Maharana Pratap 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with ram singh argues with maldev ji that why are you sending ajab back to her home. Phool says, this is my decision, she is not my friend now. JB thinks about all conversations and cries. Uday singh ji reaches there and encourages her. JB says, i want to live like a normal mother. Uday singh ji says, think as a queen and now this is really critical case now. We can not step behind our feet.
Ajab thinks about pratap. Then she see pratap is going. Uma and DB insults ajab and says, go to bijolia. Suleman calls pratap but ajmer’s raja capture him. He kills suleman after getting haji khan’s news.
Ajab says, i know phool didnt think that i am guilty. Uma says, i dont want to spent time with phool. ajab says, i want to hear this from phool’s mouth. Ajab goes to phool’s room. Db trying to stop ajab but uma devi stops her.
Here JB says, you can stop this relation. Uday singh says, we cannot stop this and now you have to let ajab go to bijolia.
Jb says, how could i say to ajab. DB reaches there and says, i helped you in that i said everything to her. JB says, who said this to you, you really insulted to her. I have to say sorry to her. Uday singh says, stop JB, you have to decided whether your husband order or your son’s love.
Phool thinks about ajab hand made jewellery and then she cries. Ajab reaches there and says, i will go from there but i want to spent my time till your wedding. You say to everyone, nobody is hearing me, do you want me to stay here?
Phool says, no, i dont want . Ajab gets surprised to hear this.
Jalal tries to attack on ajmer with his troop. He calls his minister for beating ajmer. Hukam singh reaches there and give information that he killed suleman. Jalal laugh on haji khan and says, you cant do anything. Hukum singh also give information that maldev is in mewar and they orgainising marriage of pratap and phool.

Precap:- Pratap stops and maldev ordered to sent ajab back to her home and here jalal takes win over ajmer.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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