Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi gets injured saving Madhav

Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi and Madhav are in the goons captivity. Madhav tells Vaidehi that she filled positivity in her life. Vaidehi says she won’t let any trouble come on him. It is her imagination. Madhav tells her that goons are coming towards them. She is about to sneeze, but he keeps his hand on her and he himself sneezes. Chitra hurts Sangram. Nilambari asks her to leave Sangram else….She asks Sangram to read the mantra. Chitra tells that Sangram can’t stick as she has stitched his mouth. She says I will kill everyone. Goon sees Madhav and Vaidehi and says so you both are hiding here. Vaidehi says yes, and asks why is he smiling. She attacks him and runs.

Madhav tells that they have to reach the window from where she came inside. The goons see them. They come near them to catch them and hit with a rod, but it is the mirror which they hit. Madhav and Vaidehi look back and run. Madhav and Vaidehi come to the window. Vaidehi runs. Madhav asks her to bring Police. The goons attack Madhav, which makes Vaidehi stop. She comes back and hits the goons with rod. Madhav asks what are you doing here, I asked you to bring Police. Vaidehi says this is help and beats the goons badly. She asks Madhav to get up and asks if he is fine. Madhav says I am fine and asks if she don’t worry about herself. Vaidehi says I just cares for you. Madhav says you are really mad, I didn’t see girl like you and says there was a danger for you. The goon sees glass bottle there. Chitra is attacking Sangram again. Nilambari shouts Sangram’s name.

The goon gets up holding the glass bottle. Vaidehi sees goon and pushes Madhav. The goon hits glass bottle on her head. Chitra realizes Vaidehi is in problem and stops torturing Sangram. Nilambari gets a chance and ties the thread to the house door. Chitra falls down. Madhav asks Vaidehi to get up. Vaidehi faints. Madhav look at the goons angrily. The goons get scared.

Madhav beats the goons badly. He comes to Vaidehi and says I beat them all. He asks her to listen. He comes outside and tries to take help. He comes back and calls the hospital. Everyone come to Sangram and take him inside the suraksha chakra. Nilambari asks if he is fine? Sangram couldn’t talk. Rani says Mummy will do everything fine. Sangram signs that his mouth is stitched. Rani says we shall cut his mouth with knife. Nilambari shouts and tells that she will do everything fine. Jai chand says if Chitra breaks my eyes then? Nilambari says I will do everything, and says if we tie this thread on all the four corners of haveli then Chitra’s soul will end fully. She asks them to tie the thread.

Doctor checks Vaidehi. Madhav asks if there is any bad news. Doctor asks him to wait for the reports. Madhav asks if time is not valued and says I will take her somewhere. Nurse brings report. Doctor says she is fine, but having small head injury, keep her away from all physical work. Vaidehi gains consciousness and looks at Madhav. Sona Sona plays……She asks about her injury. Madhav says you fell unconscious so I brought. Doctor tells that Madhav was very tensed about her. Madhav takes Doctor outside and says sorry. Vaidehi sees the video which was mistakenly recorded and smiles.

Precap: Vaidehi and Madhav are riding on the bike and have juice on the way. Sona Sona plays….Vaidehi hugs him while riding with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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