Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 8th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi is very tensed n angry about sukus behaviour, ramesh says laxmi calm down, laxmi says wat calm down he has done wrong, nisha says i know suku is wrong but try understand why did he get so angry, laxmi says this is problem of u people u get angry first n never think about consequences n nisha why did u do such thing to ritesh, nisha says i was trying to do something else but it turned out to be wrong, bunty says mom don’t scold them even i would do the same, nisha says bunty u shd learn good from us n not bad, nisha says dad plz don’t scold suku n about rites hi thought i would handle the situation n mom plz forgive me everyone is already angry with me n if u stop speaking, laxmi hugs nisha n says nothing like this will happen we all will always be with u.
Doctor tells ramesh that ritesh is alright but for safety remove n xray, dadji gives ramesh n cold look n goes to ritesh room, mohan says dadaji in 2 to 3 days riteshs parents will be here n i think tell then let ritesh be here at our place, dadaji says ok n says lets go to shop.nisha comes with suku, ramesh says dadaji suku wants to say sorry to ritesh but dadaji leaves without uttering a word, suku goes to riteshs room n asks how are u ritesh, ritesh says im fine, suku says sorry rites hi didn’t do this on purpose i just got angry, ritesh says im feeling so bad im the one who organised a party for u, gifted u a watch n u did this to me, suku says does this mean u have bought me, nisha says calm suku u go out , ritesh says nisha come sit, nisha says look rites hi haven’t forgiven u ritesh says but i love u nisha, nisha says no u don’t for u im just a machine whom u want to win n so u keep betting on me, ritesh says no nisha that isn’t a thing i haven’t lost yet n i like u, nisha says see u agreed by urself n about u liking me we can be friends n nothing beyond that n u don’t love me n leaves, ritesh says ofcourse i love her or no i don’t oh god im so confused.
Kirti is with ritesh, umesh comes n asks kirti wat is she doing here, kirti says i can ask u the same thing, umesh says whatever how are u ritesh, ritesh says im good n good to see atleast someone likes me , umesh smiles n says im leaving for shop bye, kirti says i will come with u, umesh says come i will drop u college,nisha says kirti shall i drop u, kirti says no umesh will drop me.
Jwala gathers all her books from nishas room, nisha asks why are u doing so jwala, roopan comes n says she is doing so bcoz from now she will study in her own room, nisha says but why, roopan says bcoz i don’t want her to get spoiled bcoz of u.
Jwala in corridor waits for bunty, bunty comes with a book n they both talk secretly about studies, bunty says im not liking all this jwala, jwala says yes ur right, rukhma comes n says i have n idea. Ritesh is taken care by roopan, roopan says today kirti is gonna make coffe for u ritesh n u know kirti does all her work with great dedication. Bunty n jwala starts fighting purposely seeing kirti, kirti says why are u fighting, jwala says when u can fight why cant we n wats the matter, bunty says jwala isn’t giving me notes, kirti scolds jwala n asks her to give bunty notes, n says bunty give me a call if jwala does this again.nisha runs behind kirti asking her to forget all that happen by mistake the coffe falls n kirtis hand, roopan n ritesh comes out listening to the noise, roopan scolds nisha n asks ritesh to take kirti inside the room, n scolds nisha, nisha says ur over trusting ritesh he is fake, roopan says i know who is fake n u don’t tell me wat to do u are shameless girl, laxmi comes n asks roopan to stop talking to nisha in this tone, roopan says instead of telling me teach ur daughter to be liitle shameful, laxmi says why is this all time when nisha does something good its all hidden n when she does wrong its the highlight always all new on terrace nisha saved dolly but non one spoke anything n now when nisha tried to help herself its wrong.

PRECAP:vimla n dadi listen to laxmi n roopan fightning n get shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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