Maharana Pratap 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 2nd December 2013 Written Update

Pratap was tensed, udai came in one more disguise n ask him if he recognise him, pratap says yes n ask him to drop the idea to go to bundi, udai ask how cum he knows that he’s going to bundi, pratap wait for a sec n says that he told him abt it, udai ask him to keep it secret.

Pratap says that his disguise not able to work, as any1 can recognise him, udai says that he’s able to do it bcoz he’s dng it in front of him, they go to jaiwanta to test it, as he came out the soldiers greets him, udai says that they recognise him bcoz he’s cuming out of his room, pratap smiles.

They reach jaiwanta’s room, before he enters she recognise him from the sound of footsteps,udai ask pratap that he’ll enter alone, jaiwanta dismiss her maids n they greet udai, n jaiwanta talk

to him like udai only, he was surprised n pratap won it, he says that she’s intelligent it was easy for her, they need to try sum1 else n decide to go to sajja, pratap thinks that she’s not able to do so n got tensed, udai ask JB if he’s luking weird, she says no n ask where is he going n he reply its a secret mission.

Pratap goes to sajja n try to make her understand that she has to recognise sum1 but she get confused, at the same time, udai enters n she starts shouting thinking he’s another man, pratap lost n udai won n he leaves, sajja ask pratap n by mistake he told her that he’s going to bundi n leaves.

Sajja wants to find more n she start asking every1 in fort n within minutes it spread, pratap who was abt to leave for bundi before udai got to knw of it, n he thinks that its of no need now, soon udai also gets to knw that the truth is revealed, he was angry n suspicious but sajja came to him n he gets to knw that its bcoz of her, he drops the idea for the day. In bundi, behram n surtan were torturing kids, burning thr hands with oil to attract SV to bundi.

In mewar, bhatyani saw pratap’s wounds, she want it to bring it to udai’s notice. She creates drama n try to cut her hand, udai came n stop her n she says she’s feeling guilty bcoz she doubted pratap, udai ask the reason n she told abt the foot marks, n connect it to sakhaveer being pratap, udai got angry n shout at her, he says that she’s not his mother, she’s doing it out of guilt, if she want to cut her hand she can.

Precap: Pratap wants to tell truth to udai to save bhatyani, jaiwanta try to stop.

Update Credit to: Amor

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