Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam gets caught

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mariam saying this is really a magic box. She enters the box. Junaid and Hamdam get glad. Meher tells Majaaz about her friend who is finding a house, he needs help. He asks what’s this name. Servants take the box. Junaid and Hamdam ask them to take it. Aayat stops them and asks what’s inside. Hamdam says its old clothes and toys. Aayat says it may have Jibraan’s fav toys, show it to me, open the box. Servant says Mariam isn’t at home. Junaid asks them to find Mariam. He asks the men to take the box. Hamdam says no, let Aayat check it well. Aayat scolds her and asks the servants to leave. She says I will teach a lesson to Mariam. Hamdam says Mariam will help us. A guy comes Farhaan and collides with the box. Mariam falls out of the box. Aayat gets shocked. She asks how did Mariam reach this box. She asks Mariam to come to senses. Farhaan is the guy, who planted bomb in Mariam’s bag. He sees Mariam and recalls her.

Mahira calls Rihaan and asks how are you, did you find a house. He says no, I m searching for a house. Mahira sees Rifat and acts like talking to a doctor about Zain. She goes to give medicines to Zain. Rifat gets doubtful. Aayat takes Mariam with her. She scolds Junaid and Hamdam for their lies. She says once Mariam gets conscious, the truth will come out. Farhaan asks who is this girl. Aayat says Jibraan’s honor, I won’t leave your parents for this. Mariam gets conscious and thinks why didn’t fairies send me home. Aayat asks who asked you to sit in this box. Mariam gets tensed and says Hamdam and Junaid. Aayat stares at them. Hamdam asks when did I tell you.

Mariam says you told me a fairy tale. Hamdam says I just narrated a tale, she went there by her mistake. Majaaz says I have to get Mariam back home. Omkar says its possible that someone is trying to hold your visa. Majaaz says I have to get visa approved, I can’t live without Mariam. They see Rihaan in a bad state. Omkar says he has much fever, we will take him home and inform Sarfaraz. Rihaan says no, don’t tell anything to my dad, I won’t go back home. He faints. Majaaz says we shall take him to hospital. Mariam says don’t beat them. Aayat says they did this so that Jibraan dies. Hamdam says no, we can never do this. Hamdam asks her dad to save them. Aayat says they tried to kill Mariam. Hamdam says no, Aayat is mistaken, believe me.

He asks do you have proof of this blame. Aayat asks Mariam to say. Mariam names Hamdam. He scolds Hamdan and says Mariam’s life is imp for Jibraan, she can save this family’s heir. She asks Aayat to do anything she wants, nobody will interfere. He goes. Aayat says I have to take Mariam to hospital, I will decide your punishment when I return. Mariam refuses to come. Aayat threatens her. She says your grandpa won’t talk to you till you save Jibraan’s life. Mariam looks on. Farhaan gets tensed. She thinks have I seen him before.

Mariam shouts. Aayat goes to see Jibraan. Mariam attends Majaaz’s call and asks him to take her home, Aayat is bad and is taking her for bone marrow operation. Majaaz gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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