Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi and Virat’s engagement

Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat says what happened? Arohi recalls when she married deep. She says nothing. Virat is about to make her wear the ring. Mausi says you two are forgetting one thing. Virat and Anjali should do pooja first. Tara says we can do that on wedding day. Virat says mausi is right. We should do pooja first. Virat and Arohi do the pooja. Arohi says in heart I have to do something. I have to find out where my parents are. Please help me God. Virat says lets go Anju.
Arohi says to Virat I am not feeling well. she runs upstairs. Mausi says I will see her. surekha says I will don’t worry. Tara says to virat will you even do this engagement today or not? She doesn’t look happy.

Arohi is crying in her room. She says I am sorry. I had to do this. she sits down and cries. Arohi says you are responsible for all this Deep. I hate you. I will ruin your life. Arohi is crying. Surekha comes in and says I know you are not happy with this engagement. This had to happen. Arohi says missing my parents. Surekha says why are you doing all this. Virat is not the right man for you. Arohi says you know about him but not me. You didn’t tell me that day either. Please tell me what you know.
Reporter says where is anjali? This wedding doesn’t seem to be happening. Deep says where is anjali? That is Arohi not anjali.
Virat says let me go and see her. Tara says I will see her. she goes upstairs. Anjali says sorry I took something lets go. Arohi recalls Surekha said that she knows nothing.

Arohi comes downstairs. Deep is dazed. Virat says are you okay? She says fine now. Virat is about to make her wear the ring. He says where is your ring? She says I think it slipped from my hand. Let me look around. Reporter says whats happening in this house? Everyone looks for the ring. Mausi calls someone and says right to execute the plan. Tara says she must have left it in the room. I will find it. everyone looks for the ring. A woman says time is about to end. Tara comes with ring and says here it is. We shouldn’t delay it anymore. Virat says thank God. We will get married on time. thank you Arohi.
Arohi sees laser on Virat. She says this is of gun? deep? He wants me not to know anything. He will kill virat? Viratsays lets start. He is about to make Arohi wear the ring. Deep points gun at Virat. A girl comes in and says stop. This engagement can’t happen. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Arohi says now I will know the truth. Deep says truth is hidden behind so many layers you will never know.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. to day also it is dragging.. ye new entry koun hai.. I think she is virat girl frnd r may be belongs to deep for spoiling the engagement.. mausi is talking to someone who is that..

    1. Satya127

      Mention not sravanthi we all r fans of immj and r here to share our views regarding the show ( for previous episode post) but welcome…. Today I did not watch the episode on tv as I mentioned below but reading the update I can estimate how boring and stupid the track

  2. Nothing happening today.too much dragging.
    Today I like that reporter dialog: “hanguti dhuna ka rasam chal rahi hai guest iss rasam par involve ho kar hanguti dhoun rahi hai”.
    Really so funny.
    Tomorrow one hour episode.
    I want revealed all the truth.

    1. Hi rhivanya.. I think in next episode also we won’t get any answer

  3. I never see this much stupid n tensed engagement drama..

  4. Boring , I think they should concentrate on the fact that arohi is pregnant and jealousy factor alwys works but I now not feeling the story proper and intresting.

  5. not as expected

  6. Satya127

    Hi guys
    I have seen lot of people(including me) r disappointed that alisha may not come back as arohi again but seriously this is not the time to sit back and accept all the nonsense they r forcing on us….. Guys we r the fans who gave lots of live support to immj and have equal right to ask back….
    Remember guys
    Beyond dreams is the same production house which brought kuch rang pyar ke yesi bhi 2 only on the request of their fans….
    If we can try and raise our point our request that we want alisha back as AROHI….
    For this please
    1. Stop watching immj on TV at its time slot for few days
    In my point of view reading the update is far better than tolerating nia and spoiling our mood…. And that story now is only dragging…. I know it may be difficult for us because we all love arjun and alisha but to bring her back it is needed….. If u still want too watch them watch the old episodes of immj on voot….
    When trp decreases the main reason about the best show turning into worst comes out in volume that is the stupid track and most important reason is nia replacing alisha which is very wrong decision of the immj team….
    Then colors and everyone gets into action to repair this damage to the show
    2. This is for all the people who have fb, insta, twitter, youtube accounts please tag #colorstv
    #wewantonlyalishaasourarohi…. Along with this tag mamtha, yash, beyond dreams, raj the colors head…. In each and every post related to immj, arsha, colors……. And tell this to ur other friends who want arsha back as ardeep….
    3. The most important these above two things can be done perfectly only when all the fans of immj, arsha come together…. And follow them
    Please guys this is important… They can’t just use our weakness of watching arjun and alisha and force us to see nia
    There r many successful results by this procedure…
    The same happened in kasam but with fans request again krithika was brought into the show as main lead here krithika left the show but they brought her back but in our case alisha is still in the show and bringing her back is very easy for them…..
    If they really could not listen then this immj will become next ipkknd 3
    Please comment wht u guys think

    1. Satya127

      Guys in all the social sites all the people r requesting the same point that to bring alisha back as arohi and big does not suit arohi everyone r ready to accept nia as tara but not as arohi and never…..
      So if we try we can bring alisha back as arohi…. And guys this is the only time to raise our point because if we raise to the time will be out of control….. Now if they realize there mistake then they can instantly rectify it…. Otherwise they will take our silence as acceptance which is not true we all know…. We can’t just tolerate our favorite show which we love soo much which we had supported so much changing into the worst show ever…. For a track they can’t change the main lead and jodi which all the fans love….
      If u ask me I am following these and really want our arsha back as our ardeep….

    2. Satya127

      I mean it is not big does not suit
      It us nia does not suit

    3. Am not watch any Hindi show (except) immj. And some peoples told that nia will enter in bigg boss.I don’t know it’s conformed or not.I just want Alisha will come back as arohi.sometimes I hope she will come.sometimes I feel Alisha only play Tara role.and the storyline is not good.
      Few days back deep bank balance was zero.he accepted 15 days challenge. But current track is totally different from that.

    4. Hi satya.but the writers not listen to us.what can we do?

    5. Satya127

      They will rhivanya….
      If mamtha can bring krpkb2 for fans they will surely listen to us….. But for that we have to be aloud a little bit because all the fans of immj and many others too feel the same that alisha should come back as AROHI….. They can’t ignore these many people’s requests…. And for that we r also ready to accept any stupid twist may be illogical also if it can bring alisha back then it will be accepted for sure….. So don’t lose hopes just follow and as said nia being in big boss is not yet confirmed she may be or may not be soo if we give it a try it’s better

    6. Hi satya.. ?

  7. Yes satya u rright actually j have been doing the same thing, just reading the written updates and not watching the show . I think u shud post this on twitter or maybe Instagram tabhi toh people will get this message . what say ! But I still have a little bit of hope that humari purani arohi will return because I have seen mamta mams tweet that this track is only for two months , I saw this in july .

    1. Satya127

      Yes to turn our hope into reality we have try something like this

    2. Satya127

      But I don’t have insta or Twitter

  8. Sahina

    Yess guys let’s post .

    1. Satya127

      Thanks for responding
      Yes guys keep commenting posting tagging that #wewantonlyalishaasourarohi
      #arsha r only our #ardeep

  9. i agree that nia not swit in arohi role ! and that arohi is the saoul of the chow , it s wil be great if she come back , but i want to say one thing about ardeep ,
    that ardeep and the whol love story of deep arohi is just suggected ! it s all a lie!
    deep never love arohi he always use her in his many plots!
    save tara in two times by send her to jail in chimla , in second time snatch her identity !not only but burnst her alive he do all this for tara ! He still loves TARA and support her all the time!
    he fooled arohi only ! after save his wife he get her face of anjali for sleats her money !
    anjali mey be kill arohi s parents ! and i read in some infos that she s deep s sister ! then perhaps he want do the same he do for tara !put angali murders on arohi !!! the same story again and i think this maussi is deep s mother ! the story wil be rebigen ! maussi instead of roma anjali instead of tara the same track !!
    i dont inderstant if deep know about arohi prengnancy ! if he know he will let her alive till the baby came!
    they are one thing deep get fake weding or true in the last time ? i think it s fake ….we see that he marry arohi when roma orgenise deep tara remaring ! but is it true ! deep s wife is tara he should divorce her for gets new weding ! in the chow they chown that arohi is also her wife ! the law in india accept polygam???

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