Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohini and Adhiraj free the captive naagins

Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj checking Mohini’s pulse. Chunnu asks what happened to Mohini didi, if she died. Adhiraj says no and tells that nobody could be saved from Bhujang’s poison and says she is still alive as she is strong naagin. He says I can’t do anything and asks Chunnu to read in his naag lok book about how to make her fine? Chunnu reads and says if she takes bath in tilismi kund then she will be fine, but time is less. He says if we can reach there or not. Adhiraj lifts her and says I won’t let anything happen to you, will bring you back.

Shalaka thinks where to get the bat’s feather. She catches the bats flying in the air and they become one Danav bat. Shalaka cuts her feather and says she got it. Adhiraj takes mohini to the tilismi kund and says you will return on your feet again. He makes her sit in the tilismi kund water and pours water on her with his hand. Song plays….Saathiya….Mohini gains consciousness and looks at him. He puts water on her face. They look at each other. Chunnu coughs. Adhiraj and Mohini come out. Adhiraj says I was doing what was written in the book. Chunnu says didi is fine now, you don’t need to make her bath fully. Mohini apologizes to Adhiraj and says she needs his help. She asks him to promise. He says I don’t give fake promise. Mohini says I want you along with the pinjar. Adhiraj says there is no difference between you and Maha maya. He tells that Maha Maya had killed his family and then used him. Mohini says I want to take your help to save someone. Chunnu asks him to help them. Adhiraj says ok and asks her not to show her face to him again. Bhujang comes to the teen tatva and finds it to be fake. He thinks how can this happen and finds Mohini’s magical bottle there and thinks she stole it for Maha Maya. He thinks who has changed it and thinks Maha Maya doesn’t know about it. He thinks if the past returned.

Jaichand and Rani have icecream. Rani laughs and asks him to move his foot from her foot and tells that he is naughty. Jaichand sees the snake and throws icecream. They see the snake going to Maha Maya’s room. Maha Maya sees the snake and tells that this is informer’s snake and brought someone’s message. She sees Bhujang’s message asking her to meet him and that he will come alone to meet her and will not do anything. Maha Maya laughs and says Bhujang might have known that I have pinjar in my hands. She laughs and says he can’t harm me.

Chunnu takes Mohini and Adhiraj to Maha Maya’s room. Mohini asks how did you walk on this dangerous path. Chunnu says your words gave me strength. Adhiraj says I don’t have all day for your talks. Mohini asks him to lift pinjar and free them. They hold the pinjar together and free the captive snakes. The glass bottles broke down. They move back.

Bhujang thinks if Maha maya got my message or not and waits for her. Maha Maya comes there and says you have invited your death today. Bhujang says I called you for important work. Maha maya says I hate your friend, will not talk to you. She attacks him, but nothing happens to him. She says our ancestral temple and says our powers will not work here. Bhujang says even my powers will not work here. He says we have to get together. Maha maya asks what do you mean? Bhujang says Naag mandal teen tatva is stolen. Maha maya thinks she got it stolen. The freed naagins thanks Mohini for saving them. Chunnu makes them meet Adhiraj and says he is Adam baaz. The freed snakes get scared. Mohini says he don’t harm any stranger. Adhiraj hugs Chunnu and says don’t know if we will meet again or not. Mohini asks Chunnu to take them and says she will bring Adhiraj with her. Adhiraj says I will not come without killing Maha maya. Mohini asks him to come.

Maha maya says so Bhujang’s throne is snatching away and says I will meet you when you die. Bhujang says he is returning? Maha maya asks who? Bhujang says you know well. Maha Maya says he can’t return from where he is. Bhujang says he is returning from past black grave and says Vikram is returning.

Precap: Shalaka asks Maha maya to do kaali kriya. Maha Maya says she can do anything. Shalaka traps her and tries to kill her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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