Kumkum Bhagya 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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It resumes with Pragya and Abhi’s conversation on the phone. Pragya says, I am Pragya. Abhi says, abhi.. purab sir busy hai (Purab sir is busy right now). He will call later. Pragya hangs. She asks Bulbul if she was talking to her boss? and tells her that it was Purab’s friend and said Purab will call later. Purab asks Abhi why he picked up the call. Abhi asks him to chill and then recalls Pragya’s name. He says nice name.

Preparations are going on at Pragya’s house. A tailor, Dimpy, comes to take Kumkum and others’ measurements. Bulbul and the girls tease her calling her an aunty. Dadi is looking for mama. Bulbul tells Pragya to give her measurements to Dimpy and she will find mama. Suresh comes and says he will go and find him.

Mama finds mami hiding jewelries. He can’t believe that she was the one to steal them. He asks her to return, but she says, because of Suresh they had to suffer and she won’t let his marriage happen happily. Mama tries to snatch them from her, but she doesn’t give. Suresh hears everything. Mama apologizes to him and gives jewelries to him. He asks him to tell truth to everyone, but Suresh says he won’t as he doesn’t want to create differences between family members. Pragya hears it. She comes to her room and thinks that she is so lucky, she fell in love with such a nice guy. Suresh comes there. She says she doesn’t know how to thank him for what he has done for her family today. He has earned more respect now. He tells her that she’s saying like she has never done anything for him. He tells her not to take this as a favor, it’s “bandhan” of marriage. Both smile at each other and have an eyelock. Banjara song plays in BG.

Pragya is going somewhere in an auto with Suresh’s sister. She tells Pragya that she gave nice answer to that lady, but Pragya seems to be regretting for such behavior from her. Their auto stops on a signal. A girl comes and asks Pragya to buy a balloon. Pragya gives her money, but doesn’t take balloon. The girl insists her as her mum taught her not to take any free money. Pragya takes a balloon. Suresh’s sis says it will be a good gift for Suresh. Auto starts and the balloon flies. It goes on Abhi’s car. Abhi looks at it and wonder whose heart fell for him. He looks out, but doesn’t see anyone. He says as it came, he will keep it. It must be from one of his fans.

Purab is thinking about Bulbul, Abhi telling Daadi that Purab won’t go against his decision, and all that Abhi did for him for their friendship. He asks himself what he loves more? love or friendship? He says he must choose one. What will he choose? He gets a message from Bulbul and he asks himself what will he do with his heart?

Pragya is getting mehendi done in her hands. Bulbul teases her that she won’t be able to touch Suresh or do anything. Their mum comes with tiffin. Bulbul says Pragya can’t go and she takes it. She finds mami outside. She praises her and then asks her to get that tiffin to Suresh. Mami says she can’t face Suresh. She tries to find someone else.

Bulbul forgot her phone. Purab’s reply comes saying ‘i love you’. Pragya reads it and is shocked to know Bulbul loves her boss. Bulbul returns. Pragya tries to know everything from her, but she hides her face. Pragya makes her say everything and asks why she’s hiding her face. Bulbul says she’s feeling shy. Pragya can’t believe Bulbul can shy too. Bulbul asks her to stop teasing her. Pragya asks how and when did all that happen. She used to hate him. Bulbul says even she doesn’t know when she fell in love with him. Pragya asks if Purab is a good guy, not all guys are good like Suresh. Bulbul says he’s not bad. Pragya teases her again saying she started taking his side too. He asks her when she will introduce him to her. Bulbul asks her to promise that she won’t take his class, interview, or scold him. Pragya promises. Bulbul says it feels so nice when you find love of your life. Pragya agrees, both sisters hug.

Suresh is lost in thoughts. Arvind tries to convince him that he’s spoiling Pragya’s life by marrying her. She will find the truth sooner or later, and that day she will get hurt. Mami hears their conversation. She drop the tiffin. Arvind and Suresh go out to check, but Mami hides. They think it must be a cat or something. Arvind continues convincing Suresh to tell Pragya that he can’t marry her. Suresh says his mind is clear, he will marry Pragya. Arvind tells him, he knows very well whom he tries to see from the window every day and he also knows why he put all his money on Bulbul’s name. They (Pragya and Suresh) are friends and that can’t turned into marriage forcefully. He could fall in love with her, but not until someone else is in his heart. Mami was hiding, so she couldn’t hear part where Arvind mentioned Bulbul, but she heard the rest that Suresh doesn’t love Pragya.

Precap: Bulbul shows her and Pragya’s mehendi to Suresh and asks which one is better. Suresh looks at Bulbul.

Update Credit to: Diviya

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