Uttaran 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Rani dancing on Nimbooda Nimbooda. Everyone laughs at her while Meethi and Akash are really worried. Maiyya is really angry at Rani for the way she is dancing.

Ratna Bai does puja after which she blows conch shell. Her men bring Chameli there forcefully. she spits on one of them as he asks about Rani. He takes out knife angrily and hurts her on the shoulder. She too glares at him.

The host couple complain to Meethi and Akash about bringing such a girl in their party. She will be a wrong influence for our kids. We dint expect it from you. Meethi stops the song.

The guy continues to torture and threaten Chameli. Tell us about Rani’s whereabouts or you both will die. Chameli looks at Durga Maa’s idol.

Maiyya holds Rani so as to stop her. Enough of drama! Is this some brothel / dancer’s place? Rani wonders why no one used to stop her Chameli when she used to dance. Why are you saying me that this is bad dance?

Chameli lays her head in Maa’s feet. The same guy demands for Rani and hits her with the knife again. a prayer plays in the background as Chameli mentally pleads to Maa to save her daughter. It isn’t her fault that she is my daughter. The guy holds her hairs as he is losing out patience. Tell me about Rani or I will cut her into pieces as and when I find her. He slaps Chameli. She looks determined.

Meethi apologizes to Maiyya and everyone on Rani’s behalf. Akash too apologizes to Mehra’s for Rani’s behaviour. She has never seen such an atmosphere before which is why she got a little excited. He takes their leave.

Chameli looks at the trident in Maa’s hand. She takes it and turns to attack the guy. Don’t even dare to touch my daughter, you broker. He ducks as she tries to hit him with it. she tells him clearly that her Rani wont come in his reach ever. Ratna Bai tells her to drop the trident at which Chameli too warns her too. Any mother can turn into Durga Maa to save her daughter. You will sell my daughter? She finally hits him with the trident. She turns to Ratna Bai now. My daughter will never come to you till I am alive or you will be meted with the same fate. Police reaches there just then. Chameli keeps the trident down. She gets arrested for the crime.

At their home, Maiyya is angry at Rani for not having any manners how to behave in social gatherings. Has your mother not taught you anything? I would have shown you if you were my daughter. Has your mother not taught you anything or does she also roams around in people’s house as a dancer? Meethi is worried. She tries to make the matter light by apologising on Rani’s behalf. She watches tv a lot so she imitates whatever she sees on tv. Maiyya wonders why no other kids acted like Rani there. She has insulted us real bad. Rani asks her Gori Didi as to why is she (Maiyya) scolding her. I was just dancing. Everyone was happy to see it except her (Maiyya). Meethi tells her to be quiet. Maiyya warns Rani to be quiet. She asks Meethi to make her quiet or else I will slap her. If her mother would have slapped her in her childhood then she wouldn’t have dared to talk like this. Don’t know whose daughter she is! Rani retorts back. She even calls Maiyya a bob vut oldie (haircut). Don’t say anything about my mother. Akash tells Rani to be quiet. Maiyya raises her hand to slap Rani in anger but Meethi holds it. Maiyya is clearly taken aback. Malvika smiles happily. Rani is also happy that she got saved. Meethi apologizes to Maiyya who continues to look at her in disbelief. Meethi requests her not to raise her hand on Rani for her sake. malvika is glad to see the crack in MIL-DIL’s relation. Akash tells Meethi to take Rani to her room. Maiyya stops her, all emotional. You held my hand for this girl? meethi too is in tears. It is that a kid never understands if we beat him / her. Things can be taught with love or the kid will take the wrong path. Rani asks Maiyya to speak now. Meethi tells Rani sternly to apologize to Maiyya. Rani refuses to do it. will you hit me too? Meethi is holding onto her hand angrily. Enough of your drama now come with me. She takes Rani with her. Akash is tensed.

Ratna Bai lies to the police inspector. Chameli had an issue / fight with that guy. She was after him after so many days. I tried to make her understand but she dint hear me. she finally killed the guy. Inspector asks Chameli about her daughter. Chameli cannot trust anyone. he too might be on Ratna Bai’s side. Inspector continues to ask about Rani. We will help you. Chameli is not ready to believe him. He knows she wont be able to do anything on her own. Ratna Bai wont be able to touch your daughter because of us. Chameli is in no mood to fall in his trap and tells him thus. He tells the lady constable to let Chameli stay here for 2 nights. She will realise things then. A tearful Chameli sits down.

Rani demands to know from Meethi where she went wrong. Meethi tells her to be quiet. You are a kid which is why I am not saying anything. You aren’t that young that you can cross all your limits. There is a limit to everything. Maiyya is elder to you. You cannot talk to her like this. you feel bad when someone says badmouth your mother but she (Maiyya) is Akash’s mother too. He too feels bad. Downstairs, Maiyya is still not ready to believe that Meethi insulted her for that girl. akash points out that Meethi was only against her raising hand on a kid. She also scolded Rani in front of you only. She knows that Rani is wrong. She will make her understand. Malvika instigates Gomti. That little girl said so much to your elder sister. Does nobody here listens to you? Say something. Gomti reminds Akash about their Aatishgarh days. No one could dare to talk to Maiyya in loud voice. Meethi held jiji’s hand for that girl?

Meethi tells Rani the reason behind holding Maiyya’s hand. I knew you said it all unintentionally. You are young, immature this is why I stopped her. I told you to apologize to Maiyya but you are acting stubborn. You are not ready to listen to me. Maiyya is just like my mother, just like Chameli is your mother. You cannot insult her. Rani will not accept it if anyone badmouths her mother. Rani compares Maiyya to Ratna Bai. Ratna Bai used to hit my Chameli a lot. She is not good at all and neither is this bob cut oldie. Meethi tries to handle things calmly. This isn’t ratna Bai’s place but a home. No one speaks ill against one another for any reason or hits each other. I am trying to make you understand this only. We all are really good people. Rani agrees Meethi is good but that bob cut oldie is very bad. I don’t want to live here. Meethi gives her two choices – either apologize to Maiyya or end my expectations for forever. She leaves from there. Rani get thinking.

Precap: Meethi tells everyone about Rani’s situation. Her mother wanted to take her out of that cheap place which is why she left her. Maybe she wont even come back now to take her. If I throw her out then no one will accept her or love her as she is the daughter of a pr*stitute. Everyone is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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