Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Abhi meeting his nephews and brother. He asks his brother how did they find the kids. His brother says a lady was trying to kidnap her and he wanted her to get arrested, but she instead scolded her and went. Abhi asks them to sit in the car and the car starts moving. Abhi asks kids how was the kidnapper looking. Kids say she was looking horrible and she fed them pani puri.

Marriage broker meets Daadi and informs that girl’s marriage has broken now whom she was talking about. Daadi says it is good for them then and asks girl’s name. Broker lady says her name is Pragya. Daadi gets happy and thinks this must be the same Pragya and asks broker to bring Pragya’s pic for her.

Bulbul is walking on the road. She remembers Aaliya and Purab talking about their marriage. She starts crying vigorously and remembers time spent with Purab.

Teri galiyaan… song plays in the background. She remembers hugging Purab and then remembers Aaliya hugging Purab. She gets a call from Purab who asks where she is and why she is not picking his call. Bulbul says she knows everything about him now and asks why did he betray her by agreeing to marry another girl. Purab thinks how did Bulbul know about Aaliya. Bulbul says when she came to his home, she saw him with Aaliya and asks him not to meet her again.

Aaliya is driving her car. She remembers Purab slapping her.

Marriage broker meets Pragya’s family and informs that she got an alliance for Pragya and is waiting for an approval from Groom’s side. Once they approve, Pragya will enjoy like a queen after marriage and says groom’s people needs Pragya’s picture. Daadi asks Purbi to bring Pragya’s pic. Rachna comes there and says she came to get back her lugguage. Pragya takes her in and asks if they are leaving now. Rachna says she is staying in Suresh’s house until they get a house.

Bulbul comes there. Broker asks daadi to give Bulbul’s pic also as it will help her find a guy for Bulbul. Daadi says Bulbul will have love marriage. Bulbul says she will have arranged marriage and sadly goes to her room.

Broker gives Pragya’s pic to daadi. Daadi sees it and gets happy seeing it is the same Pragya. Aaliya comes just then. Daadi asks Aaliya to check girl’s pic whom she has selected Abhi. Aaliya asks her to stop all this and asks the lady who is she. Lady says she is a match maker. Aaliya asks what kind of guy she will get. Broker says she will get a rich businessman or a bureaucrat. Aaliya says she has rejected these kind of guys many times. Daadi forcefully shows Pragya’s pic to Aaliya. Aaliya asks how can she select this girl. Daadi says she knows Akash’s marriage broke because of her and she knows this girl is very honest, she asks Aaliya not to bad mouth about her. She says she was about to marry in a middle class family, but her marriage broke. Aaliya comes to her room and thinks Pragya is very cunning and both Purab and daadi are under her trap. She thinks Pragya is very greedy and will trap a rich guy. She then plans to let her marry Abhi to take a revenge from Pragya.

Daadi asks Purbi to sort out pics of guys who liked Pragya and disliked her. She gets a call from a guy who says he does not like Pragya. Daadi gets angry and starts scolding guys who rejected Pragya. She asks maid to bring her cough syrup as she is very tensed. Pragya comes with Suresh’s FD papers and asks Purbi to give it back to Suresh. Daadi asks Purbi to throw the papers on Suresh’s face.

Taiji’s daughter-in-law asks money to recharge her mobile. Taiji scolds her. Kids come home with Abhi and his brother. Kids hug their mother. Taiji scolds Abhi’s brother Raj for being careless. Abhi asks her not to worry until he is there.

Pragya sees Bulbul standing in kitchen. She thinks of not making people around her sad from now on and asks Bulbul why is she tensed. She says she is acting as if she saw her boss flirting with someone else and asks her to smile. Bulbul starts crying and says Purab was really flirting with a girl. Pragya is shocked to hear that and asks what is she telling. Bulbul says the incident happened. Pragya says she saw love for her in Purab’s eyes and asks her to show his messages. She forcefully reads purab’s message and asks Bulbul to give a chance to Purab again as truth may be different. She says she does not want Bulbul to go trough the pain which she is going through. Bulbul hugs her and cries vigorously.

Abhi comes to Aaliya’s room and sees her crying looking at Purab’s pic. Aaliya says Purab betrayed her and is having an affair with another girl. Abhi asks her not to joke. Aaliya says Purab joked with her feelings and shows Pragya’s pic saying she is the one Purab is having an affair with.

Precap: Abhi slaps Purab and asks him how can he betray him and his sister. He threatens to kill Purab.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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