Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki comes back to Sona Kachi

Yeh Teri Galiyan 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anita says Shan what is your connection with Sona Kachi? He faints.
Nimki is on her way. He says get off the car. I can’t go inside Sona kachi it will be stained. She says what is wrong with sona kachi? Driver says nothing get off the car. An old man sees Nimki. He asks where are you going? She says going to temple. I wan to ask God why my friend left me. No one is there for me. The man says come I will take you to temple.

Kaka says chanda Puchki is nowhere. If beauty didn’t take her it wont have been like this.
Beauty is dancing. Chanda comes there with a belt. Beauty says what is this drama? Thaku ma says what is this? Chanda says Puchki is missing. Whose responsibility was she? Who took her from here? A girl missing from bari is a sin here right? Punishment is equal for everyone right? Then why not beauty? Because she is your daughter? If you can’t do justice you will lose us all. Chanda gives her belt. Thaku ma beats Beauty with the belt.

The man brings Puchki to a place where idols are made. Nimki says if I tell you I am from sona kachi will you still give me idol? He says humans are humans everywhere.
Arindham comes in. Anita says I want to talk to you. Which hospital did you bring shan from? He says city hospital. She says some dancers came today. There was a young girl with them. she hid here. The girl told me they were from Sona Kachi. Strange right? How can they come here? Roshni is trying to listen. Arindham says what is sir gets to know. I have to talk to event managers. Anita says her name was Puchki and she was friends with Shan. She didn’t know what orphanage is. You brought shan from Sona Kachi? We have been married for 12 years. Why did you lie to me Aru. Look into my eyes and tell me truth. Tell me where did shan come from? He says yes Shan is from Sona Kachi. She is dazed. He says please listen. She says you brought a kid from the dirtiest streets of this city and gave him to me. Why? We could adopt from anywhere then why did you do this. Why sona kachi?

Nimki is on her way home. Everyone says Puchki you came her. Beauty says now see what I do with this Puchki. I will show her how dirty these streets are.

Aru says yes he is from those streets. I don’t care where he is from. Its not his fault. She says then why didn’t you tell me. He says I thought you might not like it. So i lied. I was scared.
Puchki says to Chanda shan has changed. Why did he do this. Chanda says he was tied with his promise. She says what about promise me made to me. She says why people hate when they hear we are from sona kachi? Shan didn’t recognize me. Beauty hears. She says so Shantanu lives there. Now see what I do.
Precap-Shan calls Chanda and says how is Puchki? Beauty beats Puchki. Ravindra asks Aru where is Shan’s adoption NOC?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Hello Naz,very happy to see you back on the forum ..mother nature can sometimes be terrifying …..we can do nothing much except for taking precautions and praying the almighty to minimise the damage …here in India also ,this monsoon is creating havoc this year ..last week ,the entire Kerala state ,where I stayed for a month for Ayurvedic treatment was almost drowned due to torrential rains causing flood waters to enter even big cities marooning lakhs of people…The damage is huge ,,,,both to life and property….Anyways the situation ,though still grave ,is under control now …,coming back to the story,!puchki is at last realising or rather made to realise that the name Sonakachi is a dirty word for the outside world…How the little girl must have wondered what could be wrong with the place where she was born and brought up…Atleast there are some noble souls who don’t flinch at the mention of Sonakachi….loved the conversation between Puchki and the idol maker…And Nivedita,though repulsed and taken aback ,seems to have believed in her husband’s explanation….hope he is not hiding anything from his wife. Because she is indeed a nice lady…

    1. Laxmi Nevidita is a nice lady but practical too I really liked the way she waited for his husband to return n then ask otherwise she could have just created a chaos in house like evry other typical indian tv bahu! I too hope Arindham is not hiding anything from her because this time the heartbreak will ne a big one!!

    2. Lakshmi, can you give us a condensed version of AKAJS for 24th? Regular writer didn’t post any and I feel like a thirsty reader right now… I’ve been following the Kerala floods…on one hand there’s drought in Australia and on the other hand there’s floods in Kerala…mother nature at work… How’s your son holding up in Australia? Sigh…. Signs of the times huh….. ?

  2. Atiba,may I request you to not give your own names to some characters and confuse us …this serial s already twenty episodes old…but the same mistake is being repeated with Nivedita’s name,Shan’s foster mother ….it is not Anita but Nivedita and I am surprised to see the central character Puchki ‘s name is also changed to Nimki …I appreciate your updates of ISA as you give a detailed description …we will be very happy and thankful to you if you do the same here particularly with names… I know you tend to get confused while writing updates for two to three serials five times a week but we love this serial….hence this request…thank you…

  3. As for now, the one character which is really likable & realistic is Nivedita. As much as we say about equality or looking past the barriers created by our society, very few people have the courage to do so. The fact that Nivedita is mainly upset for Arindam lying to her & with a bit push from his side, is ready to accept Shan – proves she is not double standard like the rest of the family, except Nilambar. (may be)

    Beauty’s character is a huge let down. As much as I know from different documentaries, it’s in fact the refusal of the outside world to accept these women back which forces them to live in these hell. Plus, those who are in charge, can cross any limit of cruelty to maintain their business. Years ago, Mahesh Bhatt in his film SADAK did a wonderful job bringing out the reality.
    The sole purpose of Beauty so far seems to keep an enmity with Puchki. She is unreasonable. No woman in her power/position would engage with a 5years old for petty revenge. Her character is that of typical vamps who are after the leads for no reason. Their portrayal of the authority isn’t realistic enough.

    1. Niharika… It’s kind of scary and sadistic to see grown people like Beauty having issues with kids like Puchki, she even picks on the girl as if she’s an adult, which normal adult does that?? It’s so immature, so you do echo my sentiments exactly…

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