Mere Sai 18th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Prahlad Accepts His Mistake

Mere Sai 18th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prahlad burns Ravan’s effigy in anger to spoil Ramleela and himself gets trapped in a fire. He pleads for help. Sai hears him and walking to him rescues him out of fire and then takes him to Dwarkamayi where Ragini, her friends, and otehrs get concerned and ask if he is fine. Sai asks Prahlad to rest for sometime forgetting everything. Tejasvi panics when Prahlad doesn’t return home till late night and yells that Shirdi children must have done something. Sai says Prahlad must be safe in Dwarkamayi. Panta says definitely dirty kids must have troubled Raja. Tejasvi accompanies Kesav to Dwarkamayi and is shocked to see Prahlad sleeping on Sai’s lap. She angrily pulls him away and warns Sai not to touch her son. Keshav says he told Prahlad is safe. Tejasvi sees Prahlad’s burn injuries and yells that dirty kids and old Sai tried to harm her son. Prahlad says he got caught in fire and Sai rescued him. Tejasvi says dirty kids must have set fire and she will call police. Prahlad says they didn’t and finally accepts that he set fire to Ravan’s effigy. Tejasvi yells that dirty kids must have provoked him. Prahlad says he did it for fun. Ragini and her friends ask why did he spoil their hard workTejasvi says he is lying to protect kids and takes him along.

Keshav feels guilty that his son burnt ravan’s effigy and spoilt all children’s effort. Sai asks him not to feel guilty as still there are 2 days left and asks him to go home. He then asks Tatya and Jhipri to clean ravan effigy venue.. Tejasvi brings Prahlad and nurses his wounds and asks if kids burnt effigy and blamed him. He says he really burnt effigy. She is not ready to accept it. He says he wants to stay in Shirdi and doesn’t want to go to Bambai. She yells at him and thinks he is under Sai’s spell.

A man brings his cow Sunehri to Sai and says Sunehri gave birth to a calf and it was healthy, but since 2-3 days it has become very ill and weak, so Sunehri is sad and worried. Sai assures Sunehri that her calf will be alright soon.

Precap: Sai asks man to donate him some dry grass bundles. Man says he can take all bundles. Sai asks Keshav to drop dry grass at Dwarkamayi and then go home.

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