Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kanta points at Shaurya and says he has done it, all are shocked. Kanta says i heard kidnappers talking on call, one kidnapper said on call that you can free this oldie from us and become hero in people’s eyes, Shaurya says what rubbish? Kanta says no, you kidnapped me so then save me and become great in everyone eyes. Shaurya says i didnt do this Mahek, trust me. Ravi says we knew you are cheap but you are criminal too. Jeevan asks inspector to take him away else we will do justice. Karona says my Shaurya cant do this cheap act. Jeevan says i will beat him, Kanta falls down, Shaurya rushes to her but Mohit asks him to not touch my mother. Shaurya says Mahek i dont know truth but trust my love,i didnt do it, Mahek turns away from him, Shaurya holds her hand but Jeevan pushes his hand away and police takes Shaurya from there, bheji thi dua plays.

Doctor checks Kanta and says she has high BP due to not taking medicine,she shouldnt have any stress, Mansi gives her medicine, and asks should i bring turmeric milk for you like Mahek used to? Kanta nods, all leave. Kanta stops Mahek, Mahek sits beside her, Kanta says i told you he will hurt you again, you forget him, Mahek says I can curse Shaurya, i can fight him but I can never forget him till my last breath. Kanta is frustrated hearing it. Jeevan comes there and says I talked with inspector, he promised that Shaurya wont come out of jail this time very easily, Mahek wipes her tears and leaves. Jeevan looks at Kanta.

shaurya is in police station and shouts on lawyer that i didnt do anything, you cant prove me right? why are you best lawyer? Karona says calm down, Shaurya says i didnt do anything with Kanta, either Kanta is lying or someone is setting me up, Karona says i trust you but the way you have behaved these all days, people including Sharma family can easily believe that you have done this, Shaurya says i want to talk to Mahek rightnow.
Inspector call Svetlana and says your wish has come true, Mahek’s family has charged Shaurya with kidnapping charges, he is going in jail for long time, Svetlana says wonderful. Beautician is manicuring her nails, Svetlana shouts on her to do it, she grabs her neck and strangles her being angry.

Shaurya is in police station and missing Mahek. Otherside Mahek is working in kitchen and crying silently. Bheji this dua plays. shaurya walks around his lockup and looks at Mahek engraved on his chest, Shaurya punches his already bruised hand, his hand bleeds. Otherside Mahek hurts her hand too while cooking. Mahek says my heart doesnt believe that Shaurya can do this, Kanta must have heard something wrong, my Shaurya cant do something like this, he cant do it.

Scene 2
Kanta says to family that i was thinking to take Mahek away from city for few days. Balwant says you are right, you can take Ravi or Jeevan with you. Kanta gets call, she gets tensed, she comes in corner and takes call, she says dont come near house, i will come at the end of street, Sonal hears all this and goes to tell Mahek. Kanta leaves.

Shaurya drinks water in jail cell. Some criminals are glaring at him, he glares back and looks away.

Sonal comes to Mahek and says come with me without asking anything, Mahek says where? Sonal drags her out of house.
Kanta comes out of house and looks around. Kanta comes to kidnapper. Mahek and Sonal hides there and listen their talk. Kanta says to kidnapper that we will leave city in two days, i am feeling little bad that Shaurya is in jail, kidnapper says it was our idea to set up your kidnapping, there was no other way to get rid of that stubborn Shaurya, you take Mahek away from city and no one will know that we planned this kidnapping and trapped Shaurya, Kanta asks if Shaurya will come out of jail? kidnapper says when you will go away, we will bring him out, we have sources in police. Kanta turns to leave and sees Mahek standing there, she feels guilty, Mahek says why you did it? Kanta says i am sorry but I didnt have any choice, Mahek says i know shaurya did mistakes but he is trying to change, cant you see that? you dont want to believe that he is changing so you trapped him in fake case? he is paying way too much for being in love with me, this is wrong, very very wrong, Mahek cries and runs from there, Kanta feels guilty.

In jail, criminals surround and start beating him, Shaurya tries to retaliate but they keep beating him badly, Shaurya falls down and faints, they keep beating him, police comes there and stop them. Policeman says i will call doctor and his family.

Karona is leaving house, Svetlana comes there and asks if there is any other problem? Karona says if you are behind hurting shaurya then i will cut your hands and take off your teeth that are showing your smile, Svetlana says Shaurya is in jail because of Mahek’s family so threaten them not me and Shaurya got fruit of Karma, what happened today should have happened way back, Karona gets angry and says dont even say this again alone else you will face my wrath, she glares at her and leaves. Svetlana says i wont say it again but I wont let it leave your mind.

Kanta says to Mahek that i did mistake but i wanted to stop you from doing any mistake.
Mahek says to Kanta that you wanted to stop me from doing mistake so you did sin? Kanta says you were first daughter of this house, i didnt give you birth but you were always my daughter, your mother gave your responsibility to me so then how could i let you fall in darkness? Kanta says i was just protecting you, Mahek says protecting from whom? from his love? how will you save me by hating him? Kanta says i dont hate him but I love you way too much thats why i couldnt see you breaking from his hands thats why i couldnt forgive him and will never forgive him.

Karona and Vicky comes to hospital, they see shaurya lying on bed injured, Karona says you keep running everything with your speed,be it your business or love. Nurse says he was calling out some Mahek even in dizzy state, call her if you can. Shaurya is lying in hospital bed injured, Karona cries seeing his state. Shaurya holds her hand and asks Maa where is Mahek?

Kanta says to Mahek that you might forget but i can never forget the day Shaurya ditched and you were broken completely, you locked yourself in room and we were begging you to open it, in those moments I died so many times,i had many wrong ideas that you would hurt yourself, you would take some wrong step. Mahek says Shaurya has changed, Kanta says till when? what is the guarantee that his mind will not go crazy and he wont throw you out of his life again? you can trust him but I cant.

PRECAP- Mahek begs to Kanta that let me go to meet Shaurya, he is injured in hospital, someone has attacked him in jail, Kanta says you are not going anywhere, Mahek cries and pleads that let me go, i need to see him, he needs me.
Mahek comes to Shaurya’s room in hospital, she sits beside his bed, Shaurya makes her lean in and kisses her forehead. Mahek leans in more and kisses his forehead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Devil chachi.I am from Mumbai.I love this serial.I never miss it.

  2. Manta- stop your melodrama now that you are caught??

  3. I meant Kanta, sorry

  4. Thanks Athiba for fast update…..
    Waiting for nxt episode……

  5. Hai my dear friends how are to all. .. today episode not bad a especially katna sentimentically convince to mehek criminal katna …. again precap soooooooooooo good I can’t wait tomorrow episode. … buy friends good night..

  6. omg manhus chachi is totally mental and mehek why r u asking manhus chachi to meet shaurya. i thought there will be romantic moments of mehriya but again dissappointment.i think shaurya should give chloroform to that kanta budhiya and must elope with mehek

  7. Chaaya

    I think the lady now needs pychiatric care.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Chach needs to go to jail. This time she stopped very low. You should know, because you deal with legal issues? I think you are being kind. That action is exactly what Mahek called it, Shaurya was framed. If I were Mahek, I would turn my aunt in. If Shaurya died it would be both blood on the Chach and Mami or Svetlana.

  8. Mehrya n hate chachi

    What non sense..Bull shit. Mahek this is high time..Stand for yourself..Why is Kanta over reacting..Why doesn’t they give preference to mohith and nehal. If Mahek real mother was alive she would have understood Mehrya very well. She is behaving like a cycho.

  9. Saxenasapna

    Wow… Suprb episode…. I can’t wait for till tomorrow night….

    Evry time Precap was excited and good….
    I have no words for today episode….

    Hii gys h r u alll


  10. hellow dear friends !
    loved the last part when mehek go to shaurya . Over all it was ok ok episode. Loved the precap.
    Good night friends.

  11. Writers of this show SAVED THEMSELVES. I am so pleased that Kanta’s lie has been exposed. She is turning into the ‘witch of the story….sad, because Svetlana had that part down pat. I am from a different couture, so, I do not understand why a sensible, smart young woman like Mahek cannot make decisions for herself. This aunt is too controlling. How & when do young Indians begin to make decisions & take responsibility for their own lives.
    In my couture, we, parents are always teaching our children to be responsible citizens & make wise life choices… does not always work, but at least we give it a good try.

    1. It’s not my culture either so i have a hard time not yelling at my however i think T.V shows in different countries (including my own) exaggerate so i don’t tend to believe everything i see especially shows i watch from different countries which by the way i love..anyone here watch Korean serials?..i just love them.

      1. Chaaya

        Korean serials are very popular now. I stopped watching because I just don’t have time to watch all, but if you are familiar with Korean culture it too has a lot of values similar to South Asia. After all, Asia, all of it is built on the cornerstone of families, just like the once upon a time Scottish clans . . . We all belong to some larger “tribe”, so to speak. We, the human race is still very divided by various lines: If it is not family, it is by ethnicity; if it is ethnicity, it is by race; if it is not by race, then it is by geographical boarders; if it is not boarders, then it is language; if it is not language, then it is skin colour…….And religion is the greatest division? Where do the divisions end? We humans are so quick to see differences but we are more similar cross culturally than not.

      2. Chaaya

        The Heirs and Healer are the soaps I was following on the Korean etnic channels. I got caught up with some Hindi serials so I had to choose, because I was spending way too much time looking at some sort of screen. My eyes were going wonky!!!

    2. Chaaya

      Hi Deborah . . . It is not a cultural flaw, it depends on the family, but what is not understood is that respect is the aim, and sometimes obedience at the cost of one’s better judgement and self respect has been misunderstood in society. The greatest respectfully disobedience came from Ghandhiji himself. So respect does not always mean one has to agree. This is the flaw in humans. As for certain cultures, I am aware that by the legal age of maturity a lot of young adults leave home and make a life for themselves​ and their parents go onto to their separate lives. The extended family is a mini society or shall I say an institution in South Asia, nothing is wrong with it, because families protect and sustain one another, but like all cutures, there is good and bad.

      1. Chaaya! Well said and i totally agree.

  12. Hi,,, to all mehrya fans,,
    what said about the epi,, I can’t see shurya in this situation,,, he beaten so badly,,, are yrr how many times our shuriee will beaten,???
    Nice pre cap!!!,,,
    but mahek what need to ask chachi,,?? You have to go to shurya,, there is no need to take permission for going,, I don’t like it,,
    Anyway,, wait for tomorrow epi,,,,!!!!
    OK guys good night,,, and sweet dreams,,,

  13. Only precap was worth watching..silly drama of kanta now dat she is all caught making drama’s…mehek just leave her n go wid ur shaurya…really he is paying a big price for loving u….dis kanta is a double standered women she does not deserve ur respect n love….only shaurya does coz he really earned it by loving u immensely without worring of any trouble coming towards him….waiting for tommorrow….i dnt know why does dis swetlana always doing pagalpanti..dis time if shaurya gets to know what she has done in d jail with him i want shaurya to kick her out of his house n life forever…i won’t be surprise if swetlana and kanta join hands together to make meherya away from eachother..but dis won’t be possible now as they both can die for eachother as their love has become more strong day by day during their love rialization n confession days..they have gone through so much…no one can make them apart now…just waiting 4 2morrow’s epi….love meherya n zkm..

    1. Chaaya

      I think you are going somewhere with idea. Who knows maybe Kanta was already in cahoots with Svetlana. Agree. This serial is full of villains or should I say the potentiality of characters becoming villains.

  14. Latha

    Today’s episode was ok ok. After knowing her chachi intentions Mehak still begging her to meet shauri who reached death stage. Mehak should have run to shauri after knowing her chachi’s​ plan. Today I don’t like Mehak’s​ character that she was pleading her mother after knowing her intensions.

  15. Latha

    I think Mehak didn’t trust shauri when shauri pleaded her she was standing like stone. She should have said that she trust shauri.

  16. Latha

    Shaurya, Mehak don’t deserve u and Karan’s Performance was awesome in all expressions love u Karan?????

  17. Latha

    Sonal thank you soooo much for helping ur best friend to expose chachi’s plan.

  18. Chaaya

    Too many sociopaths and psychopaths in this serial. I think Kanta should take a good look in the mirror and see that she, herself cannot be trusted. Mahek is a dimwitted girl. I think she should have married the characiture?. . . This serial is getting more warped. Hope to hear from Moni, but take a break because this zone has been stressful of late. I would e a little more analytical in my comments but this is not the forum for it. I would rather wait for Moni so I can have her feedback.


    I understand concern of kanta chachi.. but when shaurya and mehak was ready to stay away for 1 month, than what was this need???

  20. Nice episode. Hate Kanya. Mahek knows her culprit . Nice. Feeling sad for shaurya. His marriage challenge failed. Every rituals before marriage was done except marriage

    1. Chaaya

      Who is Kanya? Did you mean Kanta or Khanna? Does the szbotage of the challenge mean that the failure a is binding? The truth is Mahek loves him, and that is not failure.

      1. Chaaya

        Typo – sabotage

  21. Chaaya

    Moni, sis caught some of your words on Instagram. Commentaries here were inline with others too. People are getting fedup with the slow pace of the storyline. The needs to be a substantive move from this. Viewers want these two lovers together.

    1. ChandaMaya

      Chaaya, sis, and all the ladies and gents. What a revelation for Mahek. She’s still the fool girl I always criticize her character to be!! Now you see what I have been saying (well, my Cyrstal Ball). Mahek needs to go back to Shaurya’s and leave her fuming, puffed up male uncles. I think Mehek belongs with her family and Shaurya needs to meet a new and lovelier, real woman. That would teach Mahek to see what she lost.

    2. Moni7

      Hai chaaya sis…. Episode..Yes u already said everything…. They posted few off screen pics in dargah…. It’s my wild imagination… Nikaah ???…

      I’m not sure about it… Precap – mehak may be reveals chachi’s truth to shaurya….

      Chachi doesn’t deserve to be called as mother….She lost her pride…

  22. Chaaya

    Inhope Kanta gets the wrap for harming Shaurya in jail after the truth is in the open. Svetlana will not be detected because she has an inside hand with the corruption with the police. The police will obviously suspect Kanta. Then she will feel what it is to be be wrongfully accused. All criminals hide their misdeeds. Kanta has gone mad!!!

    1. Moni7

      Swetlana I’m happy atlast to deserves to be a antagonist… She’s classy… Kanta I don’t think so she’s a deserving negative role..Lol????

      Shaurya… He changed himself for mehak… That’s great…

      1. Chaaya

        Moni, sis, such fun comments you post on Instagram with Preethi. Wish she would drop us a line or two. She used to with us at TU but she is great on Instagram too. You both are great. Great fun, indeed!

      2. Chaaya

        Yes, Svetlana is a classy, bi*chy role. Correct, the role of Kanta is misplaced, yes does not suit a mother’s position.

        I wonder if there has been a serial with all the characters good!! It would have to be closer to a comedy then. All good in a story would be boring.

      3. Chaaya

        Moni, dear I read the updated comments . . .No one can post (well, I certainly cannot reply there), so I am replying to your previous comment. I decided to continue sharing my thoughts on ZKM because there are a lot of people reading the updates. Tu is accessible globally. There is a lot of insensitivity but I will continue to participate. So sorry you are not as present on TU. I may decide to go on Instagram. I saw a few similar Norris mindedness . . . Guess one cannot escape that. So, I am going to ignore a lot and keep connected. There are still some great interactions and discussions. I read a lot of other updates and it’s the same ones. Get interesting ! I have been following your Instagram comments . . .Great fun!

      4. Chaaya

        One more thing!, I have also observed that if there are a few who are more enlightened, then there is a tendency create a mob mentality, which makes me determined to express my views, as I am experienced with drama. Glad you came on to comment about the Taj Mahal proposal scene.

    2. ChandaMaya

      Yes, that would be quite a shocker. I really enjoy seeing evil being defeated. Evil and deceit is at the core of these serials, so when there is a little glimmer of grace of goodness, I welcome it. The Chach character has totally gone rogue.

      Where are you Moni, sis? Where are all the regulars? Nice to see some new participants.

  23. I do no what to say except wooow

  24. Hi everyone. not able to comment last 2 days as I was busy in preparing for my board exams.My exams will complete on next Tuesday .Coming to episode it’s just average filled with Ronadhona and that disgusting kanta Chachi plan .Anyway iam waiting for precap.

  25. Oh no killer chachi air kitna girogi??….she is crossing limits….shaurya crying in jail is heart wrenching scene..but finally mehek gets to know abt,Wil see wt is gng to happen….but precap is awesome

  26. Chaaya

    Wish you all the best in your Board Exams. Sameeksha.

  27. Good morning guys…
    Plz chachi drama band kijiye

  28. ChandaMaya

    Hope those who celebrated their new year had a good one, and those who celebrated Easter, hope it was a good and Happy Easter, and the those who observe the Passover, best wishes to all.

    Anxiously awaiting Moni, sis’s update.

  29. hi everyone .
    @chaaya di, (can i call u di?) which u said about culture n division , i agree with it n loved your words.
    @sameeksha dear , in which exam u r busy?
    @debhorah this serial is also my favorite.
    @geetha , fine dear n how r u?

    1. Chaaya

      Thank you mama, dear. Yes, you may call me di, I don’t mind.

      Just don’t forget we are all here on earth, whether we have a purpose or not, with a purpose. ?

      1. Chaaya

        In other words we are all here to fulfill a purpose, whether we know we have one or not.

  30. Moni7

    Hello guys..Hai.. Chaaya sis Chanda sis… geetha geeta sameeksha dhanya sweat mama all my frnds…

    Chaaya sis… Yes yes became too naughty nd funny in Instagram lol…We itself ourselves …Oh mad…wat we wer talking about.. Lol ?????….

    1. Hai moni Darling,
      Why you are not posting ff
      I am waiting for your ff and is eagerly
      Please reply and say when you are going to post…

    2. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      moni sis where is ur ff ,i am waiting,waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Chaaya

      Moni, sis, another observation, you are a bright and smart person, so notice that you are a legitimate member, so my suggestion would be that most of the non-members become members and have their personal and private chats on their messaging feature. Their are a lot of side conversations with full disclosure of where they are living and their names. Once they make such conversations public, it is information that belongs on public domain. Mon, you have the majority favour.

  31. chaaya di thank u.
    Your thought is so good n mature sothat i love it.
    Di i am from odisha. Can u say where r u from n something about u?

    Di u know zkm is my favorite serial n i think yours also.
    I am happy to know that the truth is in front of mehek n what will she do next ,eagely waiting for it.
    Sameeksha best of luck for your exam.

    1. Chaaya

      My dear, this is a personal question, and as per the TU guidelines, personal interaction is not acceptable on the updates forum. You are on a lot of other serial forums so you should be fine with being a TU member.

  32. moni di u r also sweet.
    Moni di, sameeksha,geetha,geeta , will u say where r u from n something about u dears?
    I am asking bcz i want to be friend of yours.

  33. i hate this chachi just want to kill her she is i don’t want to say but a rascle

  34. Thanks guys for replying…
    i thought that mehak will hate chachi, but she is again begging to her. pls change mehak. try to understand that she is not doing good for u.

  35. ACHU

    i think this time karuna will also take a step…

  36. OmG!! Kanta chachi’s love for mehek is slowly turning into evilness ?

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