Manmohini 24th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Mann’s Manthan

Manmohini 24th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guruji tells Siya that with end of black evil powers, even ret pisach will end, but he is worried that Mann will be at risk if his evil powers are provoked. Ram says they will not provoke Mann’s evil powers then. Siya says it depends how one uses powers, she is sure Mann will use his powers for good and she is confident about her upbringing. Mann says he will prove that he i Rajput mother’s rajput son and will not let his powers overpower him. Ret pisach asks Mohini what she needs. Mohini says she needs her powers back. Ret pisach says he needs Mann for that. She asks how can she get Mann. Guruji informs that in 3 days on navratri, both good and evil powers will get what they crave for, so they have to do Mann’s manthan kund and end his evilness before that. Siya says she will protect Mann for 3 days and will not let any trouble hover around him.

Mohini rejoices that she got rid off Gopika’s avatar and got back her beautiful avatar, now she will get Mann. She plays games and choose Mansi to get Mann. In palace, Ram over phone asks inspector to catch Gopika soon. Guruji says evil power has not gone out of Behramgarh and will try her best to get Mann, so he will arrange for manthan kund soon. Ram asks what is manthan kund. Siya reminds Mann about Samudra manthan story and how poison emerged before amrith and how Shivji consumed poison, he has to go through manthan to get evilness out of his body. Mann says he is Ram and Siya’s son and will fight.

Siya gets Mann ready for manthan. Guruji says manthan kund is similar to samudra manthan. Siya asks Mann to bear pain for sometime. Manthan starts with Mann being churned with a rope and him chanting mantras. Mohini feels pain and seeks ret pisach’s help. Mann coughs out black poison. Guruji says evil powers are out of Mann’s body now. After manhtan finishes, Siya praises Mann. sumri walks in and says Mansi’s mother called and informed that Mansi’s condition is critical. Guruji says evil has started manipulating people’s brain.

Precap: Ram gives his car to Guruji. Siya tells Ram that she feels something is wrong. Mohini hides in Guruji’s car.

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