Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gagan saying I will not leave you. Doctor asks Adi to run away, they will not leave him. Adi runs out. Ashok says see he has run out. Gagan says how will he run. They all go out. Adi leaves in his car. Ashok says your brother’s murderer has run away. Gagan asks men to catch Adi. Raman says Adi is safe, pandit said Aaliya will become his shield. Ishita says but he also said problem will come on Adi. He says when Aaliya is his lucky mascot, why to worry. She says I know, but there is a problem, I m having tension, I will talk to Adi. He says his project is ending, don’t trouble him. She says I will be satisfied and calls him.

Servant asks Adi why did you come back here, they will catch you, go away. Adi packs his bags and says I came back to take imp papers. Ishita calls him and asks about his work. He says everything is fine. She asks are you going in Chandan’s marriage, give our best wishes. He says yes mom everything is fine, I have to go, bye. Raman asks is he fine. Ishita says he said he is fine, but he called me mom, instead Ishi maa, he maybe in problem. He says he would have told us if there was some problem, he is not mute. She says he can hide problem, we will go there, we have no work here. He says fine, get satisfied. She thanks him. They leave.

Gagan knocks door. Servant asks Adi to hide in old haveli near the city. Adi runs. Gagan beats servant and asks where is Adi. Servant says he did not come here. Gagan asks men to see Adi. Servant says I m not lying. Gagan aims gun and says tell me, else you will die today. Adi hides and says I wish I could tell truth to Papa and Ishimaa, how to leave now, what to do.

The man says its true, city people are not true to anyone. Gagan says he has run away. The man says we will catch him. Ashok reminds Adi killed Chandan. Servant is caught up. Gagan takes him. They reach the place. Gagan says Adi should not get saved, come with me. Servant opens the door and calls out Adi. Adi goes to him. He gets tensed seeing Gagan behind. Gagan beats him and pushes him on the ground. Adi says leave me, I did not do anything, it was an accident. Gagan asks why did you do this, tell me. He beats Adi. Gagan asks why did you call Chandan to factory on his marriage day. He kicks Adi. The men beat up Adi. Ashok smiles. Gagan’s mum comes there and stops them. Gagan asks why did you come here. She says I came to see his face, who killed my son, my son did not get sehra because of him. Gagan says my brother’s killer will get punished. She says we will take revenge, but we have to do Chandan’s last rites first, what did he do to Adi, why did Adi kill him. She cries and says I will take revenge, but I have to do Chandan’s last rites first. She goes. Ashok says Raman, your son is gone.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. She says Adi is not answering. He says he is attending marriage, maybe there is much noise, when Adi and Aaliya go on honeymoon, you don’t go there. She says I feel he is in problem, what can I do. Adi is dragged by the car. She calls the servant. Servant answers call. Ishita asks him about Adi, make me talk to him. Ashok aims gun at his head and puts it on speaker. He lies that Adi is in marriage function. She says fine, tell him, Raman and I are coming Khandpur, we are on the way. Ashok ends call. Raman says you don’t take tension now. Ashok threatens servant about Gagan. He says I will make sure Raman and Ishita don’t reach Khandpur, else my plan will fail. He calls someone.

Gagan comes home and asks man where did you tie Adi. The man says he is inside. Gagan takes a gun and goes to Adi. He says death for revenge of death, I just burnt my brother’s funeral, I won’t leave you. Adi says please listen to me. Gagan’s mum comes and stops him. Gagan says I will not leave him, don’t stop me, why are you saving him. She says I will kill him, I lost a son and does not want to lose other son, I don’t want you to get his murder blame, I will punish him, he killed my Chandan, I have right to kill him. He takes gun and aims at Adi.

Raman asks Ishita to not get hyper. Ishita says I feel Adi is in problem. He stops the car and asks why this Bandh. The man says road work is going on, it will be clear till morning, you can’t go from here now. Ishita says our car can pass ahead. The man says there is much digging work ahead, you go now. Raman says Ishita come, they know the way better. The man calls Ashok and says your work is done. Ashok says very good, you will get prize for this work. He ends call and says how will you save Adi now Raman Bhalla.

Adi says believe me, it was an accident, everyone said just Chandan can repair the wires, so I called him, Chandan asked me to on lever when he waves hand, I don’t know how he got the shock, believe me. He cries. Gagan’s mum keeps gun at his neck and says now I m going to take revenge by killing you, we are not like you, our heart is clean, we can give life and take life for love. Adi closes eyes. Roshni’s mum asks them to stop. Gagan’s mum asks are you mad, shall I leave Adi, he is Chandan’s murderer, he has to die.

Ishita sees a baraat going and says imagine Raman, our son’s baraat will leave this way, Adi will become groom. Raman says GPS got stuck, I think we came on wrong route. She asks can’t you find a route. He says I m going to become Sasur, don’t scold me this way, else Aaliya won’t respect me. She says Aaliya is a nice girl, she won’t think such.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shagun changed for the better why couldn’t they do the same with Ashok or is his sole purpose only in destroying the lifes of other people. You can have rivals in a series but that doesn’t always mean you have to ruin the reputation of your opponent. if i was in charge of directing yhm i would have immediately killed off ashok . Then focusing more on the relationships within families. But what they now have done is filling the show with nonsensical plotlines and over the top melodrama.

  2. I would like to chop ashok into bits of pieces for framing adhi. Who the heck gagan’s mom is to kill adhi? I don’t need Adhi’s marriage to aliaa but he should not die and marry another girl. At least adhi and aliaa should be together without marriage. Adhi is in a dying stage and raman and ishita are enjoying their talk!! Foolish story line. Don’t separate adhi aliaa and especially don’t kill him.!!!! Are u ishra fans happy now? Because of u people story is going crooked. I don’t want adhi aliaa to separate. Ishra fans celebrate this moment as adhi is going to die , and u don’t want him in the serial!! Grow up u fans!!

    1. I completely agree with u Arnilda…
      Adi should not die..

      1. Adi won’t die he would have to marry roshini

    2. Arnilda… you are saying wrong.

      Ishita is on her way to save Adi with Raman.
      Ashok threaten Adi servant so that servant lied to Ishra.
      Gagan did not know the truth that Adi did not kill Chandan.
      Gagan and Roshini family did not know that it is Ashok revenge.
      Ishra will arrive to stop the marriage between Adi and Roshini.
      Gagan warn Ishra about what Adi did to Chandan and Ishra worry.
      Ishita tell Gagan to stop and listen to what Adi want to say then Adi tell truth.
      Ishita get suspious feeling that someone deframed her son Adi. Ishra see Ashok there then ask Gagan what Ashok is doing here. Gagan tell Ishra that Ashok is the minister of the village then Ishra warn Gagan about Ashok tricked. Gagan did not believed in Ishra then force Ishra to make Adi marry to Roshini becuase he kill Chandan. Villiager get suprised to see Ishta become Mata devi then goes to Ashok and slap him badly then Raman beat Ashok badly then Ashok threaten Ishra which will be heard by Gagan. Gagan will stop the marriage and announce that Adi did not kill Chandan then demand villager to bring Ashok. Villiager bring Ashok to welcome him for Adi and Roshini wedding but to his surprised that Gagan that he will not let Adi married to Roshini and he will put someone to marry Roshini and who is the murderer. Adi is not the murderer then villiager beat Ashok and make him marry Roshini. Gagan goes to Ishra and Adi and apologised to them.

  3. I am very excited to see who would be the girl in ADI’s life. Never liked adi and aliya’s chemistry so much

  4. Turns out that adi will marry roshni
    Hope aaliya doesn’t turn negative after this

  5. Don’t spoil the play by adi getting marid to roshni pls.

  6. Mujhe nehi lagta ye shadi hogi because koi new entry ke bareme koi news nei ai,our Adi sahi salamat ghar v lout jaega so mujhe ni lagta cvs avi itna bewakubi karenge ki Adialu ko alag krde,but the current story line is full of bukwasss,kuch accha nei ho raha,interest hi nei mil raha is show ko dekhneki,so just written update hi parrahi hu our upcoming twist ke wareme khabar rakrahihu,so Adi ki shadi roshni se nehi hogi our Alia se v nehi hogi avi tak to eyehi khabar mila hai.

  7. Hi All

    I haven’t commented for long becos…wasn’t much t comment on. But as I said we fans must not get happy when everything is going well cos there after ..its drama all the way.

    I think the best episodes of YHM were at Akash Ganga society.
    now it is sadness for Adi’s life. Just hope that kamini Ashok gets caught.

    1. Jay we are not able to enjoy a bit … as we ourselves know what to expect next . Feeling v sad for spoiling this storyline ..

  8. Thats why i hate ekta kapoor shows she always shows that true love always fails if the cvs wanted to seperate adi and aliya then why did they showed their lovestory to us till now now ishra, aliya family everyone will be against adi ekta kapoors doesnt have values on any relations her serials always shows that family will never be united if a person face this much problem in real life he wil hang himself or he will kill his enemy and leave a peaceful life in jail

  9. The future story will be like this after adi marriage adi will go to his house with his newly married wife ishra will scold adi and raman will beat adi black and blue and will throw him out of business and family and after some days ashok will brainwash adi mind and will make him against ishra and adi will join hands with ashok to ruin ishra

    1. Oh Abhishek … very true Ekta Madam and cvs tailor the storyline the way you had written . No values for true love nd relationship no values for friends Adi Alia is a good pair , hope Ekta and cvs will destroy them too .Ishitha will not allow Adis marriage to happen with Roshini .. I feel ..And Ishras nok jhok is not at all enjoyable … Adi acted so well … why torturing him ?

      1. Sorry I meant Ekta and cvs will not destroy Adi Aila

    2. No Abhi and VP

      Marriage will not happen because Ishra will arrive to stop the marriage and will ask the villiager to give them chance to investiage. Villiage will not listen then Ishita warn Gagan family that they will lose everything. Payachat tell Gagan to let Ishra investiage for few days to check if Adi killed Chandan or not so the wedding will be put onhold. Gagan accepted then let Ishra to investiage then warn if they failed to findout who is the murderer then Adi is the murderer and will make him to marry Roshini. Ishra agree then goes on searched on how Chandan killed. Adi tell Ishra that someone enter the company and someone cut the wire. Ishra suspensed then ask who had come. Adi tell Ishra that Ashok is here since you left Ishma. Ishra get shocked then goes to checked then call inspector and ask them to do the fingerprint. The fingerprint was shown that it is none the supervisor, Adi, Chandan then Ishra get shocked when inspector say Ashok name. Ishra beg inspector to tell villiager who was involved and think about to see hidcam and goes to check and foundout that Ashok did this. Ishra tell Payachat to call villiager and Gagan to come and they found the culpit. Gagan and villiager eager to get the proof but Ishra noticed that Ashok is not present then ask villiager and Gagan where is Ashok and Adi. Gagan and villiager bring them to Payachat place. Ishra accused Ashok behind Chandan and deframing my son Adi. Ashok deny and say that Ishra is lying then ask where is the proof. Ishra call police and tell the inspector to tell the villiager the evidence. Inspector tell Gagan and villiager that Adi is not the murderer as Ashok is behind this and I have Ashok fingerprint. Gagan ask for other proof. Inspector show the hidcam in the factory where Ashok enter their factory and show them that Ashok covered Chandan mouth to prevent him shout for Adi help then they get shocked when they hear what Chandan saying after Ashok covered Chandan mouth after Chandan get electro to death. Gagan and Roshini family get shattered by Ashok lied and Adi truthful. Villiager and Gagan beat Ashok badly. Police to arrested Ashok for murdered Chandan then Gagan ask Adi and Ishra for forgiveness. Gagan think to get Ashok marry to Roshini then villiager force Ashok to marry Roshini. Ishra get electrical to fix then factory to start running then Adi get his promotion successful.

      1. Hi Parichay … thank you for the updates . But honestly negative wins … all unnecessary misunderstanding . No peace to Ishra … I curse myself for watching this but addiction to this serial is gone from me .Any storyline that doesnt have any impact on us believed to be the serial is losing its charm .Before getting to watch Ishra was a good feeling . What cvs lesson to audience ?

  10. dr Arnila ishra fans welcome adi aliya scenes in the show.But i think ishra fans are fed up with waiting for ishra romance.I think they wish more ishra scenes instead of this kind of track.dr Arnila don’t expect adi aliya romance in this show as from begining mihika mihir,simmi param,subbu simmi,mihir rinki,shagun manoj,romi sarika,bala vandu, how couples in this series end up in heart breakin,sufferings and death.this is love according to yhm.Love adi aliya,love ishra more than that.

  11. sorry not arnila arnilda.

  12. The negatives of YHM are the moat cruel.Nidhi Shagun and Ashok all come one by one in turns to disturb Bhalla Family.Disgusting!!

  13. Arnilda – Wow so according to you Adi’s current situation is due to all the IshRa fans. That would imply that the cv’s actually must be looking what we the IshRa fans are writing and giving us our every wish. Well if that were true IshRa would have had ten kids of their own. No IshRa miscarriage. No surrogacy tract. No 7 year leap. Shagun would have been killed a loooooong time ago. Ashok would also be dead. Mihir would have married Mihika. Mani would have married Simmi. Rinki would not have commited suicide. No grownup Ruhi. Little Ruhi and Adi would have helped in raising those 10 babies. IshRa living happily with the sound of little feet all around them. I so hope that the cv’s see my requests as an IshRa fan. Believe me IshRa fans are not at all happy with the current story line.

    1. Wellcommented Susan!

  14. I’m just ishra fan and i watch yhm only for them…am not at all enjoy yhm current track…now a days yhm running with out any sense…coming to yhm yhm based on ishra and ruhi others characters only do supporting rolls…and in future if story need adi’s dead they will introduce a track for it…like if makers wish to show ishita’s pregnancy track future they may kill adi…so don’t have much hope for supporting characters…

  15. Ashok was rediculus in today. Episode and precap was superb exciting

  16. The present track is not at all good .They are showing some sort of big crap here.

  17. As far as I can remember Shagun is responsible for at least one persons death but she is living a good happy life. Ashok was responsible for IshRa’s miscarriage and now also Chandan’s death. He is also living a happy life and still troubling IshRa. So if you want to live happily in YHM you must be a villain and a very bad one at that too. No happiness for “good” people.

  18. The new spoiler says new entry ahead:

    The show is all set to become shit

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