Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Piku does makeover of Bhujang and gifts him special hand

Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adhiraj, Bhujang and Mohini coming haveli. Chunnu and Piku get happy and hug Adhiraj and Mohini. Mohini says we shall not tell the kids about Naaglok etc. Adhiraj says I hope I was a child. Mohini says you are also equally responsible for the happenings. Adhiraj says he is feeling bad of losing his identity. Piku and Chunnu think that they fight a lot. They share their idea to each other. Chunnu asks did you understand. Adhiraj thinks how can anyone love a quarrelsome girl. He thinks to go and take bath, but finds there is no water. Chunnu comes there and asks Adhiraj to take bath in his bathroom. Adhiraj sees Mohini coming out of bathroom. Bhujang thinks where is Adhiraj and Mohini? Piku comes to Bhujang and says I was searching you. Bhujang asks why? Piku asks him to come with her. Adhiraj argues with Mohini and asks if she sent Chunnu to him. Mohini says she don’t want to argue with him. Adhiraj thinks if he really fell for her or is she fooling him. Mohini thinks Adhiraj confessed his love due to jealousy. Vikrant gains consciousness in the jungle and finds his powers lost. He realizes that he has lost all his powers.

Mohini tries to open the door and finds the door locked from outside. Adhiraj asks her to move and says let me check. Mohini says she has saved him many times. He calls her liar. Mohini asks did you call me liar? They look at each other while the song plays….

Piku and Chunnu take Bhujang to his room. Bhujang says I stay here. Piku says you shall listen to kids sometimes and says she wants to give him gift. She gives him artificial hand. Bhujang gets happy and appreciates her for her good deeds. Piku says she will do his makeover and changes his look. Bhujang comes to Mohini and Adhiraj and says if they are busy then he will tell sant that she is more interested in Adambaaz Adhiraj. Mohini says nothing is important than her mission. They come out. Mohini says our strength which we lost made us weak? Adhiraj tells Bhujang that his powerful hand can make people fall down. Bhujang tells about Adhiraj’s power. Mohini says I don’t have any power, but I will fight.

Vikrant is walking in the jungle and thinks that’s why humans become irritated. He sees some eyes and thinks may be I will become their food. A wolf attacks him, but light comes from his hand and he gets saved. He finds powers in him and gets happy.

Precap: Mohini tells that they have to make haveli as fort. Fouzia hypnotizes Adhiraj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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