Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
aashi wakes up and sees sahil on the couch. She wakes him up by sprinkling water on him. Aashi says you over actor. He says its raining says its me not rain. Door knocks rupa comes in. Aashi is shocked to see rupa and sunil. Rupa says come I wanna talk to you. Sahil, Vishnu and prabha come in. Sunil says no one will come between parents and their daughter. They take Aashi to her room.

Rupa says what is this? Sunil says you cant make them your parents. rupa syas we are you parents. Sunil says they cant be your parents if you say so. Sunil says you keep doing these weird things. Rupa says we should get you married you will happy a family. Stop ruining our name. aashi says looking for a family isn’t a drama. Shouting at me wont change my decision. She says go do what you want.

Sunil and Prabha come downstairs. Sunil says get out of here. he says this is all because of you both. rupa says shame on you. You are snatching our daughter. SJe is against us because of you. when will you go fro our house and life. Aashi says they wont go anywhere. Its their house and mine. dada ji knew that you both will leave me alone. He names this house after me. this is my house and I will decide who will live here. Vishnu uncle and prabha will live here. Its you both who have to leave. please leave my house. Sunil leaves rupa follows her. Media comes and asks different questions. Sunil says excuse us. Aashi says theyu never loved me and that is why Vishnu and prabha came ib my life. They compensated the love of parents in my life. I will adopt them without any law. I know that relationships of hgeart don’t need any law. Aashi sits in tears. Vishesh comes in. He goes to aashi. He says stop crying aashi. Aashi husg him. Vishesh says you have all you want and you are not wrong. You are an example for world. Now there will only be happiness in your life. sahil sees them hugging. He is possessive. He goes out in anger. He says in heart aashi gives him more importance than me. I have the right to be close to her she is my best friend. I can’t forget this. Sahil goes to aashi and says you are my best friend right? aashi says whats wrong now? sahil says vishesh doesn’t deserve you at all you shouldn’t marry him. aashi says what are you saying? Sahil says I heard aunty and uncle talking to vishesh about your wedding with him. He says I am talking about our friendship. aashi says what wrong with you? Why are you saying like that? you are my best friend. I am not marrying anyone and even if I do you will still be my best friend. I am your life time achievement award. Sahil hugs aashi they are both in tears. aashi says stop crying now. SAhil says I am sorry. sahil says I was scared and vishesh is a nice guy. If someone after me who can take care of you its vishesh. He says you are my everything aashi. If you go awaqy from me I wont be able to live. aashi says I wont go anywhere.

Scene 2
Ashish and mansi cme in, aashi says we want to celebrate our wedding anniversary with mummy papa. Prabha and Vishnu come. Prabha says let us go. Don’t make it difficult for us to go. aashi says I know I am not foolish I am just emotional. Vishnu says my daughter is wise. aashi says I will take revenge of this. You both lived at my place now I will come to your place whenever I want. there will be a room for me in that house. ashish the whole house will be y0ours. Aashi husg prabha and Vishnu. Prabha and Vishnu meet everyone as well. They leave finally. aashi, sahil and vishesh wave them good bye.

Aashi recalls prabha talking to her about wedding. She recalls every time vishesh was near her. Vishesh comes to her. He says I am going home. aashi says vishesh stop. She says I want to tell you something. Vishnu uncle and prabha aunty think you like me. Is that true? Vishesh says aashi.. Aashi says tell me there is no such thing? He say I really.. aashi says you like me but juts like a friend. I said to uncle aunty rthat we are good friends only but later I felt like you are more than a friend. You always make me feel special. I don’t know what am I saying. She says I think I like you. I mean, I guess I love you. Vishesh is shocked.

Precap-aashi hugs vishesh and says I love you. He says I love you too aashi. sahil overhears this and packs his stff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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