Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu asks Beni to convince Amma and Rajjo

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kat rehearsal for the play and says Yamraj, please take my husband’s soul. Malaika says if you do rehearsals like that, then real Yamraj will come. Kat says how I will do rehearsal without Kamlesh. Kamlesh comes there. Malaika slaps him. Kamlesh tells her that Dogs were after him. Malaika asks him to concentrate on play. Kat asks Malaika to check on her dialogues. Kat begins the dialogues. Malaika slaps Kamlesh repeatedly for writing a dialogue. Kamlesh says I will write another script. Kat gets angry on Malaika. Malaika says did you get only him to write the script.

Amma asks Rajjo to sweep the floor well and under the bed. She says your hand is light in sweeping the floor. Rajjo says your son’s hand is heavy, shall I ask him. Amma says my son goes to Police station and cleans other wallets, laughs. Amma calls Happu and asks him to decide whose sense of humor is good. Happu says you both didn’t care for house He asks Rajjo to understand being understanding. Amma looks at him. Rajjo asks him to drop her at home. Amma asks him to drop her. happu asks them to peacefully and silently and goes to take bath.

Beni is ready with buffalo’s look. Kamlesh and Kat are happy and ready with their roles. Kamlesh says first scene is…you standing as buffalo and your dialogue will be maaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Beni rehearsals. Kamlesh asks Beni to lie down and asks Kat to act like Savitri.

Kat tells the dialogues. Kamlesh tells Kat that he came to pull out breath from her husband’s body. Kat says you can’t. Amma calls Happu and he asks why she called. Amma says then whom to call. Happu asks her to tell. Amma tells her that Rajjo told her an earful and asks him to tell clearly whose sense of humor is good. She says we both will tell you jokes and you have to decide.

Rajjo calls him next. Happu picks the call. She asks him to decide one thing, that whose sense of humor is good. Happu says if this is the thing to answer and says your sense of humor is best. She asks him to come home and hear both of their jokes. Happu says I will come home. Rajjo scolds him and ends the call. Happu calls Beni…Beni says Maaaaaaa and tells that he was in a character. Happu asks him to do his work. Beni says I am doing your work since my birth. Happu asks him to go home and make Amma and Rajjo understand to leave this sense of humour. Beni says they don’t hear even God, so how they will hear me. Happu ends the call.

Beni comes to Amma and tries to scare her. Amma says I will not get scared and tells that she is thinking to get him married to Vimlesh. Beni says if this happens then I will send you to Chaardham yatra. Amma asks him to tell how is her sense of humor. Beni says this is the age to hear bhajan. Amma slaps him and says this is the question of my respect, and says this Rajesh is giving me an earful. Beni says Rajesh is immature and younger than you. She says I will tell you sense of humor joke and asks him to tell. She tells a useless joke, but Beni didn’t laugh. Amma slaps him and asks him to go. Beni thinks to talk to Rajesh.

Precap: Happu tells Amma and Rajjo that truth is that both of your jokes are nonsense and they don’t have any sense of humor.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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