Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra plans to do something big to scare Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaidehi telling Madhav that their marriage happened due to helplessness and it was a mistake. She says I married you, but can’t be your Ardhangini. She says Chitra didi was your Ardhangini and will always be. Chitra says I agree with you for the first time, I am Madhav’s Ardhangini, I will be your Ardhangini always. Madhav stands up from the bed and is about to slip. Vaidehi holds his hand. She makes him sit on bed and asks him to lie down on the bed. Madhav asks her to listen to him and asks her not to be insecure of Chitra and says she is gone and is not in my life. Vaidehi says you had said that Chitra is your need. Madhav says you didn’t hear what I said after that and says Chitra is gone from my life, I just love you and has forgotten Chitra and her memories. Vaidehi looks on. Chitra gets upset.

Madhav thinks why Vaidehi is still lost, what happened to her? He asks where are you lost? Vaidehi says you have just Chitra’s right on you and not me. Madhav asks what are you saying? Vaidehi says Chitra might be feeling bad seeing me with you and tells that she will leave. Madhav says Chitra will be very happy seeing us together. Vaidehi says Chitra must be feeling sad and pain seeing us together. He says you was talking about other Vaidehi, now you are talking about Chitra. He says you love me since childhood and wanted to marry me and asks what happened, if she doesn’t like him now. He asks her to answer him and says if you don’t love me then go now itself, I will not stop you. Chitra says your betterment is to go from here, if you make even a small place then I will kill you.

Anuradha sprinkles gangajal in the house. Rani asks her. Anuradha says she is doing this for the betterment of the house. Rani asks Sangram why is she doing this? Sangram says may be Anuradha is doubtful that soul is here. Anuradha recalls Pandit ji’s words and hangs lemon and chilli in every corner of the house. Jaichand, Sangram and Rani see the lemon and chilli turning black. Rani says I messaged mum that Chitra returned. Madhav asks Vaidehi to answer him. Vaidehi says I love you. Chitra makes the water jug fall and the water falls down on the ground. Vaidehi says I love you and will love you always. Chitra makes the electric wires fall in the water and makes the wire and water go near Vaidehi. Just then Anuradha comes there and calls her. Vaidehi walks away from there. Anuradha ties mala to her and tells that it is blessed by God. She takes Vaidehi with her. Madhav looks on.

Anuradha asks Vaidehi if Chitra is here and is responsible for the strange things happenings. Vaidehi says yes and tells that she wants to leave from here and says if I stay here then Chitra will also stay here. She asks her to help her to make Madhav believe that she is not suitable for him. Anuradha says you are married to madhav and can’t go from here. Vaidehi says I have no other way and have to go from here. Chitra looks at the fan. Anuradha says we have to find out the reason for Chitra’s entry here and says we have to face many troubles as told by Pandit ji and have to show courage. Chitra says if you don’t go then you have to die. She makes the fan fall on them, but they move at the right time and get saved. Rani and others come there. Sangram asks Anuradha if she is fine. Anuradha says I am fine. Jaichand says how did it fall? Sangram says it was old and that’s why fell down. Chitra makes the bulb burst. Jaichand jumps on Sangram and says there is a ghost here. Chitra says you are neither going from this house nor from Madhav’s life. She says she will make her life living hell.

Vaidehi comes to the kitchen. Anuradha comes and says we have to meet Pandit ji. Vaidehi says I will make food for Madhav first, he has pain in his leg and must be waiting for food.

Vaidehi puts the sliced onion in the frying pan. Chitra blows air and set the oil on fire. Vaidehi’s hand gets burn. Narayan and others come there. Chitra asks her to leave else she will kill her. Madhav comes and worries for her. Chitra asks why you worry for her. Vaidehi and Anuradha are going out. Madhav says I will come with you. Vaidehi asks him to rest at home. Anuradha says I am going and if you walk much then your pain will increase. She whispers that they shall go fast. Madhav asks Vaidehi to return soon. Madhav prays to God and says I never asked for anything, today I want to ask Vaidehi’s smile and happiness. I can’t see her sad. He asks how can you let this happen with Vaidehi, don’t make her go from here. Chitra thinks Vaidehi trapped him fully, I have to do something big and make her leave.

Vaidehi sees Anuradha, Narayan and Madhav dead and cries. Chitra says Madhav got killed because of you. Vaidehi cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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