Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 6th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Natasha and Bhanu in the car and she seems to be upset with whatever happened. Bhanu tries to cheer her and shows her the street kids and says they don’t know about stress and all. They are happy without any worries. Bhanu says he live in the moment and we are always stressed out. Bhanu goes to dance in the rain and asks Natasha to come outside. Ram and Priya in the another car and Priya notices Bhanu and Natasha and asks Ram to stop the car. Ram says it might be Bhanu’s idea. Priya says Natasha is looking happy after so many days. Priya says it is fun to get wet in the rain. Ram says no, there is no need for them to get drenched in rain water. Ram says you are pregnant and you can’t do this. Priya says she judge him right and he is getting old

while the song BALH plays in the BG.

Scene shifts to Vikram house:

Priya and Ram arrives at their house. Neha nags Vikram and asks him about their marriage date. Vikram says obviously he knows and says she was looking beautiful. Neha says it was terrible. Vikram tells Ram that he was fool to married the same woman twice. Neha asks when did you say I love you to me. Vikram says he will say after sometime. Neha says Ram knows every special day. Vikram says he also remembers everything. Vikram asks her to give something to Priya. Ram says to look at the bright side. Vikram says why you remember all the days and why you told to Priya. Neha asks Vikram about the date. Vikram says he knows but he will not tell her as she forgot it. Priya smiles.

Neha and Vikram argues about not remembering the date. Ram smiles and comes to Priya, who says she still needs to asks so many dates from him. Ram says to tell him, when she said that Mr. Kapoor you are the best. Priya says she tells this everytime. Ram says she told this for the first time when he makes her eat gol gappa. Priya says you are lying. Bhanu and Natasha comes, Neha tells him that your stupid brother didn’t know about the special day when he said I love you for the first time. Bhanu says 25th June. Vikram says yes 25th June, Bhanu says when he was a kid, Vikram used to practice infront of him. Neha says him sorry, Vikram says he remembered the date. After Neha and Natasha goes inside, Bhanu tells Vikram that he just said the date, afterall she don’t remember.

Neha asks Natasha, why you are wet. Priya teases Natasha and says if you dance in rain then you have to change the clothes. She tells Neha that they saw them dancing in the street. Natasha says we are just good friends. Neha says people says like that. Natasha goes to change the clothes, She gets a call and she asks Priya to answer the call. Priya picks the call and says she will convey the message. She says she got a call from the bank and they said that the cheque is bounced which Bhanu gave her. Neha says may be he signed wrong. Priya says he may not have money in his account. Neha says dont panic and she knows Bhanu well. He will recover the loss soon.

Priya looks at Bhanu while he is drinking wine. Neha says he is good at heart and always in mess. He cares for others too. Neha says that he is concerned for you and Ram that’s why he called me to asked whether you people left for here or not. Priya suspects him. Ram tells Bhanu that choti needs a good friend in this difficult time. Bhanu says Natasha is his good friend and he will take care of her. Ram says if you needed anything then come to me.

At the dining table, they sat for dinner. Neha tells Priya to eat for two. Neha says Bhanu helped Vikram that’s why she forgave him. Priya sees Bhanu’s concern for Natasha and tells Natasha that your event was successful as all the dresses are sold out. She asks how you will donate to the air crash victims, natasha says she didn’t think about it yet. Bhanu is little tensed. Priya asks Bhanu what happened? Bhanu asks you and Ram bhaiyya are so different and asks how they had met. Natasha says Priya is Karthik’s sister and we got married on the same day. Vikram says they are different but have good understanding. Neha says they are like chalk and cheese. Natasha says bhai has changed a little as his wife influenced him. Priya says she didn’t feel bad. Ram says after marriage, we need to acquire new habits. Bhanu says some past incident. He refer as senior to Ram and says you has changed a lot. Priya thinks she might be thinking a lot.

Bhanu tells Ram that he needs a favour and says he have to get some payments from london and it is taking time. He says he is worried that the cheque which he gave to Natasha didn’t bounce and asks him to handle it. Ram says I am glad that you told me.

Scene shifts to Priya and Ram:

Priya says that she is thinking about Bhanu and there is something which she don’t know. Ram asks what? He asks did something happened. Priya says his cheque bounced. Ram says he told me everything and I like his honestly. Priya says he is doing everything after a lot of planning. Ram says it is a good quality and you are over thinking about choti. Priya says may be…The episode ends on her smile.

Neha and Soumya holds Priya and takes her for the 7th month function of pregnancy. Priya looks great and glowing, Ram looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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