Maharana Pratap 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The ancestral room is ready for puja. DB asks for VB who comes there with DB’s daughter. DB looks at her from top to toe and appreciates VB. You have dressed her as per my expectation. You (Chandkanwar) have disappointed me a little less in past few days. She is dressed up well but still she doesn’t look like a princess. What if I send you to a school where princesses are taught manners, etiquettes then? Chandkanwar (CK) bites her lips which DB notices and corrects too. She turns to daasi’s now. all the preps are done. Where are the flowers for my puja? Daasi offers to bring it. pratap might have forgotten about as he must be busy in buying horses. DB knows that Pratap can be attached with his horses but he won’t forget his love and respect for his Choti ma. He has never disappointed his Ma and country till date. He has never been late in bringing flowers for my puja and it wont happen today as well.

People cheer for Pratap. Pratap talks to the horse dealer (the same guy who was dragged by the horse in yesterday’s epi). The horse was supposed to fight against Mughals but it couldn’t fight against a simple soldier like me. the guy remarks that he isn’t a normal soldier. You are so brave. You are not scared of anything. Pratap denies it isn’t so. But the brave ones know how to fight their fears. Please tell your Mughal buyers that they can test any Mewar any time. Every single soldier is capable enough to fight for its land, be it a normal soldier or Pratap. People cheer for him again.

US wonders what has happened to their sons. Neither of them is here yet. You said that Jagmal will be here but where is he? DB had sent him a message for the same. DB disagrees to tolerate indiscipline from him anymore. If he doesn’t come on time then I wont let him take part in puja. She orders the gatekeeper not to let Jagmal inside if he comes here. US tells her to calm down. Even Pratap isn’t here yet. I don’t think you will start your puja without him. DB remarks that Pratap is different.

Pratap takes the flower from Chakrapani. Let us go as Rani Ma (DB) and daaji-raj (US) must be waiting for him. They both head towards the palace.

Soldiers stop Jagmal from going inside. Jagmal looks angrily at him as he stops him again. the soldier apologizes as he is just following the order given to him. Jagmal wants to know if Pratap has come yet. Do you have a similar order for him? Soldier shakes his head for which he is pushed back rudely. Jagmal goes inside the hall with the soldier following him. the soldier apologizes but Jagmal wants him to be fired as he stopped him from coming inside. He is shocked to know that his own mother had ordered for it. I am not that late. Even Pratap isn’t here yet. She tells him to take Pratap’s name with respect. Jagmal corrects himself. Just then Pratap greets them with apologies. DB tells him not to apologize as she understands that he must have been busy. Jagmal points out at the differences of reception in both the kids. DB tells him to apologize to Pratap. Pratap tells her to let it be. DB scolds Jagmal. Why do you compare yourself to Pratap all the time? You are nothing in comparison to him. he got late as he was selecting horses for Mewar’s army. What’s your explanation? US is sure he (Jagmal) would have been mesmerised by some daasi’s beauty. DB will only allow to let him attend the puja only if he apologizes to Pratap. Pratap doesn’t need it. jagmal hasn’t done anything. We both came late. We both should bow our heads before Rani Ma’s anger. We know she cannot stay angry with us for long. DB declines. Jagmal must understand that his indiscipline wont be tolerated. He must apologize to Pratap. Jagmal refuses to do so which angers US. Pratap calms him. Jagmal finally leaves from there. Pratap notices DB’s sad face. He takes the flower and goes near her. don’t get so harsh with Jagmal. He gives her the flower. She caresses his head lovingly. You know that everything was broken after jija left. I have nurtured everything from the scratch again. everything will be ruined again because of Jagmal’s acts. You can save him but I wont let it happen, I wont even allow my own son do something like that. Pratap goes near CK. I will always protect my brothers and sisters. We all will go together to see Ravan Dahan. CK nods happily. US tells him that he is going to do it today. CK will be doubly pleased. Pratap tries to talk against it but Chakrapani also supports US. Chakrapani has come here after a long time. He was feeling a little awkward / scared to return here. The palace was so lively once. Now there is neither Maharani Sa (JB) nor AJabde. Pratap shouts at him angrily. Even US is not pleased. Pratap reminds him that he must not take that name in this palace. Chakrapani tries to complete his sentence but Pratap tells him against it. He walks away from there in a huff. DB tells Chakrapani that no one takes Ajabde’s name here anymore. Pratap got so angry. We have made an unwritten rule about the same. No one will take her name here. Pratap looks angry as he walks in the corridor.

Ajabde is holding a pot in her hand as she walks. She offers water to Tulsi plant. On the other hand, Pratap is really disturbed in his room as he thinks of Chakrapani’s words. Ajabde does puja. Pratap picks up his sword (gifted at the time of his wedding). Pratap recalls his Rani Ma gifting it to him. He also remembers how his Rani Ma had left him and the palace because of Ajabde. He holds out his hand desperately as he recounts how JB had shut the door of the temple on his face. He sits down dejectedly. DB’s words continue to haunt him. I hate you Ajabde. I hate you as much as I had loved you. It was my mistake that I loved a girl because of whom I lost my Rani Ma. My Rani Ma, my everything!

Ajabde prays to sun God. You have taken care of him for me since past so many years. Bless him always. Pratap closes the curtains of his room angrily. Ajabde folds her hands in prayers. Next she takes out Pratap’s given ring from her toe and thinks of their past moments. How do I tell you how much I love you till today? She wears it again. Background music plays as she walks back around a little thinking about Pratap. A tear escapes her eye.

Precap: Hansa Bai tells Ajabde that Pratap (and his family) has not sent any message for you over these past years. They have actually refused you. Ajabde cannot forget it that Mewar is their motherland. I cannot break my ties with my motherland. She addresses people of Bijolia. They complain to another attack from the Afghanis. She agrees to send another message to Mewar. If we don’t get any reply this time then we will deal the situation on our own.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. rachana is stunning ……..her first episode and shes sooo eye catching………she hs proved that she plays ajabde perfectly…………..

  2. rachana is looking so beautiful. I enjoyed today’s episode

  3. Omg ajabdes real name is rachana….she is so meant for the role

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