Chandragupta Maurya 13th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Finds Malayketu

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Chandragupta Maurya 13th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand praises senapati Rudradev and asks him to show his loyalty. Rudradev says he will always be loyal to his king. Dhananand says he was expecting same from him. Rudradev walsk towards Chandragupta and kill soldier who is pointing sword at Chandragupta. Dhananand angrily calls him sinner and traitor. Rudradev says his loyaty is towards his king. Dhananand says his king Puru is already dead. Chanakya walks in with Mura, Sthulbhadra, Pourav rastra’s Rajguru, and a kid and says Pourav rastra’s prince Malayuketu is very much alive and points at kid. Dhanananad laughs. Malaykdetu says he was living under a deep pit, Chanakya brought him here.
Chanakya says the most trusted Pourav rastra’s rajguru will give evidence. Rajguru says prince Malayketu had a birth mark on his shoulder. Malakyketu shows his birth mark. Dhananand laughs that a kid will protect Pourav rastra and its people. Chandragupta pronounces Malakyetu as Pourav rastra’s future king and provokes him to remember his father Puru’s love for his country and how he sacrificed himself for the country, he should protect his father’s lineage, etc. Malakyetu accepts sword from Chandragupta and says he will fight till his last breath and will protect Pourav rastra and Bharath’s dignity.

Dhananand orders his soldiers to attack. War starts. Chandragupta with Pourav rastra and Macedonian army’s help fights with Magadh soldiers. Amartya rakshas suggests Dhananand to escape as situation is not in their favor, but Dhananand gets adamant to kill Chandragupta today. Chandragupta and his fight ensues. Chandragupta overpowers him. Dhananand runs to escape and seeing Durdhara emotionally blackmails to give him her dagger. She gives him her dagger. Chandragupta attacks Dhananand from behind just then. Dhananaand turns and swiftly stabs dagger into Chandragupta’s thigh. Chandragupta falls injured. Amartya Rakshas says Dhanannd should escape now. Dhananand says he will use his sister as shield and walks away dragging Durdhara with him while she pleads to leave him. He escapes on chariot. Chandragupta follows him. Amartya Rakshas tries to attack Chandragupta. Chandragupta kicks him down and moves forward throwing Dhananand down from chariot. Dhananand provokes him that he cannot kill him as his sister Durdhara is protecting him showing Durdhara’s dagger. Chandragupta believes him, but escapes from there with Durdhara. On the other side, Ambhi Kumar tries to stab Malayketu from behind. Rudradev shields Malayketu and says backstabbing is in Ambhi Kumar’s blood as his father Ambhi Raj backstabbed king Puru, but he will not let that happen this time. He attacks Ambhi Kumar, but soldier comes in between. Ambhi Kumar escapes with his army. Rudradev rejoices Pourav rastra’s win and chants prince Malayketu ki jai.

Chandragupta drops Durdhara in jungle and warns not to follow her. She pleads to take her along and trust her. He says she has lost his trust. She sees Dhananand and Amartya rakshas nearby and continues pleading Chandragupta to take her along. Dhanannd tells Amartya rakshas that her sister will accompany him.

Sthul rejoices victory with Mura and dances describing how Dhananand is forced to run back to Magadh. Chanakya enters and warns him not to celebrate before actual victory. He says he senses a big upcoming problem and leaves his den. Senapati Rudradev celebrates victory with his army. Seleucus watches silently with is army. His senapati Philip asks if he should shut their mouths. Seleucus says no and see what he will do now. He walks to Rudradev who thanks him for his support. Seleucus says even Rudradev needs a special gift and stabs him in his chest saying only kings fight and not senapati, he should have taken his permission before participating in any battle and he does not like anyone’s interference, this is the punishment for his mistake. Rudradev falls dead. Chanakya with Mura and Sthul reaches there and stands shocked. Chandragupta pulls his sword, but Chanakya signals him to stop. Malayketu and his team mourn for Rudradev’s death.

Back in den, Chandragupta informs Chanakya that Dhananand took Durdhara. Chanakya repeats question and Chandragupta asks how many times should he reply. Chanakya asks to look into his eyes and say Dhananand took Durdhara. Chandragupta bends his head and says he let Durdhara go as their people died because of her. Mura says without Durdhara’s help, it was impossible to get him out. Chanakya lashes that Durdhara has changed and was supporting them, why did he send her with Dhananand. Mura says acharya is right, they should protect Durdhara before Dhananand kills her.

Chanakya Niti: After defeat, lion licks his injuries which not only reminds him of his defeat but also notice where he was attacked and where to protect himself; similarly they should not plan of reattack after defeat and instead analyze their mistakes and correct them to win future battles.

Precap: Dhananand tells Durdhara that he has only forgiveness or death to give her, she lost forgiveness and deserves death. He pushes her from balcony.

Update Credit to: MA

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