Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes to the store room where Nandini is waiting for him. Manik walks up to her and says what’s up as after many days you have surprised me. Manik says that if I knew that stick would do the trick then I would have… Nandini cuts his words and says that I came for the band aid. She says that in my room there were Navya and Rishab while in your there was Harshad.
Manik keeps on taunting her and says that are you sure that this is the reason as band aid could be applied outside a room. He asks if there is any other reason for calling him here and says that think twice again. While applying Nandini says that I wish I had another band aid so that I can put it on your face. Manik asks of why she is doing this for such a small bruise.
Manik says that stop pretending as aren’t you thankful that I came all the way just for you. Nandini acts on says that here I am helping you and are accusing me. Suddenly a waiter comes and Nandini throws Manik and puts a towel on the both on them. Manik asks of why they are hiding and Nandini says that this is a room for staff only. Manik says that if you read it than why did you call me over here.
Nandini tells him to keep quiet and the waiter hears something. He looks around doesn’t sees anything so collects the towels and leaves. Nandini peaks through and says that he is gone while Manik stares at her. She is about to kiss him when gets a call from Navya. Navya says that Aliya has planned a party and I don’t have anything to wear. Nandini says that I will come and leaves saying to Manik that I have to go as I only came to apply the band aid.
Aryaman asks Cabir if he would mind asking him something and Cabir says that he would. Arya sits down and Cabir says that are you always this nice and says that ask what you want. Arya asks of why do they want him to stay away from Harshad. He asks if there is any history between the Fab5 and Harshad. Cabir says that why would I tell you anything about that.
The conversation goes on between them and Cabir wins it in the end. Cabir is impressed and says that no one did this good in conversation ever before. He tells Arya about him being gay and Harshad finding about it before anyone else and what he did to him. Muktii is getting ready for a swim and Aliya asks of what she is doing as it is hot outside. When she leaves Aliya says that Muktii hates swimming under the sun so why the sudden change.
Cabir asks Arya of why he is so surprised and says that if he doesn’t wants to share the room then it’s Okay. Arya says that it’s fine and Cabir goes to sleep passing the bottle to him.
Nandini comes to her room and sees Navya dressed up like crazy for the pool party. Manik in his room and asks for his guitar and the voice on the other end says a person has taken it and it will arrive soon.
Nandini is standing at the door talking to Navya when she sees Manik’s guitar and takes it from the person saying that she’ll deliver it to him. Manik is also coming and sees her with her guitar. Nandini walks the other way with the guitar.
Harshad comes to the pool and Muktii is swimming there. He takes her sheet while takes it back from him. The heated conversation between them started and Muktii says that I left you because of cheated on me and it would have continued if Manik wouldn’t have found about it. Harshad says that you should have believed me on that day. Harshad says that if you loved me as much as you love your friends than it would never have ended. He walks up to her and says that this is still not over and leaves while Muktii eyes get filled up with tears.
Nandini is playing the guitar and Manik watches her from a distance behind her and smiles. Suddenly smoke comes again and she throws the guitar and starts to panic. Manik comes over and says that what happened as I am with you. Nandini apologizes for the guitar while he takes her away.
Harshad standing at a distance says that poor Nandini has become very weak and that’s a story I would love to know more about. Later Nandini is fixing Manik’s guitar and Cabir says to him that you found my room in all the hotel. Cabir says that before you kick me out I’ll go to Arya so that he won’t disturb you.
Nandini says that she’ll leave as she is disturbing them. Cabir says that just relax it’s something between me and Manik so don’t get sentimental. The waiter comes and gives them coffee. Manik mocks Nandini again saying that somewhere you get filtered coffee easily. He points at Cabir and he soon leaves. He stops Nandin from fixing the guitar and says that what matter is that you are trying and tells her to relax about the guitar. Nanidni says that she is not feeling better and is feeling even worse.

Precap: Everyone is enjoying the pool party and swimming. Nandin is hesitant to enter the water and starts to remember again

Update Credit to: Sona

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  26. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episode 215 (2nd June 2015) Written Update
    Alya is sitting with Mukti and Manik. She’s frustrated with Harshad messing up with her friends and her inability to stop him. Though Mukti tells that it is not her fault Alya walks away from there.A Hotel staff comes and informs Nandini that the tap was left opened and her room is filled with water. She goes from there.Cabir thinks about Raghav and is sad. navya tries to cheer him up and tells about her decision to give the child for adoption. They go and join Mukti and Manik. Manik goes to look for Nandini when his friends tease him by talking about Nandini. Aryaman signals Harshad to put his plan to action. Harshad makes a drama of getting stuck in the basket ball net and Cabir jumps into the swimming pool to save him. After seeing the room service inside Nandini’s room Manik smells trouble and returns to pool side. He hits Harshad and make him confess that it was his plan to gain FAB5 sympathy. Manik warns Harshad that he is keeping an eye on him. Aryamann and Harshad watches the video of Harshad drowning in the pool and Harshad tells that their plan has served its purpose as they have come to know that Cabir is the soft hearted of them all. Harshad tells Aryaman that he has another room booked in the hotel and Aryaman can share room with Manik as Cabir is a Gay. Aryamann tells Harshad that he has no problem sharing the room with Cabir. Harshad teases Aryaman of his s*xual preferences.
    Nandini realizes that Manik stopped her from getting into the pool because he thought it could affect her and asks him if Pundit is the reason why he stopped her from going to the pool. Manik tells that he is glad that Nandini Murthy has finally started thinking. He tells her that he won’t go back to Mumbai and goes from there. Nandini finds Manik sleeping on the bench in the lawn. She keeps her head on his chest and Manik puts his hand around her in his sleep. Nandini gets up and goes from there thinking Rishab will wake up soon.
    Next morning all are leaving the Guest house and Manik avoids looking at Nandini. The Bus conductorcomes there and informs that the Bus will leave in 5 minutes. Navya asks Rishab if he is coming with them in the car. Manik tells them that they are going back to Mumbai as the workshop is cancelled. Mukti suggests road trip and Manik gets irritated. Nandini says Bye to all and says bye to Manik separately. He just says a cold bye. Cabir tries to sort out the problem by talking to Manik and Nandini but does not get any satisfactory answer. He decides to set things straight between the Couple.

    Precap: The Group reaches Mangalore for the workshop and Amms refuses to do it. She asks them all to leave by evening.

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