Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 18th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Gunjan To Meet Yogi?

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 18th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari over phone confronts her for father for defaming her mother in court and disconnects call with teary eyes. Khushi walks to her and asks if someone is troubling her. Pari says no. Khushi asks whose call was it. Pari asks not to bother about it and says she likes the way she support her brother. Khushi says she can fight with anyone for her brother, she is happy that Pari being a stranger is helping Yogi. Pari asks if she can use her cupboard then. Khushi says never, she let her stay in her room for Yogi and Gunjan bhabi’s sake. Pari says she was just joking.

Yogi sleeps in Prakash and Kusum’s room at night. In the morning, Prakash wakes up Yogi and asks him to go to shop soon. Dadaji with Daadi enters and says Yogi used to sleep even in their room in childhood. Prakash says Yogi used to pee in bed. Dadaji says even Praksh used to pee in bed till he as 10 years old. Yogi taunts Prakash. Dadaji says he is going to bathe first. Prakash says he will go first as Dadaji just spends time at home. Argument starts between Dadaji and Prakash. Yogi signals whoever runs and reaches bathroom first can use it first. He competes with Prakash and runs into bathroom first. Pari shouts from bathroom, and Yogi comes out shocked. Pari comes out and yells at him why did he enter bathroom when she was in, thank good she had finished bathing. Rani asks why didn’t she lock the door. Nisha says lock broke in the morning.

Pari reaches hospital and informs her friend Neha what had happened. Neha laughs and taunts her. Pari fumes. Yogi at shop discusses same with Bablu and Surjith. Bablu scolds Yogi and suggests him to go and apologize Pari. At hospital, Pari checks a lady patient who smiles looking behind Pari. Pari turns and seeing Yogi yells at him. Yogi signals her to forgive him for seeing her while bathing. Patient asks what is he talking regarding bathing. Pari asks her to not to bathe for 3 days while on medication. Yogi continues apologizing her and requests to listen to him once. She says she doesn’t want to and asks him to leave. Yogi walks out and starts flirting with Neha. Pari gets jealous and scolds him to leave. Neha says he is so cute, was she really wearing bathrobe when he entered bathroom. Pari shouts to shut up.

At Shiv’s house, Gautam insists Gunjan to meet Yogi once. Gunjan walks near door when Shiv stops her and asks why didn’t she speak to Roshan when he called her. Gunjan shows her frustration. Shiv says she doesn’t have any choice than marrying Roshan and asks where is she going at this tiem. Seema says she is going to music class. Shiv says Gunjan cannot go to Chavdi bazaar. Seema asks if he will restrict her now. Gunjan opens door and finds Roshan standing.

Precap: Surjith and Bablu scold Gunjan not to enter their area after breaking Yogi’s heart. Neha asks Pari if she fell in Yogi’s love.

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