Maharana Pratap 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 6th August 2013 Written Update

Shakti was practising surya namaskar n pratap enters, shakti stops n pratap ask him to continue, he want to learn, shakti says f9 he’ll do it for him n then take the punishment also, pratap got confused, shakti clarifies that acharya has warned them that if they taught surya namaskar to pratap then he’ll punish them, pratap leaves from thr saying that he dnt want shakti to get punished.

Scene changed, pratap n som reached gurukul, every one was sleeping thr, it was silence thr, pratap try to learn from the imprints on ground, raghvendra came n scold him, he ask to complaint udai but pratap plead for srry n leaves, his assistance ask him y is he so strict with pratap but get scolding from him for interfaring.

In palace, udai ask to tighten the security as sum unwanted

ppl may intrude the city on the name of competition.

Scene Changed, the spy rest at a place, where a man ask him several questions, he got very irritated, but at last managed to get rid of him by killing him n thr he get to know abt the wrestling competition.

Scene changed, bhatyani’s maid informs that udai is cmg to meet her, she got happy n gift her a ring, the maid was confused, suddenly bhatyani started shouting on her n get her arrested, udai saw it n ask her the reason, bhatyani says that ppl r taking rubbish about pratap that he’s not worth it, shakti is more capable , etc etc, it makes udai angry n he leaves from thr.

Other side, pratap was trying to learn suryanamaskar himself but he was ng it wrong, udai reached thr n scold him that where he was when raghvendra was teaching, is he dreaming of becoming a king & in bhatyani’s room, she was really very happy that now udai will scold pratap n it might be possible that he ask him to leave the gurukul n she goes to check it.

Scene changed, pratap told the real reason to udai of getting late, udai is calm down n says that as a father for the first n last tym he’s gonna teach him surya namaskar, thy start it, girija dhai informs jaiwanta abt it, thy got happy to see them n on other side, sajja, bhatyani n shakti got angry after seeing this.

Other side, basar(spy) manage to enter inside city after checking, but sum soldier caught him hiding sumthing n he killed them all n put a leach to suck his(own) blood on her neck.

Precap: Basar was preparing for wrestling n was desperate to go mewad, other side, raghvendra ask that who fails in the test will be thrown out of the ashram. .

Update Credit to: Amor

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