Veera 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 6th August 2013 Written Update

Ranvi is at his potter’s wheel with Veera beside him and everyone else is at Balwant’s house. Veera sees the ice-cream vendor and wants to eat Kulfi. Ranvi notices this having Veera to tell him this and he goes upstairs to get money from his piggy bank. Veera checks whether the vendor is still around and when doesn’t find him she comes back but Ranvi gets the ice-cream for her and Veera is happy.

At Balwant’s house, Balwant and the Panchayat decides to give Veera’s custody to her Grand parents, shattering Chaiji, Ratan and Nihal. Veera’s grandparents asks if they can take Veera home with them to which Nihal says they need sometime to let Ranvi know about this. Balwant who himself is in tears agrees to this. Veera’s grandparents doesn’t trust Ratan and his family and say that Veera should be brought here lest they flee with the kid. Ratan gets angry and objects their wrong allegations.

At home Veera is flaunting the bag Ranvi got for her. Ranvi says he’ll keep it otherwise it will get spoilt but Veera says she wants to go somewhere but gets worried as both Ranvi and Veera’s clothes won’t fit in the bag. Ranvi jokes with her saying that he won’t accompany her. Veera gets glue on her hand and runs behind Ranvi threating to get glued to him.

Ratan, Nihal and Chaiji come home and are worried about breaking the news to Ranvi. Ratan and Chaiji are scared for both the kids and get melancholic when they see the kids playing. Chaiji asks Veera to go and play with Gunjan while Ratan takes Ranvi along to speak to him. Ranvi asks Ratan to tell him the matter soon so that he that he can go to Veera. Ratan is worried.

Ratan is worried as Ranvi coax him to tell her whats bothering her. She hugs him tight and reveals that the couple who had come home were Veera’s grand parents. Ranvi is confused and asks whether they came to meet her to which Ratan says they have come to take Veera along. Ranvi is shocked. .

Update Credit to: euphoric

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