Kaleerein 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Laali and Silky’s Evil Plan

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Meera apologizes Sunny and says Vivan should not have hit him. He says it is okay, she should sort out issues with Vivan and not make it complicated. Meera hears it as punjabi word kamli/mad and says she is not. He says he means to sort out issues. Meera says she understood now. Meera walks into Vivan’s room and sees Silky trying to get lure Vivan in lieu of applying medicine to him. she scolds Silky and says she saw what she is up to, dare not to take advantage of situation as Vivan is inebriated now. Silky asks what wrong she is doing, she is not manipulative like Meera. Sweety walks in, acts as scolding Silky and takes her away.

Amar’s friend walks in and informs family that they are going to gurdwara as Sunny’s pareants had taken oath/mannat that Sunny will attend gurdwara after his engagement. Biji gets excited that whole family is going to gurdwara. Meera informs Dolly that she needs to talk to Vivan. Dolly says she needs time for packing. Amar’s friend says they will go after 30 minutes. Once family gets ready, Meera signals Sunny what to do now. He signals her to faint. She does same. Family gets concerned. She wakes up and says she will stay here and rest, family can go to gurdwara. Whole family leaves, leaving Sunny and Meera to spend some time together.

Meera walks into Vivan’s room and sees him inebriated, holding liquor bottle and gulping liquor. She asks him to stop. He asks why should he. Their argument starts. He asks how can she go near Sunny, if she really loves Sunny now. She asks him to stop, else she will also drink. He does not stop. She snatches bottle and drinks liquor. Their argument continues. Meera also gets inebriated and says she loves Vivan more than before. Vivan gets romantic and intimate with her. Ang lagade re…song..plays in the background. They consummate. In the morning, Meera wakes up and tries to leave. Vivan in sleep asks her not to leave him. Meera says she will never and kissing his forehead leaves.

Vivan wakes up after sometime calling Meera and is shocked to see Silky sleeping next to him. He hurriedly wears his shirt and ask what is she doing here. She says he got intimated with her even after her warning and consummated with her forcefully. He is shocked and says she is lying. She runs down crying. Whole family enters and ask what happened to her. Silky runs into room. Family knocks door and asks what happened to her, open door. Silky shouts Vivan. Meera walks to Vivan’s room and asks what happened. He says Silky told he spent night with her and consummated with her. Meera says Silky is lying. He asks how can she be so sure. Meera says because she spent night with him.

Amar yells at Vivan to get out of his house, he should be sent to jail. Bittu

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  1. Cr*p show

  2. Please Lakshmi, give more details on Meera and Vivaan conversation in the room. Thanks.

  3. My goodness,this is not fair…Vivaan deserves any punishment for his past misdeeds but not this character assassination….Waiting with bated breath to see whether Meera ,who ,so far has acted as a tough taskmaster to reform Vivaan and make him understand the value of relations,will value her own relationship with Vivaan and come out with the truth that it was she who has spent the night with her husband or will she just prefer to keep quiet and allow Vivvan to be arrested to satisfy her father…I will be very disappointed if she keeps quiet now for her father …after confessing their love for each other and becoming a couple in every sense,it will be terrible if she doesn’t come to his support and tell the truth….Else she should have ended this relationship on the day when Vivaan had pushed her off the stairs or tried to run over her…..she can not be in two minds….Yes ,Vivaan certainly needs to redeem himself ….What ever Amar and Meera have done so far is acceptable ..even this remarriage drama is acceptable…but a rape charge is something else that too when Meera knows about Silky and her dirty mind …Hope Meera understands the gravity of the allegation ,and stop giving sermons before it gets too late…

  4. Candiva007

    Didn’t Silky have relations with the other guy Meera was supposed to get married to? Why is she setting her eyes on Vivaan? Where is the other guy? It’s going to be a long time before the family finds out that it was Meera that spent the night with Vivaan rather than Silky the snake.

  5. This Silky is not as polished as the other one at all. The.soni Kudy academy training was wasted. The only English she knows is(I tell you).

  6. Clarice ,a very emotional scene between Meera and Vivaan after a long time..and a lovely one as well ….
    Vivaan comes into his room and gets furious as he reminisces Silky’s taunts about his unconditional love for Meera and Meera’s escapades with Sinny even before the marriage….To forget about the disturbing video ,he takes to drinking…Meera comes in to confront him about his indecent behaviour with his guest ,Sunny but seeing him drunk,reminds him about his dislike for drinks..He stares at her for a moment and replies that ths is the best remedy to beat life’s bitterness..Meera tries to snatch the drink from him but invain…Exhausted,she tells him that getting drunk is not the solution for life’s various problems but Vivaan ,unwilling to listen to her,counters that this is the only way he can think of to counter the tensions that don’t have any solutions…Not knowing how to stop him,,Meera says that she too feels pain and she too has many problems for which there are no solutions yet ….if this is the answer to all the questions ,then she doesn’t mind trying herself …As she requests him to make a drink for her also ,Vivaan makes fun of her and taunts that he can not just believe that she too feels hurt and pain as she has Sunny to alleviate all her misery…Hurt and angry at his mean allegations, Meera tells him that people ,usually become blind to truth ,after getting drunk but here it is the other way round….even before getting tipsy ,he has left his imagination free…Accepting her complement ,Vivaan says she is indeed right in saying he is blind to truth…there was a time when he used to think that he was smart enough to see everything but he is proved to be wrong…He explains how he had thought that she was simply pretending to make him jealous but he is a damn fool to assume all those nice things particularly what she was doing was all to break their relationship and end everything between them.Sitting beside him,Meera coolly asks what does he think that she is doing now …and feels terrible looking at his reaction….instead of angry retorts,She sees Vivaan giving up the fight to tell her that he doesn’t feel like fighting anymore as he sincerely thinks now that she has come to like Sunny from Canada and moved on…Meera feels guilty and helpless when he concludes that inspite of all hs efforts to win back her love ,he has finally lost and is a loser…Unable to see him pitying himself ,Meera takes the bottle and takes a huge gulp…as she is not used to liquor ,she starts coughing ….and says she is a bigger idiot than him because she loves him …and loves him so much that she can not even think of anyone even in her dreams let alone going near someone…as she drinks more and coughs, Vivaan recovers from the shock ,Ofcourse a pleasant one ,and becoming sggressive demands an explanation as to why she had to go so close to Sunny…He explains that he thought that it wouldn’t make any difference to him but it had hurt him seeing her so close to Sunny…Meera retaliates by admitting that it makes a difference to her too when he gets angry with her and when she feels that he doesn’t love her…and she too feels the same pain and hurt that he feels.As Vivaan listens spell bound,Meera ,becoming angry and emotional ,holds him by his collar and demands to know if he really thinks that she can go so close to anyone…and warns him not to give any mean answer ,else she too will be forced to say something mean….Becoming aggressive once again ,he asks her if so,why did she accept to marry Sunny…any answers..Unable to control her tears ,Meera shoves him to reply that she wanted to make him jealous and wanted to see how much they love each other but sadly ,he couldn’t understand…Exasperated ,Meera tells him that she loves him and her father but neither are they able to understand her nor she is ….Meera just falls on the bed and announces that she loves him more than herself..Feeling drowsy due to the drink,Meera tells him that relations are god’s gifts and they don’t end with just a few signatures on a document….their relationship has not ended because she loves him with her heart and soul …Moved by her confession,Vivaan sits by her side and says that he had never thought that he would fall in love with her and fight t so much to win her love…He too confesses her love for her and admits that she has totally changed him and he is hers now…Then they come close to the tune of a lovely dong in the background…
    Clarice,this is what that transpires between Vivaan and Meera and is n’t it beautiful ….I just adored it….

  7. Clarice ,just now I posted the details of that rather lovely scene between Meera and Vivaan….hope you will enjoy it…

  8. Candiva 007,the biggest drawback of this serial are its many loose ends that are left unexplained so far.As you said ,Silky was into a relationship with Sumer ,Meera’s previous fiancee because of which Meera’s marriage with him ended in a disaster…later both had disappeared …now Silky has come back after so many episodes to seduce the wealthy Vivaan…as for Sumer ,his character seems to have been scrapped …may be he will be brought back later if necessary..

  9. Lakshmi , you are too much. Thank you so much. This was the best part of the movie and the writer will just dismiss it by telling us that.they started their arguments again.
    We watch basically because of the 2persons and their dialouges are the most important.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Lakshmi, I also would like to thank you for your beautifully written update of what exactly transpired between Vivaan and Meera in their scene, I could picture it all so clearly in my mind and it almost felt like I was watching it play out before me. I also wish to thank you for filling in temporarily and providing us with your detailed written updates for the past few days. I must admit that I have not been watching the show for the past couple of weeks as the story has just been too upsetting to watch but I have however been reading the written updates daily without fail to keep abr*ast of what’s going on. It sounds like the show make be taking a turn for the better so I may resume watching and hope it gets back to being the show that I love and enjoy.

  11. In the preview we see lali asking vivan to marry silky i think vivan haa bol dega aur shadi wale din teen situations creat ho sakti hai:
    1. Ki shadi me sunny aur vivan place exchange kar lenge.
    2. Ki sumer aa sakta hai aur shadi rukva aakta hai
    3. Ki meera vivan aur sunny ko koi proof mil jae
    By the way thanks for the updates

  12. In the preview we see lali asking vivan to marry silky i think vivan haa bol dega aur shadi wale din teen situations creat ho sakti hai:
    1. Ki shadi me sunny aur vivan place exchange kar lenge.
    2. Ki sumer aa sakta hai aur shadi rukva aakta hai
    3. Ki meera vivan aur sunny ko koi proof mil jae
    By the way thanks for the updates

  13. Clarice,Simone,thanks for liking the update,,and you are always welcome to ask me for details and clarifications …as a viewer from Hindi speaking land ,this much I can do for my friends on the forum….Simone I agree with you that the village track was too stupid and boring to watch with no substance at all….but yesterday’s episode was a beautiful one with Arjit portraying the mixed emotions of a jealous and frustrated husband to perfection…..and loved Aditi’s acting when she confesses that she loves him more than herself…The story seems to be back on track with the couple sorting out their misunderstandings and admitting their love for each other….Let us hope the writers won’t play spoil sport and come up with another disaster …..

  14. Lakshmi I also would like to thank you for the written updates between vivaan and meera. You are very good.

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