Maharana Pratap 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap asking Ajabde to wake up for the people of Bijolia, for saving them from Afghans. Ajabde recalls the danger on Bijolia and opens her eyes. Tum hi to ho……………..plays…………. Pratap asks her to take rest, he told her to leave from there, why did she not go, why did she take the arrow on her. She recalls his words that he came to save her as it was his duty. She says sometimes it happens. Chetak neighs. Patta comes running to them and is worried seeing Ajabde. He asks is she fine. She says she……… and faints. Patta asks what happened to her. Pratap says don’t worry, she is fine, and out of danger. Patta asks how did this happen. Pratap says she was attacked by the poisonous arrow. Patta says he will not leave Badshah Khan and its his promise. Pratap asks him not to lose senses in anger.

They hear the sound and run at the egde to see a very big army coming towards Bijolia. Patta says they are entering Bijolia, if they enter, then they will erase our name from Rajputana. Pratap says don’t flow in emotions, we have to think what we have to do. Badshah Khan attacks on the palace. Patta takes take care of Ajabde. He asks is she fine. She says yes. Pratap asks Patta how many soldiers they have in Bijolia. Patta says max 100. He says they can’t fight war as they are not fully trained and Bijolia ordinary people can’t face Afghan army. Patta says he will go to them.

Patta says if he has to fight till last drop of his blood, he will fight and save Bijolia. Pratap says no, you are not going anywhere, I will go Bijolia, and Ajabde needs him here, take care of her. Patta says no, you stay here, I will go, your life is valuable and I can’t risk your life. Ajabde says what if I say I don’t want to stay here, did anyone ask me what I want. Pratap says you and Patta won’t go anywhere, your wound is bleedings and orders them to stay here. Ajabde and Patta say Pratap’s lines, that a warrior’s wounds are their pride, and blood’s nature is to flow. Pratap says it’s a Rajput’s duty to save their country, fine we will go together. They smile.

Badshah Khan laughs holding Bijolia people captive. He says I have conquered Bijolia, now they have just one option, to surrender to him, else he will ruin them. Ajabde says she can get weapons. Pratap goes to a mountain and moves the bushes. He pushes the stone door and goes inside. Patta and Ajabde looks on surprised. Pratap tries pushing the secret door and it does not open. Badshah Khan enters the market aread. Pratap comes to Patta and signs no. Patta says he can’t be here, the Bijolia people are facing life risk, its enough, we have to go and break the secret door. Pratap says Afghan soldiers will kill you. Pratap says they have just one option now to surrender now, as he wants him, he knows he is doing all this to get him, else he would have burnt Bijolia till now.

Badshah Khan asks the soldiers to burn the houses. Pratap says Badshah Khan wants personal revenge from me of his father’s death. He gives the rope to Patta asking him to tie his hands, and deal with Badshah Khan and say you will handover Pratap for freeing Bijolia. Patta says why will Badshah Khan let me come. Pratao says he knows some people hate me. Patta says he won’t support him in this foolish plan and leaves. Ajabde calls him to stop. She says she does not like his idea and she is with Patta. Pratap runs after Patta to stop him. Pratap calls out Patta. He asks Patta to think about Bijolia. Patta says he can’t sacrifice Pratap. Pratap says he can die, what else, he will ruin Afghans and his every drop of his blood will kill 100 Afghans.

Badshah Khan laughs and scares people. Pratap asks Patta to support him for Ajabde and Bijolia’s sake, don’t break my trust. Ajabde comes to them and asks Patta not to listen to Pratap. Pratap asks him to think about their land. Ajabde asks Patta to leave. Patta looks on. Patta says Jija, I will do what Pratap says and folds hands to apologize. He says he will give Pratap to Badshah Khan.

Patta ties Pratap’s hands. Ajabde says she won’t let him go to die, and who is he to take this decision. He says he has decided and she can’t stop him. She says just stop it. Pratap looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. They are dragging the show so much that its not worth watching anymore

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