Ek Boond Ishq 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 9th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
rudra says I am happy that tara accepted that mj is real, now tara will sign the papers through which all property will be transferred to mj, are you ready, tara says yes, he says come sign, mj thinks all are happening as we thought, tara thinks why I am feeling strange, rudra gives pen to tara, she signs but there is not ink in pen, tara says this pen is not working, rudra says because there is no ink in it, jairaj ask when you knew it then why did you gave her this pen, rudra says I was just checking that tara truly believes that this mj, now I am satisfied, jairaj says okay take my pen, rudra says no need to sign, I don’t want tara to think in future that she did wrong by giving property to mj, I think tara should talk to mj 1st, she must get satisfied that he is mj 1st then sign, he says I wish that you both go somewhere, a peaceful place and spend time together to understand mj is thinking what rudra is upto, rudra says its like honeymoon gift for them, jairaj you are great, tara alleged you and still you are caring for her feelings, tara ask when we will leave, rudra says now, mj ask rudra to come on side. they goes. mj says in bablu’s rudra what are you doing, I cant sleep with her in one bed and now you are sending me honeymoon with her, she was signing on papers then why did you stop her, rudra says kala decided this I have nothing with it, jairaj comes and ask what is he saying, rudra says he was just thanking me, rudra says to tara to get ready to go, she looks at him.

Scene 2
nandu is with rudra in room and ask him whats this now, you are sending them on honeymoon and why you stopped her from signing, mj is with tara and thinks same. tara says he is doubting you that’s why, nandu says to rudra that there is no need to doubt because he is mj, rudra says if her is mj then he will get property, rudra says If its remain in tara’s name then I will get property after 4 months, mj says to tara that he thinks me as bablu but he cant take risk. rudra says to nandu that I will wait for 4 moths, if he is bablu then okay but if he is mj then tara will again become widow. tara says to mj that if he gets to know that you are mj then he .. mj says rudra doubts nandu so he wants to test me, tara says If he has plan then it will be dangerous, rudra says to nandu that bablu will have to face life and death now, nandu says he is not bablu but mj, rudra says I have planted cameras in their room so I will get to know their real face.

Scene 3
mj and tara comes to hotel. waiter informs mj that he is man of kala. mj gives money to waiter, he thanks mj and goes. nandu gives popcorn to kala and ask why you brought it, kala says to watch this picture, movie name is deep secret, she shows cctv recording to nandu and ask her to sit and watch movie with him, they sit and sees mj and tara talking. tara says to mj that I am worried your tayaji is upto something, mj says don’t worry, he sees camera in plant and gets to know that kala planted it, tara says your tayaji is doing.. mj says leave it, maybe he is changed,, tara says you are saying this, mj thinks how to tell you, please don’t say anything, mj says forget old things, maybe tayaji is changed that’s why he send us here, leave tayaj we are on honeymoon, I want to tell you something that I love you, he gets closer and whispers in tara’s ears that kala has planted cctv and is listening to them, tara understands, kala says to nandu what is he whispering in her ear, tara pushes mj and says say it aloud that you were whispering, say it that you love me, I love you too, she goes to washroom, kala and nandu is disappointed.

adi and meethi comes, adi informs that meethi were feeling dizzy so took her to doctor, jairaj says she must have eaten something wrong, adi says she will eat now with kid, nimmo understands and says congrats to them, she tells jairaj that he is going to be grandfather, adi says I will inform mj and tara, jairaj says rudra has send them on outing, adi and meethis is tensed, jairaj says I will tell to rudra and leaves.
kala and nandu are seeing cctv footage, nandu says now film is good as mj takes off his shirt, kala says you are dirty minded seeing south indian pictures, let me see what they are talking, mj is wearing another shirt, tara comes out of washroom and mj turns to other side to wear shirt, tara says why are you feeling shy from me, mj says nthing like that, kala says to nandu that if he is mj then why is he shy to wear to shirt infront of tara, nandu thinks same, tara says to mj that I am soory I couldn’t believ you earlier because of nandu, she thought that you are bablu and to prove that she made many stories, she even blamed jairaj that he kidnapped her, maybe she is trying to separate you and jairaj but leave it, she is my sister, forgive her, mj says you said so I forgave her. nandu says how much lie she is telling they came to know that we are seeing them that’s why they are acting. kala says maybe you are lying, I know you can do anything to get money from me. nandu says okay don’t believe me. waiter comes and says to mj that this is welcome drink for you and tara, he tells him that kala has send it, in tara’s drink there is medicine to make her unconscious, we both are in kala’s team, mj says fake yes, mj ask where is kala, he says I will make you meet her but 1st make tara drink it. mj takes it and comes in room.

PRECAP- kala thinks that if he is mj then he will not make tara drink it, tara ask about drinks, mj says these are welcome drinks, its weird kind of, tara looks at him, mj thinks I cant make you drink it

Update Credit to: Atiba

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