Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ranbir falling in love with Prachi

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The Episode starts with Abhi, Purab, Ranbir and Prachi coming to office. Abhi and Purab ask Juhi to get the coffee for them. Ranbir asks her to get a cup of coffee for him also. Abhi asks Prachi to get invitation cards samples and selects the best one. Prachi says ok. Juhi comes and says coffee machine is not working so she ordered from outside. Prachi asks we shall go out and have coffee. Ranbir says so much time will be wasted. Prachi tells that they shall go out to a local coffee shop (thela) and drink it. Abhi says thela coffee. Prachi asks him to think about the taste and asks didn’t he drink thela coffee before. He says he drank coffee and says I like it. He says cutting coffee. Purab asks when? Abhi recalls and a fb is shown. Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Abhi asks shall I play music? Pragya says no and shows her hand to stop. She tries to talk to him then, but he asks her to respect him. Pragya says we should have wait for much time and tells that Dadi must be feeling bad. Abhi calls her Chashmish and says you didn’t let me to have coffee. He says I want to spend some time with you. Pragya says Dadi came just yesterday. Abhi says Dadi will be with us. He says you didn’t let me have the coffee. Pragya asks him to stop the car and says she will make him drink world’s best coffee. She takes him to the local thela (shop) and orders 2 coffee. Abhi says only 1 and asks her to look at his standard, says he is in 10th standard and she is asking him to be in 1st standard. Pragya asks him to drink once and says you will come again and again. She says this shop guy made the coffee infront of you and the ingredients are also fresh. Abhi says you are saying as if you know. She takes a sip and says it is world’s best coffee, but you will not drink. He takes the coffee which she sipped and says it is world’s best coffee. He asks her to drink fast else people will see lip to lip moment. Pragya feels shy and drinks it. Abhi kisses her surprising her infront of the people. Fb ends.

Abhi says I drank thela coffee and asks Ranbir if he drank? Ranbir says many times. Abhi asks Ranbir and Prachi to go and enjoy coffee. He asks Purab to go too and thinks he will not drink thela coffee without Pragya. Meera and Mitali clean the room for Abhi’s interns so that they can work and rest. Meera says this room is cleaned after many days. Mitali asks her to have food. Meera says she will have food after Rhea comes. Mitali says your life revolves around Rhea. Rhea says yes. Mitali asks her to feel proud and asks if she felt bad when Rhea does wrong with Prachi. Meera tells yes and tells that when she was worried when that cliff news came. Mitali says she is very possessive about Abhi. Meera says yes, a bit. Mitali says very much. She says you have handled her well and asks her to make her understand. She says if her sister comes back then Rhea might not be able to handled. She says Rhea can’t share Abhi’s love with her and says this shall not happen. She asks her to prepare her for future. Meera thinks Rhea can’t share her dad’s love with her twin sister.

Prachi and Juhi take the coffee from the thela (shop). Prachi comes to Ranbir and Purab. Ranbir gets down from the car and takes coffee from Juhi’s hand. Prachi asks Purab to drink coffee. Purab says he had it many times. Ranbir takes coffee from juhi’s hand and makes the coffee fall down, says it was an accident. Prachi says seems like coffee doesn’t like you. Ranbir says it doesn’t like the coffee given by the girl. Prachi asks Ranbir to drink coffee and says you was telling infront of Mehra sir that you like coffee. Purab gets a message and tells him that he has a meeting. Ranbir says I will also come. Purab asks Juhi to come and asks Ranbir to finish the coffee and come. Prachi comes to Ranbir and gives him coffee. Ranbir says I said, but I don’t like it. Prachi says how you will say that you don’t it, without checking it and says until you get drenched in water, you will not know how you will enjoy. She says one day you will remember this coffee and asks him to drink. Ranbir looks at her and drinks coffee, while she is talking to him. Song plays……tu pehla pehla pyaar hai plays…..He goes to the coffee seller and keeps the empty glasses and money. He continues to look at Ranbir.

Priyanka asks Rishi, if he is leaving. He says yes and says don’t know when the rain will start. Priyanka asks will you drop me? Rishi says we have studied in the same college, but here we work. Priyanka says we know each other and asks why is he doing this? He asks her not to be friendly with him. Priyanka asks him to give her gift thinking her as a stranger.

Disha tells Hritik that she talked to Veronica. Hritik is having food and asks why? Disha says to ask your wallet? Hritik says why? He says he will do her work and clean her room and dining table. Disha asks him to go home and handle his life. Door bell rings. Veronica comes. Disha says hi. Hritik gets tensed and looks at her. Veronica returns his wallet and says so he is here. Disha asks her to come inside. Veronica says I don’t move back and says there is an advice for you and says when you ask him to marry you, then he will leave you. Disha is shocked and says we are just friends. Rishi drops Priyanka home and asks if she has to ask for lift and if he will offer her lift. Priyanka says she likes his protective nature and says your thinking is middle class, but it is ok. She asks him with whom he stays. Rishi says I stay with my Nani and she said that today she had a fight with someone. She asks whom? He says it is a big story.

Abhi comes in his car. Priyanka introduces him to Rishi and says he is her college friend and intern in their company. She says he was a topper in the college like you are a rockstar. Abhi asks Rishi to go and says rain might start. Rishi goes. Abhi asks Priyanka if she likes him as she seems to be very excited while talking to him. Priyanka lies that Rishi insisted to give her lift so she agreed and says she likes him just as a friend. Abhi thinks Rishi might like her and thinks to check his background.

Precap: Rhea tells Abhi about the night party. Abhi says no guys from the organization. Purab and Disha have an argument about Hritik.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Leisa s morris

    Who d hell is dis priyanka

    1. She showed up a few days ago and the Mehra’s greeted her as if she was a family member. The 2nd day she showed up, we were told that she had something going on with Sarita Behn’s grandson, Rishi, during college. We know as much as you do about yet another body being dumped into the mix. We are watching Ekta surround herself with a new group of younger women (younger than Ekta). BODY DUMPS are generally for murder victims. Here, Ekta is dumping live bodies (many) into the show in her effort to kill the stars of the show. Besides ‘aging backwards’ it would appear as if Ekta likes to live backwards, somewhere in the barbaric age of mankind. That’s where her mind and heart are stuck. But they didn’t have glitter back then, so it is doubtful that we would be successful in sending her back to her stone- age cave and attitudes. And she believes herself to be a progressive thinker. LOL. Wow. What people can believe, when they lie to themselves. Ekta Kapoor is such an obvious brutal and regressive ‘thinker’. She should not be allowed near children or any other living beings. I would bet that she is an S&M expert in the privacy of her bedroom. She surely gives a lot away about her personality, through her ‘creative’ work!

  2. Director Direction Deviating… All unwanted junk. Ekta Kapoor filling all episodes with junk people. Main both characters are fading. I didn’t know before their beath also she unite them or not.

  3. Abhigya are relegated to the past with another fake flashback. All these fake flashbacks show Pragya as being incredibly bossy and Abhi always so sweet. The fake flashbacks keep telling us, “Get over yourselves, Abhigya is DONE!” Meera is dressed not like a hooker, again. Not much makeup either. I wonder if Kanchi kaul approves…her real boss lady, we have been told. You have to wonder if someone in the crew actually does read the comments from here and elsewhere. Obviously, these writers are so desperate for a story that they have forgotten all the rules about creative writing. First rule of course is that you need to be creative. Mithali shows up and has been clearly groomed to become the new Indu Dasi. THEY STILL NEED THE OLD CREW/CAST TO BRING IN THE EMOTIONAL ELEMENTS BECAUSE NONE OF THE NEW ACTING CREW HAS THE ‘EMOTIONAL ELEMENTS’ AVAILABLE IN THEIR ‘SKILL SETS’. NOT ONE OF THEM. Aryan could if given the chance and Ranbir is learning quickly. The two twins are a waste of space as are all the extra people. Mini-Pragya acts like Pragya again. A thirty year plus, Pragya. Isn’t she supposed to be 20 yrs of age? For the sake of these twins, they should have taken a 35 year leap. The flashback of coffee drinking and now this scene with the replacement couple also coffee drinking is a little tacky. No it is not whimsical. It looks like someone is feeling desperate in the writing crew. the DP is a desperate attempt to begin with… in order to do what? Satisfy the desperately needy Kanchi Kaul? What exactly was the DP meant to do? Must be nice to be ‘in bed’ with Ekta Kapoor as she seems to reward her friends. p.s. ‘in bed’ is a western expression meaning ‘working together closely’. It does not necessarily mean that the two are sleeping together. Although if that were true, it likely wouldn’t surprise anyone. Interesting. Why is a protective nature “so middle-class”. That’s like saying that the hungry, violent, lying, thieving greed and lust… nature is so elite. Hmmm.
    I am surprised that they let that truth slip through.

    1. BabaJi

      I’m grateful to this blog writer H Hassan, who takes out time to write these updates of the ‘creative’ works of the ‘creative’ Ekta Kapoor. Ekta is the daughter of ex actor Jatendra Kapoor. So it was out of pressure that she became a producer. Because her ‘beautiful’ face was not considered beautiful enough to become an actress. So that explains why she shows empathy, or in other words. ‘Pity’ for that thing
      called ‘Naina Singh’ (Mini-Aaliyah) and that (Meera) ‘Kanchi Kaul.’ Well maybe she forgets that acting is meant to be done in films. Not in real life. I don’t know about others, But I would say Mrs Kapoor would pass for actress. As she tries really hard to give the image of how ‘human’ she is. That’s why she used the ‘surrogate’ method to obtain children. To show the world a ‘happy’ Ekta. I always knew she had a secret acting talent inside her. She should just quit producing junk shows. I mean why waste such good talent?? I also heard about her EX gay fiancee, Karan Johar. Karan is too a producer like Ekta. And guess what? he too used surrogacy as a method to obtain twin boys! I think the ‘creative’ Ekta is not so creative after all?…?…?… BTW, Has anyone heard of her new flopped movie Judgemental Hai Kya?
      It was promoted during it’s launch within Mrs Kapoor’s serials. It’s Absolute BULLCRAP!
      You can guess it was all about another pyschcopath called Bobby… Like there wasn’t enough Ektas?
      ?…?… ?… Ekta seems to forget the ” based on a true story about Ekta Kapoor” at the end of the film. C’mon ekta! At least take credit for the characters who define you! Oh well…
      At least it brought some good to the ‘unwanted’ bunch of ur KKB..
      Meera, Vikram, Pallavi, Aaliyah, Mini-Aaliyah… Who got the ‘privillage’ to be part of the promotion.

    2. Thank-you Babaji. That was illuminating. That helps to explain an energetic control ‘mechanism’ which I saw within her. i.e. first image I ever saw. I suspected who held the reins of the control, Your words offer some confirmation. And that was too bad that she was judged not beautiful enough. She is far more beautiful than a number of her actresses. Symmetry and proportion are both necessary. And true beauty is always from the heart. It’s funny, how those who are pure in heart actually become more symmetrical and proportional as their own body aligns with their new found balance/peace/love. That is a truth. Bones, muscles and sinew actually very slowly shift to match the clarity within the heart. It’s a healing, of sorts. That does not mean that all beautiful people are pure of heart. Absolutely not.

  4. The actress who plays Rhea once said in an interview that this new season is Rhea prachi ranbir’s kumkum bhagya and the other teenagers present in this new season .. That the actors Sriti and Shabbir are just figures who come from from time to time clogged the screen with their so sensual alchemy on the screen just to boost the audience. We must admit that if kkg is ranked 2nd is only that fans expect abhigya to patch up and live a happy life .. Frankly I’m bored with this new generation of young .. Pitiful short that has become the series. In short .. It complicates the series .. It’s fine to make 1600 episode .. But in the end it is to take the fans for stupid people

    1. Too bad, that not one of them is a teenager. It’s disgusting to watch 35 plus year old people pretend that they are 20. Mini-Pragya can’t do it. Mini-aliyah, I’m sure couldn’t remember when she was 20, to even try and pretend because she is so busy trying to be a porn star. It is the Barbarian Glitter Doll (Ekta) that thinks that all viewers are stupid. Victimized, yes. This from a … person… who calls her botox injections, “aging backwards” and is the tyrant who is victimizing viewers, and laughing herself to the bank. Botox people hate themselves so much that they have to put on a mask, in order to be ‘good enough’. They want to live in the past or pretend they are something that they are not. Pathetic. In other words, they are incapable of accepting reality. Sort of like abused 3-5 year old children.

  5. sunanda pallapati

    why all the time showing fbs.who wants to see all the old stuff again. it has already become dragged to the event that people have lost interest and it is out of TRP.

  6. To me, it seems like Ekta foisted upon us, a new serial and we didn’t even realize it!! What a thief!! She keeps Sriti and the abhigya story in the periphery, just to keep us watching, because she damn well knows that if it wasn’t for Sriti, nobody would still be watching her sorry ass serial which has gone through reincarnation of some sort coz now it’s Prachi / Ranbir /Rhea all over again in place of Disha /Purab /Aliya….. Ms Kapoor thinks by recycling the same plot with 30+ 20yrs old women and a boy who still has his mother’s milk in his face, would do the trick!!
    Now, as with Sriti, I feel so damn sorry for this talented actress who has to bite her tongue and sit down and shut up coz Ekta’s got her by her neck, poor thing doesn’t deserve my pity but that’s how I darn feel about it.. Miss Sriti Jha is slowly fading into the celluloid…and the years are taking its toll on her face… I can detect a sadness in her voice when she delivers her lines, her tone varies in her dialogues, there’s a subtle catch in her voice, like she’s biting her pain to get those lines out..she needs the paycheck, ohh heavens…the lights are fading…for Bollywood wants hot new flesh cavorting on the screen, not diminishing stars…s*x sells like hott bread…and our Sriti comes across rather decent…so that means no Bollywood project for her…if you can’t roll and rock it like Nora Fatehi, crapaud smoke yuh pipe… Coming back to this awful serial, I must mention that everytime Aliya unleashes her wannabe s*xy voice on Purab, just the way she purrs ” Purab”….i actually do feel naseauos…i pretend it’s a woman saying it, not Aliya, mind you…just another woman, it doesn’t sound good coming from her, someone ought to tell her this…its not even a fraction horny… BTW, where I live, we are now seeing the fb of what transpired in the hotel 20 years ago, how Aliya managed to squirm her way into Purab’s life as his wife!! Hearing Aliya say to Purab that…you are mine….?…can’t find the correct emoji…sigh!!!

  7. Nothing’s new here, we all knew that ranbir would fall for Prachi…duh…we here, van read these writers mind and they don’t realize it… Sooooo…..boring!!!.and this thing called Priyanka…. I shudder!! One more actress to push Sriti further away into the background..not that Priyanka is anything good-looking…just a new plot to take up screen space…from the main leads….although there are no main leads… Purab and Disha gets more than Pragya!!

    1. Hullo Naz!! Pragya was a kind soul, from whatever we can see or tell. A perfect victim. Creepy lizard like, people like Ekta, (see my comments on KDB) look for innocence that will not fight back or doesn’t know how to fight back. And then all of their stored up fury is directed to the innocent. and just think, in this case Ekta had the voice of the desperately needy Kanchi Kaul shouting in Ekta’s ear… “He’s my husband and I want him back!” Typical, stupid wife. Won’t take a look at the supposedly cheating husband. Oh no! No way! She calls the biggest goonda that she knows (Ekta Kapoor) and has the Ekta Goonda take out the woman. And this Kanchi Kaul has her own goondas! (Meera)… who looked so out of place that they had to mask her face and dress her up like a sl*t so that she could be ‘acceptable’, in order for her to do her part of the goonda work. Haha! I think I outdid myself today, pointing out the contradictions, inconsistencies and cruel, aphotic drama queen that is an Ekta Kapoor. My information comes from what has already been printed or spoken about her, in media. And of course watching her in that media. My Indian friends, when I had asked them, “Have you ever heard of an Ekta Kapoor?” offered me gossip which confirmed what I had already seen and read. There was one eyewitness story of Ekta at a nightclub, which was ‘unflattering’ to the extreme and it too confirmed what I have seen and read. Like Aliyah, the wretch has still not been stopped from ‘creating’ her hate train.

  8. BabaJi

    That thing named “Priyanka” is just another excuse for the meeting of Abhigya. Well like anyone cares anyway. That grandson of Sarita and this Priyanka are in love. Abhi and Pragya will try to make them confess and organize their wedding. Another session of ram..ram..ram..sita… and the “failed” meetings of Abhigya. Done. Enough for another 50 episodes.
    Now, who’s falling in love? uhlalala… ? …? …? …?… here begins the love triangle of the three vomiting leads… Ranbir… Prachi and that Rhea. This is all Ekta knows, isn’t it? the sweaty old scripts of Pavitra Rishta repeats itself once again…
    Love triangles, damsels in distress, 45 yrs pornstars trying to be normal humans..

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