Mahek 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek sees Suvetlana with shaurya

Mahek 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shaurya cries and says everything is over. rashmi hugs him and says everything will be fine. Sweeti breaks things in anger. She says everything is over. I will kill myself. Arush said he wont marry me. Please bring him back. Shaurya says don’t worry he will come back.
Sajita isn’t opening door. Mahek says ma please open the door. Sharma say she isn’t opening. Mahek says for me please open the door. They both break the door. Sajita is fainted inside. Mahek picks her and cries. Shaarma calls the doctor. Mahek is crying. Sajita opens her eyes.

Suvetlana meets Shaurya and sweeti. she says would you take anything? Shaurya says no nothing. Arush comes too. Sweeti says Arush I can’t live without you. SHaurya says please look at her. She is like this since you said no. I beg you please don’t leave her. Its not her mistake. We will find a solution. He says what will you do with mahek? Shaurya says she lost her sister. Arush says so she will blame my mom? I wont marry your sister. Sweeti says Arush please i can’t live without you. Arush says I am done with her. Shaurya slaps him and says how dare you say that about my sister. Shaurya and sweeti leave.

Suvetlana says amazing job my son. We will destroy them more.
Sajita isn’t eating. Mahek tries to make her eat. sharma sits alone in his room. Mahek comes to Suvetlana’s house and throttles her. she says I will kill you. You killed my sister. Watchmen take her out.
Arush says mom are you okay? Mahek comes to the baba and says I will kill you. Now see what I do with you. You are with suvetlana. His men stop him. Baba says someone close to you did this not Suvetlana. Shaurya did this. ask him why he did this. Mahek says he can’t do that.

Suvetlana meets Shaurya and says I am trying to fix everything. Don’t tell arush I met you. We will be family soon. she hugs him. MAhek is dazed. She says shaurya did this? He ruined my family? He is with Suvetlaa. Mahek recalls every time he stopped her from going against suvetlana and asked her to come to that place via text. Her conscience says go and ask that shaurya. Mahek says Shaurya can do this. Mahek cries. She says i will find out who did this. I will find everythig alone. Swati will be served with justice. Mahek cries. She says why did you show me this day God? My life partner did this with me. i lost my sister.
Shaurya sees Mahek. He says I wanted to talk to you. Sharma says I asked him to leave but he didn’t. Mahek sits down. Shaurya says I really love you. I know you are hurt. But you are not alone. I am with you.
Precap-Mahek asks Shaurya did you ever lie to me? He says no. Suvetlana says everything is going as per plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Mehak dumb never change
    She jut has a brain of pie size

  2. Svetlana is so manipulating,and these two clown cannot see it they are all playing the blame game here Mehek and Shaurya have to join hands and bring Svetlana down.

  3. Yes guys you’re right. It’s very sad to see how the makers of this serial has flop ZKM. In the beginning was the serial very popular but after the leap it’s take a ?. The 1st Shaurya was better and??

  4. Hardly five episodes are left before the show goes off air….will Mehak and Shaurya ever remember their previous birth ….the second season began with Mahek and Shayrya getting frequent flashbacks about their past but later that track was abandoned…I remember Mahek going to a locked room in her house which contains their previous birth’s photos and other memories and getting nostalgic….will they get to open the room in the last episodes so that they get back all the memories….both pleasant and the unpleasant that includes Svetlana’s…Except for one or two scenes,Kanta chachiji was not seen later….I think in view of the new deadline ,the makers are wrapping up the side characters fast …let us see how Svetlana will be punished in the end…. I do hope that this love story is heading towards a positive ending….

  5. That dumbass doubts her lover,Wow zeetv

  6. Nikeita satrohan

    Why the hell the writers for this show just get expell from doing it this is utter nonsense i can’t anyone who is writing this series

  7. Leisa s morris

    This is d first time I see someone take so long to remember past life…but then again does it really matter afterall it didnt in WAS

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