Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jhansi court
Urmi breaks down telling him the truth, while samrat asks her not to lie. The judge asks him to take his place in the witness box, and samrat complies, and again repeats that she is lying and making excuses, to stop from being guilty. Samrat again reiterates that the child is ishaan’s, and urmi says that the child isnt ishaan’s but his. Niranjan is tensed, as urmi says that samrat killed his own child. Niranjan too asks her not to fabricate stories, while ishaan waits impatiently for something, and is relieved when he gets a file delivered. Niranjan starts interrogating urmi. He says that if she had a miscarriage, then how can she blame him, and urmi tells what happened. samrat says that its all a lie. urmi says that this is the truth. niranjan accuses her of misleading the court, and asks her lawyer to present a solid evidence. ishaan says that the evidence shall come too, and he wants to present something else right now, anmd asks the judge to have a look at it. He says that this is the miscarriage details, and urmi’s post op records. Samrat and niranjan are tensed, as the judge goes through it. The judge tells samrat, that after testing the fetus and samrat’s DNA, its confirmed that he was the father of the unborn child. The judge asks samrat to stop blaming urmi, as he was the father of the child. Niranjan and samrat are shocked. niranjan is enraged. Ishaan says that this in fact proves that urmi is a self-dependant woman, and asks niranjan, not play with the other’s character, or else he would have to pay for a defamation case. the judge warns niranjan, and adjourns the hearing. samrat is in a state of shock. Niranjan is angered.

As urmi and ishaan comes outside, he tries to console her, asking her to be patient, and not get emotional in the court. samrat comes and shoves urmi aside, reprimanding her from hiding the truth from him. ishaan asks him to behave, considering the premise he is in. He asks urmi why didnt he tell her that the child was his and not ishaan’s. Urmi asks samrat, outside the court that if he doubted her, then why didnt he come and confirm this from her, instead of assuming the horrible and the lie, when he found out about her pregnancy. She says that he should have confirmed before taking such a big step. He asks what was he supposed to think. she says that he never considered her as a wife, but only thought that she was at his feet, and hence never gave her respect. Urmi tells him that being the father of the dead child, that he cruelly killed, he should know that he killed his own blood, his own child. She says that suffocating breaths of the child, shall forever keep him at unrest, suffocated and disturbed in the night, in the same manner that her child got suffocated. samrat is frustrated and distraught, unable to believe what he heard. She wipes her tears and walks off, with ishaan, while samrat is emotionally distraught. he breaks down, and collapses on the floor, holding his head, unable to believe what he just did. he starts ranting madly that he killed his own child. He takes his anger and frustration out on the vehicles.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Asha starts pointing out as to how they would miss her, when she goes to the hospital. She starts ranting yet again foolishly. saroj and granny are frustrated, and concerned too thinking that she isnt having any pain. Asha overhears this and starts faking, and they rush to her help, screaming for gaurav. Asha tells them that she was just waiting to see if he is ready or not. they all rebuke her. Then she actually starts having pains, but they dont believe her, until finally she winces in pain. they rush to her help, and then assist her to get to the hospital.

Scene 3
Location: Samrat’s residence
When all get to know what samrat did, they start reprimanding and horrendously accusing him, as to how he would do this. shashi asks them to calm down and let samrat relax, as he is already very tensed. samrat says that this happened due to her, and shashi asks him not to blame her, as its his mistake. rudra asks him not to malign her character, as he had done so earlier, and now things like this going on in the court, shall only add infamy to their family. Shashi asks rudra to shut, and help instead and starts gloating as to how she is always at his assistance. rudra shuts her, saying that samrat became this, due to her negligence, and pampering. He asks why doesnt he go and apologise to ishaan. he says that he did go to apologise, but he isnt willing to listen. shashi says that she would explain this to ishaan and get him to forgive and forget. meanwhile, radha finds samrat tensed from the balcony, and wonders whats the matter.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi serves tiwari snacks, and they discuss as to how ishaan saved, urmi from losing shaurya, and being maligned like this, by producing such an evidence. tiwari assures that ishaan is geuine, and the way he is passionately working on the case he would rest only when urmi gets shaurya’s custody. urmi says that she knows ishaan would risk everything, and says that she knows samrat too, who fights back with venomous rage. Tiwari too agrees, and they both are tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
All attend to ishaan, as he comes home to visit them, while samrat its tsnedly. Diwaker says that its good that he came, and ishaan says that he came because he called. He says that since samrat and him are over, and he saw the way shashi behaved in the police station, he has no reason to come here. Shashi says that it wasnt her mistake. dsamrat tells him to forget his mother atelast, as she just did what he was asking her to. Shashi then goes onto ask samrat not to sit quiet, and interact with ishaan and say what he wanted to. Samrat complies and again apologises to ishaan, saying that its from the heart, and that much has happened, and they should move on, asking if they can get back their childhood friend, and that due to the third person, and a woman, he wont be able to bear to lose him. ishaan tells him that she isnt a third person, but was his wife. samrat asks him to give a chance to explain his side too, as he is just influenced by urmi’s version. ishaan tells samrat, in front of his family, that from this day forth, he is friends again with samrat, and samrat got what he wanted. He asks samrat what else does he want. samrat casually mentions that he should leave urmi’s case, as together they can rule the world. ishaan immediately gets tensed. then he says that he shall comply. Ishaan too stoically asks that would he get if he wants something. samrat asks him to go ahead and ask as he has his life ready for him. ishaan asks him to leave urmi and shaurya as then the case shall be over, and the siuation to fight for her, wont even arise. he says that then their friendship shall be intact. Samrat is shocked to hear this. He gets angry and says that he shouldnt try and befool him. ishaan too reprimands him for thinking that the entire world is an idiot excluding him, and that he isnt that naive to fall for his emotional blackmails. samrat asks him to stay in his limits, while ishaan says thatnow the time has come that his nonsense is stopped. All are tensed. ishaan storms out. samrat is in a rage. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Urmi tells ishaan, that she cant have faith in samrat’s parenting, as he doesnt love his own son even and is just using him to get to her, and shaurya is no more than a means to satiate his ego. Meanwhile, Niranjan asks samrat to find out one person, on whom urmi’s hold is very influential, to testofy against urmi only. samrat is surprised and instantly gets to getting devi for all this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. And I know that Devi will f**ken be on Samrats side

    1. fan of the show

      But didn’t Devi get paralyzed?

      1. exactly, what he really could say in his position? he might signal the court that his daughter responsible for his condition. But who knows, after how bad Samrat treated Devi and he had plenty time in his ill state to sit down quiet and think about things, I hope he realise how wrong he was and how horrible he treated his daughter. Hoping but very doubtful that it would happen.

      2. fan of the show

        I hope you’re right, because even after being insulted so badly, Devi didn’t blame samRat, he blamed his daughter, and cut off all relations with her. Selfishy thinking of his reputation being tarnished, not the happiness of his daughter. It happens more than you want to know.

    2. fan of the show

      Yah, samRat insulted Devi, and when Devi arrived home depressd, he heard about Urmi going to divorce samRat and collapsed with a stroke. (Nov 4th)

  2. And Samrat is also a bastard

  3. fan of the show

    Well this and last episode have finally started turning the corner.
    Now the writers will either have endless shows on samRat threatening; or someone will charge/try him with past crimes and put him away, and writers can continue to deal with the sad fate of women not only in India, but all over the world.

  4. Finally….I wish a one way ticket to hell.. Hate the character of Samrat completely and I wish to see him suffer as much as urmi has….For God sake make him suffer

    1. fan of the show

      I think he does suffer.
      h has only his dimwit mother who supports him, and that for selfish reasons. The rest of his family hates his arrogance and anger. He has spent about 90 percent of his life furious. His lawyer keeps trying to lecture him on his behavior. His in-laws have no respect for him. He is definitely already suffering, at his own hand, since bad behavior and thinking do that to a person. However, WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ALL THE WRONGS HE HAS DONE.

    2. fan of the show

      You can fool yourself, and you can fool others, but you can’t fool the consequences. God’s hand is VERY BIG.

  5. The show is based on urmi and samrat so putting him away is impossible. As far as Devi is concerned, he has only spoken but still has to actually take action that will hurt urmi, it is necessary for that to be done in keeping with the theme of the tract. “atrocity on women”

    1. He did. He refuse to let her back in the house. Isn’t that atrocity!??! Her grandmum forcing the other family members to stop talking to her. Isn’t that atrocity?!?! Devi disowning her. Isn’t that atrocity? I hope there is no more to come lol

    2. fan of the show

      It may be true, samRat is necessary to the show, but would not be surprised if they stick to the theme “Palanquin of Dreams” and show the folly of Annu, Aditi, and Radha in hoping they will have marital bliss from whoever they are dreaming about…. sam is not the only rat in this world….

  6. behenchod sa show hai yo te

  7. chootia sa se samrat kutta

  8. From what I understand Devi is a womanizer just like Samrat so he may side with him. I think Aditi will step in and testify against Samrat so that should be interesting. Just don’t get it, if a man is proven to have killed his own child wouldn’t that he enough to dismiss the case and grant Urmi full custody of Shaurya?

    1. fan of the show

      And why did the court adjourn without the judge telling why he stopped? Or what the decision fo custody is?

  9. I think samrat could try to blackmail granny to testify on his behalf in return pay for Devi health treatment and rehabilitation at a renowned institution.

  10. if devi comply with samraths wishes he really do not deserve to be urmis father writers what you should do is let devi agree to do what samrath says and after reaching in court just remember all the nasty things that samrath did to him devi especially when samrath drove through the mud and splash it all on his face and right there and then bring the twist in and let devi destry samrath to the fullest but what I cannot understand is there are so many evil things samrath did to urmi and her family and even to ishann why they are not using all this evidence against him even how he treated shauyra come on bring this case to an end with all this information. samrath down you go throw your ass in jail and throw away the key.

  11. Could be Granny too….remember she favours Samrat over her own blood. ANd she might say that Urmi is responsible for Devi’s illness

  12. Plz writers dont even go there!! Using Urmi’s father now??
    Let him hang…

    1. Yes, and in the gallows for that matter!!

  13. Luv this epi!!

    1. fan of the show

      Me too, especially when Ishan throws off samRat by agreeing to be friends, then demanding the impossible in return, then telling samRat the horrible truth.

  14. Devi and granny are so old fashioned & still believe in old tradition/culture!! But still, love should conquer all and if either of them testify against Urmi, then they’re not fit to be blood relations. And let’s pray this doesn’t kill Devi!!

  15. If the (Sam)rat actually felt guilty about his unborn child, he’d do what Ishaan asked – leave Urmi and shaurya alone but he was just pretending!

  16. what a shame to have a father like Devi. I hope he remains paralyse.

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