Mere Sai 19th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Master Evil Plan

Mere Sai 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai checks Govinda and says his condition is stabilizing now. Chihu tells Srikanth that Sai is working tirelessly for us and though he does not discuss, he should rest for sometime. Sai ask Rehana to lie down. Srikanth asks Sai that they will take Govinda home as his condition is stabilizing and Sai can rest for sometime. Sai says Dwarkamayi belongs to everyone and they all contribute according to their strength. Lakshmi enters and asks Rehana’s husband Salim and Chihu to go home and rest for sometime while she takes care of Govinda and Rehana for sometime.

Srikanth and Saleem head towards home and seeing Patil and others gathered ask Patil why they have gathered here, if Kulkarni has made any new announcement. Kulkarni’s 3 puppets distribute sweets to them and describe their cooked up story that they were suffering from epidemic and Kulkarni forcefully sent them to epidemic rehabilitation camp where British doctor treated them and they got well within 3 days. Patil asks if they are telling truth. Mhalsapati says he heard whoever goes to epidemic rehabilitation camp will not return back as they won’t be treated there at all and let to die without treatment. Puppets say that is the story of past, now they can be treated within 2-3 days.

Ranoji gets severely ill and vomits. Everyone rush to him and seeing him having high fever says he is suffering from epidemic. Ranoji’s wife Kaveri says he cannot have epidemic and must have overeaten. Ranoji says no. Kaveri says Ranoji fell ill last night due to overeating and she took him to Sai who treated him and advice to maintain hygiene, she is following hygiene at her house. Gangaram says Sai has kept epidemic hit patients in his broken hut Dwarkamayi and Ranoji must have attracted epidemic there, Sai is doing wrong by not letting patients reach epidemic rehabilitation camp. People discuss if Sai is really doing wrong. Baizaa consoles Kaveri not to cry and to wait till Sai returns from jungle. Bheema asks if Sai is unable to treat epidemic. Baizaa says Sai treated Ranoji last time and she is sure he will even this time, so Kaveri should have some patience. Kaveri agrees. Panta hearing their conversation runs to Kulkarni’s house to inform him and clashes with a huge man and asks who is he. Man says he is Anta’s brother Santa and knows everything about Panta, now he will take care of Anta’s work. Panta informs Kulkarni that Ranoji is ill again, but Kaveri is waiting for Sai to return instead of taking Ranoji to epidemic rehabilitation camp. Santa asks if he should drag Ranoji to epidemic rehabilitation camp. Kulkarni stops him and asks to be patient. Panta says British officers will visit camp today and not seeing patients what will they think. Kulkarni says officer will reward him and starts playing sitar. Santa says he heard sarkar is very short-tempered, but he looks very kind.

Kaveri gets more tensed seeing Ranoji’s condition deteriorating and Baizaa or Sai not returning. Ranoji in severe pain calls Sai for help. Sai’s soul emerges and asks him to have patience and trust on him. Ranoji says if he is with him, he can pass through any pain. Sai says he will be setting an example to others and may have to go to an unusual place. Ranoji agrees. Kulkarni is busy playing sitar when maid informs that British officers have come. Panta gets tensed. Kulkarni asks him to relax and says let us greet British officers. He walks to them and greets. Officer says let us inspect Shirdi and see howmany patients are admitted in epidemic rehabilitation camp. Kulkarni says no one as a beggar/Sai has found treatment for epidemic. Officers ask to take them there.

Precap: British officers pronounce Dwarkamayi as most dangerous place in Shirdi. Voiceover says let us see how Sai will cure patients bearing opposition and become Sai Baba.

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