Maharana Pratap 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with ajab does conversation with pratap. Pratap says, i get my choice and i dont know why you will saying wrong. I had told you everything about my heart but you didnt say anything, you can tell me. Ajab says, please marry with phool. Pratap gets angry on phool name and says, i dont want to love her then why will you speak her name in front of me. All rajkumari’s taunts to phool on the name of ajab. Phool says, i am marwar’s rajkumari and pratap will marry with me. Ajab cries for pratap. Phool comes to ajab’s room and says, i fought with all rajkumari’s, they are wrong. Phool hugs ajab.
Here uday singh ji ordered for making new weapons for security. Db came and says, i know we are united on same point but do you know that pratap loves ajab and ajab also loves pratap. Uday singh says, why are you talking like JB. DB says, you chat with ajab and say her to stay away from pratap. Uday singh says, i dont want to converse with this matter.
Rawal ji come and give news that akbar is capturing our nearby states. Akbar and bahram khan goes to alwar fort and jalal says, give one chance to haji khan because he is really a good king. Jalal sent his message to haji khan for slavery. haji khan says, i need some time then he informed his soldier to inform mewar for help. Jalal see map of alwar.
Here at mewar fort, JB prepares sweets for pratap marriage and give sweets to Db and says, this is for my child’s marriage.
DB says, you are distributing sweets here and uday singh ji gone for chat with ajab. Dassi infom to ajab. uday singh says to ajab, i am going to give thanks to your father and now this time its your turn. Ajab says, i will do anything for mewar. Uday singh says, now i know that why will JB respect you. uday singh then gone from room.
JB gone to meet phool and phool says, i done all this for you. jb says, god bles you. DB says, have you said everything to phool. JB says, no.
JB says, pratap and ajab will definitely get united.
Ajab meets with pratap and pratap says, now i will guess why you came here. You came here to sorry. Ajab says, please marry with phool. ajab then says that i love you when i saw you first time. Pratap says, now i am not faulty, you also love me. please marry with phool for mewar. Pratap says, i dont need marwar help. Ajab then tell to pratap, you have to do this for our country. You have to sacrifice for this. Pratap says, not only i am doing this sacrifice, you are also doing this sacrifice.
everybody gets tensed at lunch and pratap came and says, i want to do marriage. Uday singh says, with whom? Pratap says, phool kanwar. uday singh gets surprised and hug to him. JB gets shocked. Uday singh says, you always remove my tension, i am proud of you. Jb says, is this your final decision. Pratap says, yes, rani maa!!!!
JB gets surprised and ajab and phool goes into her room. Phool says, i am very lucky person who is going to marry with pratap. This credit is going to you.
I am very happy with you. Phool says, what will my father react on this matter. Ajab says, leave on uday singh ji. Uday singh ji gets tensed and DB come and says, why are you so tensed? distribute sweets. Uday singh says, sent this relation to marwar. We can break everything with marwar. DB says, we will sent this relation with elder rani. Uday singh says, sent invitation to your sister Db says, i already sent this invitation. Pratap thinks about ajab wording’s. Pratap says sorry to their ancestors. JB reaches there and says, they all are responsible for it. nobody can love in this fort but now you are also sacrificing your love, they have created your future. Pratap says, i am saying all this because you are in anger. JB says, i am not in anger. Why you all this with my son. when your father gave compliments to you, i have seen your tears. Pratap says, please be silent rani maa. Ajab reaches there and says, let it speak.

Precap:- Pratap teaches their soldier of new tactics of battle field and here jalal capture alwar and tells his soldier to capture rajputana.

Update Credit to: tushar

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