ji will solve the problem. Ruby asks really? Gudiya says yes.

Gudiya comes to everyone and calls her family. She says there is a difficult situation.She asks where is Tai ji? Sweety says Tai ji and asks Sarla. Sarla says Pahadi wale baba and asks Sweety to rest. Gudiya says Ruby was eloping with jija ji yesterday. Pappu says if tau ji hears. Radhe says I am not scared of him. Sarla teases him. Gudiya says Ruby was eloping with that guy. Radhe says I will not leave that guy. Gudiya asks him to get Ruby marry jija ji else she will not be saved. Jia says it is wrong why she chose the guy. Gudiya says you had also chose Dada ji and went to farm to meet him. Jia feels shy. Gudiya asks Radhe to get her married. Radhe says I will solve the problem and will light the fire if needed. Sweety says I just remembered a film climax and tells them. Radhe appreciates Sweety for her plan.

Nanhe lal comes home and greets Jia. He looks at Sarla while Kasturi looks at him. Sarla asks Kasturi what happened? Kasturi says nothing. Sarla says Samdhi ji brought some good news. Nanhe lal calls everyone and says I have something to tell you all. He says a guy is coming to see Gudiya in half an hour, but have to go in 2 hour. He says two lovers shall unite..Radhe asks him to be in his consciousness. Sweety comes to Nanhe lal and asks why you want to tell the climax. Pappu says it was your idea. Nanhe lal asks Pappu to bring jalebi. Nanhe lal says I will call the guy. Kasturi asks Nanhe lal to see guy for her daughter and says after that she is free. Nanhe lal says I will see, but can’t promise.

Ruby and Gudiya are sitting together. Ruby praises Gudiya. Gudiya says your eyes are good. Ruby says your heart is good. Sweety comes and says guy must be coming? Gudiya says jija ji.

Precap: Nanhe lal brings Anurag. Shyam says I won’t let Ruby marry him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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