Hamari Bahu Silk 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakash resolve mystery of 122 and 221

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Pakhi comes to Natasha and apologizes once again. Natasha curtly tells Pakhi to be thankful she still stands on her feet. She tells Pinky that Pakhi must not be seen here again. A group of ladies come inside and blame Natasha to be a curse for their societal moral and norms; for the kind of videos which gets viral for Natasha. They were about to blacken Natasha’s face. Pakhi protects Natasha and tells her to run from the place. The human right activist insist on Pakhi to let them blacken her face today, she is ruining their generation’s value. Pakhi tells everyone to calm down, Natasha isn’t in the apartment anymore. The ladies leave the apartment, heading outside to find Natasha. Pinky blames Pakhi and was worried for Natasha. They hear Natasha’s shouts from inside the wardrobe. She comes to unlock Natasha. She apologizes Natasha for betraying her, but from now on she won’t do anything to hurt her. Natasha slaps Pakhi for spoiling her publicity stunt. She won’t let Pakhi earn money from anywhere now. She shouts at Pinky to throw Pakhi out of this place. Pakhi was apologetic that she was unaware of this stunt. Before Natasha could slap Pakhi again Aakash holds Natasha’s hand. He calms Natasha and scolds Pakhi for coming here. Pakhi says she came for her rightful money. She was only helping Natasha like she has done ever, can’t she even demand her rightful money. Natasha was furious. Aakash tells Pakhi to leave. Pakhi was left helpless and wonders where she will pay the rent now.
Naksh shows the photo in the newspaper which was published with his name.
There, Natasha shouted at the woman that she created the publicity stunt and paid them money. They instead tried to beat her. The lady activist apologizes as the ladies with her were new. At the door, Pakhi thinks she still has a chance.
Baa takes another newspaper piece from Maharaj. She tells Naksh that this newspaper will be used to pack food items tomorrow. She wasn’t ready to recognize it as his success. She says no work is worse than anything which doesn’t pay. Her breakfast menu still pays, no matter how old it is.
Aakash complains to Natasha that she didn’t share her plan with him, else he could have handled it. Pakhi comes in and says she can still win the game. Pinky continues with the teasing attempt. Pakhi says if Natasha can promise her the job she can handle the situation. Natasha challenges that Pakhi will have to pay her 10000 if her plan doesn’t work. Pakhi accepts the challenge.
Baa gives the charge of catering business to Naksh and instructs her staff for it as well. Naksh sat in his room upset. He receives messages from his friends, demanding party and congratulating him over the success. He checks his laptop, and finds Pakhi’s email address in his account. He wonders if it was published because of Pakhi.
Aakash addresses a media press conference. Natasha sat in goggles. Aakash says Natasha was tortured to such an extent that she had to hide her bruise with the glasses. The media clicks photos of Natasha. Pakhi comes to reply to the media that Natasha is on a hunger strike, she can’t speak and will only answer the questions through play cards. Natasha holds the play cards, stating “She is a simple worker, she was attacked for doing her work only, No work is bad, will she get the justice”. The media reporters assure their support for Natasha.
In the café, Pinky butters Natasha. Aakash shows Natasha the news viral on internet. Pakhi reads the news for Natasha that Kapadia is looking for a new face replacing Natasha in his film. Natasha tells Pakhi to read the news again. Natasha was furious and asks about her phone. Aakash doesn’t let Natasha call Kapadia. Natasha says she can’t watch her career get ruined. Aakash says she must only call Kapadia once she has found the film. Natasha furiously leaves the café.
At the apartment, Aakash was checking the lists. He calls the receptionist again and scolds him for not sending complete lists. They were tensed how they will find the girl with token 122. Pakhi brings coffee for them, then asks for a leave for lunch. Pinky shows the watch and says its only 1.22 now. Aakash looks into Pinky’s watch and could see 221 from the opposite side. He was excited that they will surely find the girl on token number 221. Pakhi was tensed that they will now find her exact name.

PRECAP: Pakhi follows Aakash and Pinky as they look into the records.

Update Credit to: Sona

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