Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram talking on phone and says he will reach on time for the meeting. He says he is feeling nice to wear specs. Priya looks at him and recalls their past conversation. Neha calls her and asks her to come soon as something had happened. Priya says she will come. Khush comes and says sorry for lying. He says he didn’t have a bad intention. Priya says she knows that he is sorry and wants to rectify his mistake. She asks him to learn good things from his elders and not bad things. Pihu comes and says sorry to Ram for spoiling the party. Ram promises that he will make Priya understand everything. Pihu says she proved papa wrong unknowingly.

Priya comes to Vikram house. Neha tells her that Cady is not understanding anything and says you are a

mother figure for her. Priya says your son lied to her. Neha says please explain her not to break her marriage. Vikram lectures Rahul not to lie. Rahul says you have lied to mom several times. Vikram says Cady is not like Neha and asks, why he lied to her. Rahul says it is of no use now. Cady is packing her stuff. Priya comes and asks her, what has happened. Cady says marriage is all about trust. She says she has given enough space to him and says Rahul lied to her saying he is in office. But he was actually watching cricket in the restaurant. Priya asks, what do you want. Ram scolds rahul for lying to Cady. He says it is all about trust.

Pihu is very angry and breaks the things in her room. Sammy comes and asks, what is going on. Pihu says you were shaking hands with Suhani. Pihu says what happened to you? and says you are a betrayal. She asks him to get lost. Sammy leaves. Suhani is thinking about Sammy while Sammy is also thinking about Suhani, and Pihu’s words that he is changed while the pareshan song plays the BG. Pihu cries thinking about him.

Neha asks Priya, whether Cady has agreed. Cady says she is going with Priya. Neha asks, why you did you provoke her. Priya says she tried to make her understand but she can’t do beyond that. She will be with Cady in her decision. Neha says Rahul said a small lie and you are breaking the marriage. Priya says when husband tells the big lies than wife will get shaken. She asks her to asks Vikram. Rahul comes and says sorry to Cady. Cady asks, why did you lied? What is the need to say lie? I cannot trust you. Rahul promises her that he will never lie. Vikram says he will support her if Rahul lies again. Priya asks Rahul to keep the trust alive.

Priya gets so many messages of Ram. She reads it. Ram tells Vikram that he is updating his wife about him. Vikram says you didn’t jog today. Vikram asks, how many messages you will send to her. Priya calls Vikram and asks is something wrong with Ram. She says she is getting irritated with his messages. Vikram says he just want to share his updates with you. Priya says she don’t want his updates. Khush is doing Yoga, Priya comes and asks for his help. She asks him to get a new sim card. Khush asks, what is the problem in your simcard. Priya asks him not to switch on the phone else so many messages will come one by one. Khush asks, who is messaging her and says he will call Dad and let him know. Khush says some idiot might be messaging her. Priya asks him to get a new number. Khush agrees. Priya asks him not to give new mobile number to anyone including Ram.

Ram calls Vikram and says messages is not delivering to Priya anymore. Vikram says she is getting irritated. Ram asks him to speak positively. Vikram says she called him today. Ram says he will talk to Priya. Vikram asks him not to take his name else he will be black listed. Ram calls her phone but it is switch off.

Ram is searching for Priya’s phone number in her mobile. Priya comes and scolds him for doing mistake again and again.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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