Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 9th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 9th August 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 9th August 2013 Written Update

Gayatri puts on Minty a kaala tikka as she leaves for meeting up with her new boy friend over coffee…saying thos was to help her “pyaar ka kila fatesh karney ke liye …”

Pammi and Rahul are waiting with tissues for wiping Minty’s tears as they expect her to come back weeping …

To their astonishment Minty comes back to inform her she had found her dream man .. Sunny was very hot n handsome …and she was very happy …

She invites Pammi to accompany her the next day to admire her new found love …Rahul found the Sunny business very funny ..

Kamini tries to drill some sense into Minty’s bird brain …

(Aakash of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon) Enters the Fauzdar villa as navy Officer Sunny Malhotra looking very tall smart n handsome ….

Pammi is disappointed .. Rahul is happy .. Sunny then impresses Kamini and all family as he pays his obeisance to the Bhagwaan before formal introduction to the family members …

Sunny claims to know every thing .. Kitchen queen Amrita . Gold medalist doc Randheer , famous Police Officer Kamini fauzdar ..urdu spcialist Gayatri

Lt Cdr Sunny Malhotra
Kamini then realises she knows he was the son of her old friend .. Chintu .. His father was her husbands junior .. ..
His parents were no more ..Kamini tells him to adopt them as his family members ..
Kamini orders him to shift into fauzdar villa lock stock n barrel
Rahil is thrilled .. Pammi is pareshan .. Kundli meai shanny ..
Pami asks Ghissu to think of an idea of throwing Suny out of his way …
Ghissu n Rahul hatch a plan … Sunny praises Rajbir and wins his heart and Rajbir is impressed ….
Miss mughleazm ko pataney mein lag jaata hai …
But Gayatri is very impressed with Sunny
Paani ka magarmachh .. Is bada shaana ..

Naval officers are good at al jobs even cooking .. He got ready to give a trst of his talent … Nayya ka driver ne duboya pammi ki pyaar ka nayyiya

Precap sunny proves himself to be an expert at chopping onions/cooking . And impresses Amrita .. Whereas Pammi is too clumsy … .

Update Credit to: sumana13

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