Maharana Pratap 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 7th August 2013 Written Update

We see Pratap has reached the Ashram in the early morning to avoid being late
He follows his Guruji …hiding from him..but Raghvendraji spots him..he accompanies Raghvendra and his pupil where Raghvendra is doing his morning chore…Pratap watches him and gets happy shappy!!

Raghvendra in his class and making his students chant…He then tells everyone that you should be proud of yourself as you have managed to complete th 108 suryanamaskars…Pratap enthusiastically says yes…he says that he can try…Raghvendra chides him and says you can try but can you do it…PRatap says he can…Raghvendra says that if he fails to do it properly he wont be able to come back until he again gives entrance exam next year…Shakti tells him to abort but PRatap says he is ready…

Everybody starts the Namaskars…Raghvendra stops Pratap and says taht when SuryaNamaskar was taught he had been sent to bring the white flowers…So how come he knows how to do it…Pratap tells him that his father taught him..and this was the last help he gave to PRatap …he says that he did only so that his guru might not be disappointed iin him…Pratap says that even then if he feels that Pratap has done wrong then he may be punished but he may be permitted to be in the Ashram…Raghvendra says that he doesnot know much about Pratap but if UdaiSingh has said something then he will follow it up…and tells Pratap to continue with his Suryanamaskar!!

Eveyone is doing it and they fall one by one…in the end so does Pratap
Raghvendra gets mad at them…and then sends them to dig a road…Everybody reaches there but denies doing the work of a labourer…They taunt Pratap who is digging without question…He motivates them to dig…

On the otherside we see a wrestler getting ready to come to Mewar for the competition…he seems ot be the next person wanting to kill Pratap

On the other side digging is going on…two of the students pick up a fight and Pratap tries to stop that when Raghvendra comes and he thinks that Pratap is not doing the digging work…He chides Pratap and tells him to continue the digging work after the sunset also…Shakti gets happy seeing this…Pratap doesnot divulge the truth about the other students refusing the digging initially…Raghvendra leaves…

In the Mahal..Bhatiyani is getting food ready to be sent to Gurukul, Kokoi tells her that it is prohibited…Bhatiyani says that she knows and hence wants to put Pratap in trouble …Just then Jaywanta comes and stops the food from going…Bhatiyani argues with her and says that she too has rights over Pratap as she is the chhoti ma…Jaywanta rebutts and tells her that SHE is the Maharani of the Mahal
and nothing will happen in the Mahal without her permission

Precap: Students are all dehydrated and exhausted and one of them becomes unconscious…Shakti blames Pratap for this as he was the one who motivated them to work..

Update Credit to: Srushti

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