Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd December 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pankhudi coming to Harish and asks him why he is reacting this way. Harish says can’t he get upset or express his anguish. He says you are also taking Avantika’s side like Adi. Pankhudi says you both are on same side naa. She tries to convince him to come for Rubel’s marriage else Anuj mama will feel bad. She says you have to fulfill the responsibility. Harish says he has some responsibility towards his sister and niece and no one can fulfill that. Pankhudi says no one did it deliberately. Harish says I am not blaming anyone and says he don’t want to make the situation awkward. He can’t leave his sister and Payal here and attend the wedding. Avantika comes and looks at him. Harish says this time he won’t accept her sayings.

Payal 1 calls

Rohit and asks, whether he has planned everything. Rohit says ofcourse and asks whether she has doubt on him. Payal says no. Rohit says he can’t see her with anyone else. Payal says they will meet tomorrow. Kamini comes and asks her, to whom she was talking. Payal asks her to check her mobile. Kamini asks her to think about her betterment. Payal says she will do what she wants to do. Pankhudi comes and signs no as Harish didn’t agree to attend Rubel’s marriage. She rests her head on Adi’s shoulder. Pankhudi thinks she will agree Harish anyhow. Sheela gives instructions to Shanky about the do’s.

Pankhudi comes and says she will do. Sheela says she is upset with Avantika and Preeti as they didn’t come. Pankhudi says they will go to the jeweller and she can go to Payal’s house for giving the bridal dress. Sheela asks them to go to Payal’s home and she will go to the jeweller. Pankhudi agrees. Rubel says he will also come with her. Adi pulls his leg, Sheela says rules are rules and asks rubel whether he didn’t learn anything from his brother Adi’s marriage. Anuj says he didn’t have time to learn as his eyes was on someone. He pulls his leg and says Avantika and Preeti will also come. He asks Adi, when Avantika is coming? Adi and Pankhudi is tensed. Sheela says we will go to Avantika’s house. Anuj says we will take her here. Adi says mom will come. Anuj says he needs to formally invite Harish as he is the son in law of the house. Adi thinks may be Dad will agree on Mama’s invitation.

Rubel tells Adi that he needs to discuss something with him. Payal’s Dad brings so many gifts for her inlaws. Payal asks for his permission to go to the parlour. Kamini says she will also accompany her. Payal agrees. Rubel tells Adi that he is confused about the gift for Payal. Adi suggests him to give either rose or diamonds. Rubel asks him to accompany him. Kaira and pankhudi gives the wedding dress to Payal 1. She gets Rohit’s call and the wedding dress falls on the ground. Her Dad scolds her. Payal says sorry. Pankhudi tells Govardhan mama that she wants to talk to Payal alone.

Adi asks Rubel to plan honeymoon for them as well. Payal 1 repents to agree for marriage. Pankhudi comes and asks, what happened? She says I feel you aren’t ready. She asks her to share her thoughts. Payal says premarriage fears. Pankhudi says it is normal. Pankhudi says they can postpone the wedding if she wants. Payal says it is fine. Pankhudi asks about the guy whom she was meeting the other day. Payal says he was her friend Viju. Pankhudi asks her to invite him and asks her to rest.

Payal gets Rubel’s call and she spell Rohit’s name. Rubel asks who is he? Payal says just a friend. Rubel says he called to ask how are you? Payal says she is fine. Adi laughs on him. Sadanand asks Sameer whether he found any donor for Preeti. Sameer says no and says list is very long for the donors and wonders what to do. Sadanand gets tensed. Payal 2 mom asks her to eat anything. Payal 2 says no. Harish comes and greets Payal. Didi says she is thinking to go back to her house. Avantika asks her not to demoralise Payal. Didi starts overreacting again. Avantika says it is not a big issue. if you keep on crying like this then payal won’t forget it. didi says you are saying as if you care for Payal. Avantika says ofcourse. Harish scolds Avantika. Avantika says she is saying the right thing. She gets tears in her eyes as Harish is scolding her. Anuj and Sheela come there and hears their argument.

Didi and Payal 2 goes inside. Anuj says situation is tensed but Rubel’s can’t marry without your presence. Sheela tries to convince Avantika to come for Rubel’s marriage. Anuj says there is so much to be done. Avantika says she is busy. Harish says to be frank he can’t come leaving Didi and Payal but he didn’t stop anyone. Harish asks him not to invite him and blesses Rubel. Sheela asks Avantika to come else Rubel will feel bad. Anuj says he expects Avantika and Harish to do the best. he asks Avantika to manage time for coming to Rubel’s marriage. Avantika nods. Sheela and Anuj leaves.

Adi asks Rubel about his date. Rubel tells Adi that he confesses everything to Payal 1 but she didn’t say anything as he spoke non step and didn’t give her a chance to speak. Pankhudi hears and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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