Patiala Babes 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Pushes Mita, Minnie Rescues Her

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Patiala Babes 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie tests newly bought camera mic with Mickey and describes what she feels about Mickey. She says when she first met Makhan Singh Ahluwalia, she thought he is a funky guy, but later seeing his friendly and helping nature, she became his friend. She continues explaining her friendship feelings for Mickey. In kitchen, Hanuman while helping Babita preparing walnut cake says Mickey has friend zoned Minnie. Babita says there is nothing like friend zone, there is only friendship. He asks her opinion about friendship. She explains friendship is pure, divine, etc.. He silently listens to her mixes eggs and shells together. Babita stops him. Power breaks down. Minnie asks what happened. Babita says Hanuman uncle broke fuse trying to work on oven. Minnie asks Hanuman why did he do that. Babita says they need to call electrician. Hanuman says he will fix it with a piece of wire and calls Lala. Once Lala reaches, Hanuman explains what Babita told in his own words, expressing his feelings for Babita and says like friendship is divine and pure, even his love for Babita is pure. His speech gets recorded by Minnie’s mic.

Next morning, Babita asks Minnie to go and handover gifts to Biji and Dadaji. Minnie asks if she will not accompany. Babita says no. Minnie asks if she is afraid that Mita will try to interfere in their lives again. Babita nods yes and asks her go. At Khurana house, Dadaji and Biji feel sad and cry saying their children including Minnie and Babitga don’t even remember their wedding anniversary and have ignored them. Minnie enters wishing them happy wedding anniversary, surprising them and asks if they are not happy seeing them. They share emotional moment and ask if Babita did not come. Minnie says she is busy delivering order and makes them speak to Babita who wishes them. Minnie makes them cut cake.

Ashok gets ready for work. Mita tells Ashok that she read in a book that couples should spend time together for baby’s better growth, so if they can go on a vacation. Ashok says he does not have money. She says she has savings. He says they should save this money for later use. Mita says she has compromised always. He asks what compromise. She says he asked for court marriage and she agreed, her parents were humiliated and she tolerated. She continues confronting him. He gets angry and shouts at her. Their argument takes a loud pitch. Minnie with Dadaji and Biji watches their fight. Mita calls Ashok selfish. Ashok angrily pushes her. Minnie holds her on time. Biji tries to console Mita.

Kammo serves lunch to Nayeem Bi/NB and asks Babita to join. Babita says she will have food only with Minnie as she did not even have breakfast. NB asks her to call Minnie and ask when is she coming. Babita calls Minnie, but shocked Minnie stands still and is about to pick call when Biji asks her to help Mita. Minnie helps Mita till her room. Dadaji asks Biji what happened to Mita. Biji says Mita is having severe stomachache and it is common in pregnancies post 30. Minnie confronts that Ashok was arrogant from before, he did not even return once from London to meet her or Babes and never valued relationships, it is Dadu’s mistake how did not teach his son to value relationship and value humanity. She continues venting out her anger. Biji requests her to stay back for some more time, she will feel happy that at least somebody cares for her.

Precap: Babita asks Minnie what did Biji and dadaji say.
Minnie stands silent.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It is hard to understand how a women like mita ended up with ashok. Like what she sees in him to put up with so much of his crap. If a shy women like babita could stand up for her dignity and divorce the man who never understood her worth why can’t mita do the same?! Day by day she is turning into another babita while the real babita is turning into an independent self-respected successful women
    When biji asked minni to stay did she thought how will babita stay alone even if it is for short time. it is one thing biji’s family is selfish but at least she has everyone near her…who does babita has to let go of the only thing left to her?!

    1. SsiyAa

      it’s just the relation that works in this way. it’s always difficult to say no to our grandparents especially when me meet them after long time. no offence that’s natural.

    2. I too wonder how mita fell for ashok in the first place. Maybe 10 years ago ashok used to pretend to be all loving and caring. But after so many years he does not make even the minimum effort. Today his point was valid. They are facing financial problems and maybe they should not go on a vaccation right now. But he could have suggested an alternative, maybe only a movie day out, or he could have been gentle. Instead he was harsh and even pushed mita in the end. He does not even acknowledge any of her sacrifices… Mita thought that one day that caring man might return if they got married or had children… But i am sure mita will regret ashok more and more as days go by

  2. time for ashok to get reality check he should be jailed and hanuman should teach him some good lessons regarding manhood # hanuman should make ashok realise whos the boss

  3. SsiyAa

    today’s episode was like surprise package.. i was thinking that this audio will get uploaded somewhere, but for our surprise it was only for trial purpose. so, definitely this is like a confession audio which will be saved in the folder till minnie think to check it. everyone was expressing their thoughts and feelings in cheesy and poetic way. i felt good.
    mita spoke exactly what we think about ashok. minnie would have felt bad to see mita in that condition as it was in her mind that mita snatched everything from her and babita and is living a happy life, but looking at this her myth would have broken a little. if minnie wouldn’t have saved mita from falling she could have hurt seriously. i’m afraid that because of all this she don’t have to suffer miscarriage because excess stress, lack of empathy and diet, many things can be the reason. we just hope things go well. don’t know if person like ashok can ever change or not.
    hanuman is not able to stop his growing fondness for babita, everytime he is searching for a signal. i don’t know how fair it is. because babita has no feelings like that for him, it’s just she is able to sense his growing attraction which she isn’t liking atleast not till now.
    again babita will feel the fear of losing minnie in next episode. will wait to see.
    i guess minnie will somehow learn about HS feelings may be through this audio, and she will not be able to accept it may start to have hatred or anger against hanuman, but they may be new chapter that how it isn’t wrong and love has no age or reason to happen, and may be at that point she will understand mita too. i can strongly predict that it will be minnie who will be first against but later will support hanuman’s feelings.

    1. Agree with you. Till now minnie used to think that mita is living merrily and biji bauji all have forgotten them and are having a happy home. But she today for herself that the house she left behind has turned into a living hell… Wonder if she will be able to explain properly to babita what she saw

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