Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Madhav reveals secret of storeroom to Vaidehi

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Main Bhi Ardhangini 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi saying she was just asking about the storeroom. Madhav asks her to stay away from the room. Vaidehi feels apologetic and thinks I have to find out what everyone is hiding from me. Vaidehi goes near the room and thinks why did Madhav get so much angry, what is the secret of this room. She comes there and touches the lock. Someone touches her. She shouts. Anuradha asks why did you shout? Vaidehi is afraid. She says we shall open this lock to find out what is behind the door. Just then a snake falls on the lock. They shout. Vaidehi touches the lock and a spider bite her hand. She shouts. They run away from there. Anuradha says she got the negative vibes from there. Vaidehi says Madhav got angry hearing me asking about the room. Anuradha says we shall go to Pandit ji seeing her hand turning blue. They go there. Pandit ji sees her hand and says the spider is not ordinary. He makes some lep and applies on her hand. She tells that there is some secret for sure behind the door and says may be it is Chitra’s Shakti peet. Pandit ji says surely and does puja, keeps nail, lemon and red flower in his hand and says Chitra died in that haveli, she is a bad soul and is roaming there. He says that room might be her Shakti peet and these three things can help you. He gives them to her. Vaidehi takes it.

Narayan asks Madhav why he is sitting out. Madhav says he is stressed about Vaidehi and tells that she went out with Anuradha and just returned. Narayan says I think you shall tell everything to Vaidehi about the storeroom. Madhav asks what are you saying? Narayan says she has the right to know. Madhav says something needs to be hidden. Narayan says goodnight and leaves. Vaidehi comes near the storeroom, keeps the things, nail, lemon and the flower on the floor. She folds her hand and reads the mantras. The door moves and a light comes out from there. Vaidehi is still chanting mantras. Suddenly the lemon bursts and it turns red. Vaidehi sees the light coming out from inside. She says this means this is Chitra’s Shakti peet and her soul stays here. She gets up and calls Anuradha asking her to come. Anuradha who is standing far comes running to Vaidehi. Rani comes there and asks what are you both doing? They get shocked.

Rani sees the things on the floor and calls everyone. Narayan and Sangram see the things. Madhav comes there. Narayan asks Vaidehi what is all this? Sangram asks Anuradha what happened? Vaidehi says Anuradha has just come. Sangram tells Madhav that there is new drama everyday by your wife and asks her to let them live peacefully. Rani says you didn’t stay away from this room even though we all asked you not to come and says I am fed up of your doings. Madhav asks Vaidehi to come and takes her to room. Anuradha also goes. Rani tells Sangram that Madhav will blast on Vaidehi now. Sangram says it is good. Jaichand tries to look inside and then goes.

Madhav holds Vaidehi’s hand tightly. Vaidehi says I am feeling pain. Madhav asks what about my pain? He asks what do you want to do? Vaidehi says that upstairs room. Madhav says you are curious to know and that’s why goes there again and again. He shouts at her. Vaidehi says I just want to know. Madhav says I will tell you the secret and says Chitra was burnt in that room and died, many years ago. He says Chitra took her last breath in that room, our relation, our future and love was burnt in that fire.

Precap: Vaidehi prays to God to give her strength to fight for her husband. Chitra comes and tries to get inside, but pushes back. She says my God will help me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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