Maharana Pratap 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night, Pratap is carefully planning, making strategies about the boundaries and distance from his fort to the place where Akbar has set up his tent. Ajabde comes there. He notices her a while later. He isn’t hungry as everyone (the citizens, the soldiers) has piled up their hopes on him. They have faith that nothing can happen to them as I am here. How can I be hungry when the royal family has to leave their own palace? Ajabde says life is taking your test. I am sure you will win and everything will return home soon. Eat something. She talks about her promise to DB. We both have promised each other to take care of each other’s sons. He agrees. They both sit down to eat.

Hussain Ali is in the jungle. He finds some burnt logs. I think US had stopped here with his people. We are on the right track. Let’s go. we might reach him by morning.

Amar prepares his horse. DB calls out to him for dinner. He leaves before murmuring to his horse that they will leave tonight itself.

Akbar readies the cannon. His soldier sets the cannon ball on fire. On the other side, Ajabde is taking food for Pratap. The cannon ball drops near the fort’s boundary and Ajabde drops the plate scared. Pratap gets up with a start. Akbar enjoys the game. He makes his soldiers shoot a few more cannons towards the fort. Everyone at the fort is startled by his continuous attacks towards the fort. Kalla is angry but Pratap advises him to stay calm. Those cannons cannot reach the boundary. That Mughals know it too. They cannot harm us at all. The attacks continue from Akbar’s side which infuriates Kalla. Allow me once and I will kill them all. Pratap tells him to think carefully. The enemy’s army is large. Be calm, don’t get angry. We have to wait for the time when the enemy makes a mistake. We will make use of it then. Let them do it.

One of the commanders points out to Akbar that if they will shoot cannons like this then their arms will be over real soon. Akbar looks at him pointedly. He makes the soldier shoot a cannon again. this should happen after every four hours. Shake these Rajputs completely. They should not be able to sleep peacefully. Do whatever you have to to make more arms but this should not stop.

Ajabde wakes up with a start as another cannon lands outside the fort. Pratap assures her that everything is fine. I am with you. He offers to get water for her but she goes to bring it herself. She closes the window first. He knows that no one will be able to sleep this way. He is trying to break out confidence. He wants us to make a mistake but we wont fall in his trap. We will have to be mentally very strong. We will win in the end. She nods. You too should not worry then. I will bear this noise. I wont lose my cool, patience or mental stability. I am with you. I can spend many such nights till you are with me as my support. She goes out.

Akbar wants to create fear in Chittor. A man comes to meet Akbar. Let me meet Shehanshah once. I want to help him. His commander asks him what he can do. The guy says I can help Shehanshah in helping him win this war. The commander mocks at him but the guy vows to make him regret his decision one day.

DB and Amar Singh are sleeping. Amar opens his eyes. He is happy that his grandfather dint overhear him talking to his horse or he would have got some soldiers to keep an eye on me. He very carefully puts DB’s hand aside and walks out of the tent.

Ajabde looks at her painting with Amar Singh. She caresses her son’s photo. Pratap comes there. She shares that this is the pic of the time when Amar was merely 1 year old. I have brought it here so we could think of the old times. He wonders how these 8 years flew by. She knows that he has been shouldering his responsibilities but she also knows how much he loves his son. He gets emotional. There is no second when I don’t miss him. you are his mother. You must be missing him more? it is good that he is away from the fort. Rani Ma will take very good care of him. they share a hug.

Amar Singh has no clue about the way to Chittor yet he decides to leave from here asap. He thinks of his mother’s words. God helps good people. Now He will lead us to Chittor.

DB wakes at night and finds the bed empty. She wakes up with a start. DB informs US and Acharya that Amar is missing. Amar decides to leave asap before someone notices him. He is trying to free his horse. I cannot get caught or I wont be able to go back to Chittor. US and Acharya go out to check if Amar’s horse is there or not. Amar’s horse is still there.

Pratap puts Ajabde to sleep. Everyone at the palace is awake because of the cannon shots. The palace is all dirty because of the blasts.

Another cannon ball is shot. Ajabde wakes up with a start and thinks of Amar.

Precap: Everyone is restless and angry with Mughals for continuing to shot cannon balls towards them. Kalla loses his calm. He vows to take revenge from the Mughals. Akbar is sure that these attacks will surely have a desired effect on the Rajputs.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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