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Hii hii guys a big sorry I’m late with my OS  but in 2 episodes I’ll finish this OS , thanks for all your support, so let start

Recap- Oberoi ladies get self kidnapped they return & behave weird . Oberoi ladies start to continue their works & dreams


Pinky was preparing cake Jhanvi reaches kitchen & asks ” pinky what is this you are preparing pineapple cake why ??”
Pinky – jhitani ji Anu ka call aayatha ( sis in law Anu called me)
She explained the problem ” I’m scareds Mene boldiya me uski madad karungi par mujhe nahi pata iss ek gante mein Mai kese cake Ko prepares karke kese bejdungi ( I’m scared I told I’ll help her but I don’t know how I’ll prepare cake within one hour & how will send her )
Jhanvi – pinky you forgot one thing
Pinky – kya ??
Jhanvi – SaaS le ( take a deep breath ) just calm down ( pinky does the same )
Jhanvi – problem is there but not a big one I’ll help you infact we both will complete this work you prepare the cake I’ll deliver it simple
Pinky – par ifs Anu gets angrys on you thou
Jhanvi – no I’ll handle her it’s not a big deal ok get the cake ready fast fast
Pinky – bas thodi der Mai sirf decoration karna baki hai ( yes within some time only decoration is pending)
Jhanvi – offo pinky usse decoration nahi par icing kehta hai ( offo pinky its not called as decoration but it is called as icing ) ok ok get ready ah
Pinky – okies jhitani ji ( ok sister in law )
After icing the cake pinky pack & brings the cake
Pinky – carefuls jhitani ji
Jhanvi – Mai or cake ??( Me or cake )
Pinky – arey boths ah
Jhanvi – ok pinky I’m leaving bye
Pinky – ok bye
Jhanvi was about to leave Saumya arrives from the work
Saumya – Ma yeh kya hai
..( ma what is this ?) After noticing the package
” aap Kahi jare hey kya ??”( Are you going somewhere ???”
Jhanvi – ah Somu I’m going to deliver this cake to Anu ??
Saumya – cake that too for Anu di but why??
Jhanvi – Anu asked us to do
Saumya – but y Anu di would ask
Jhanvi – the cake which was ordered by Anu for the function today had got spoiled
Saumya – what ?? But how ??

Jhanvi – o god Somu how many questions you will ask first you go & fresh up, when Anu come ask all the details ok now you go, I’ll come after delivering it
Saumya – like this ??
Jhanvi – ah y??
Saumya – ma how will you deliver the cake do one thing come with me I’ll accompany you
Jhanvi – but you just now only came you must be tired
Pinky – ah Somu beta you go insides ah , meri bacchi tireds hongi ( my daughter will be tired )
Saumya – choti ma I’m fine ma pls don’t hesitate come how will you go alone come I’ll drive,
Jhanvi – but Somu Anu..
Saumya – di will not day any thing & well you said me as your daughter then don’t hesitate to take help, I regard you both as my mother if you both regard me as your daughter then take my help ( dramatically )
Pinky – oii drama queens stop your dramas ah
Somu makes a pout

Jhanvi – you are just like Rudy, Dramebaaz come
Jhanvi & Saumya comes out, Somu comes with her Hero Honda Activa jhanvi sits back by holding the cake, they leave
It is noticed by two pair of eyes ,
1st person – O see there Sumo Kitna drama karthe ( Sumo doing so much drama )
2nd person – bilkul tumari Thara , tumne mere behen Ko bhi bigarda ( of course like you, you have rotten my sister too )

( Yes the the two are Rudy & Om )

Rudy makes a pout??
Om – yea Rudy have you listened the are going somewhere

Rudy – so what we should do now , shall we give some money & say ” enjoy ”
Om – shut up idiot , I donno kese mere behen jaieltey tujhe ( I donno how my sister bears you )
Rudy – O even I donno kese mere choti bhabhi jaieltey tujhe (O even I donno how my younger sis in law bears you)
Om – will you do me help
Rudy – ( dramatically lifting imaginary collar ) chal tell me
Om – come with me ( by dragging him )
Rudy – arey but where , O Mai aapki GF nahi ese kyu drag kariyo ( Om I’m not your GF why are you dragging me like this )
Om – to follow them

In the car
Rudy – par kisko?? ( but whom?? )
Om – meri behen aur ma Ko ( my sister and mother ) we can easily find why they are behaving like this & will confront regarding dadi
Rudy – ( doing logic sign ) Wah O aapne mere saath Rekhe Rekhe smart hogai ( wow Om you have become smart by living with me )
Om – don’t divert me just be silent , so that I can follow them
Somu & Jhanvi reached celebrity’s home , Anika reached out of the function area she ordered two peoples to take the cake inside

After the two peoples take the cake inside she turned towards Somu ” laddu kya tha hey tum aur badi ma kudko kyu takleef diya tum dono Ney , aur tum laddu tu bhi arey( laddu what is this you & badi Mom hurting yourself , even you laddu ) if I’m not wrong you have reached home just then you both have bought the cake without second thought right …

Saumya – par di …( But sister ..)

Anika – mere baath khatam nahi Hui, badi ma aap bhi arey AAP time par khana & dawai Lena chaiyea , AAP muje phone karna tho chaiyeai ( I didn’t finished yet badi ma even you , you should eat timely & take medicine atleast you should have called me & informed me ) I would arranged & I would have sent servants to Collect the cake ,even I called you both imideatly when Pinky ma informed me but you both didn’t picked up my calls ….

Jhanvi kept her fingers on Anika’s mouth ” shushhh”
Jhanvi – o god how much do you talk my dear Jhansi ki Rani , arey you should allow us to speak then only we may explain you the reason ,you are just like pinky non stop talking , bechara mere beta aur mere devar , kaise jaile they tum dono Ko ( I donno how my brother in law & my son bears you both )
Anika makes a pout
Jhanvi pulled her cheeks & continued ” Pinky was preparing cake already it was late it would take long time so why not I thought I would bring the cake on the time when I was coming out ”
Saumya – stop ma I’ll tell from there I came then I thought why not I would bring the cake without any damages , see since ma cant drive by holding the cake , according to the research done by Cambridge University the 90 % of the girls do not accept that they are in need of help so I argued with her & finally see I won & take her with me see ( by looking with a proud eyes as if she had achieved a big thing )
Jhanvi & Anika chukled “our old laddu is back”
Just then Anika noticed a familiar car was standing there for a little long time , she then remembered that it was her pyari devar & said
Anika – badi ma someone close to us followed you both
Jhanvi – what what are you talking I don’t understand
Saumya – exactly di what are you talking about
Anika – don’t look back my lovely brother in laws had followed you both , just talk to me by as if you don’t know anything

Jhanvi & Saumya was shocked but they try to be normal
Saumya – means ?? Bade Baal vale bhaiya aur Rudy Ney hamey follow Kiya ?? ( means ?? Long hair brother & Rudy has followed us )
Anika – why you both did not know
Saumya – no di
Anika planned something she said ” badi ma ,Somu I have a plan ”
Saumya – plan ???
Anika – ah
( Plan is muted )
After listening to plan
Jhanvi – sooper ? Anu
Saumya – but di will it work
Anika – yeah Somu , definitely ok now you both go I’ll meet you in home.

Saumya & Jhanvi takes Anika’s Champa by leaving Somu’s Activa
They leave from there , they know that OmRu are following them so they go another route OmRu was following them , they go to a park, they are waiting for someone
Om – what they are doing here ??

Rudy – to sleep arey they came here to relax
Om – duffer that they can do in the home itself , something is fishy
Ru calls him
“O look there ”
Om & Ru were stunned by seeing the scene
They see Saumya & Jhanvi hugging a person wearing hoods , ( Om Ru have seen only the back of that person  ) after they spent half & hour with that person Jhanvi & Saumya returned home, Om Ru also returned after an hour discussing the one they witnessed with Shivaay , all the three came home to confront their respective partners & Moms

Here finally our Anu got success in her work her boss Ms Anuradha ask her to come & meet her the following day morning @ 9:30 Am
Anu returned home happily

Precap – the most awaited chapter , confrontation , much more …


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  1. hello..nice episode..will be waiting for the next..till then take care

    1. Astmasiddika

      Hi Prabha , thanks for reading dear ??, I’m glad u liked it I’ll update as soon as possible

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