Qubool Hai 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Shashi thinks about the mysterious message on her cell phone, and then discards it away. Merrimwent and festivities continue with celebrations. a grand feast follows. Shaad and jannat are eatin, when ahil comes in and joins them. A passing bell boy attracts shaad’s attention and he asks for salt. He apologises that he is just a waiter and hence doesnt know. Much to everyone’s surprise, sanam tells the exact place of salt in the kitchen. He leaves. All are boggled, while sanam herself is surprised. ahil however is pleased. the waiter comes back with salt, and shaad asks how did she know. Ahil distracts him and changes the topic, and with shhaad’s permisssion, he takes sanam to try the famous biryani. The new bride is alarmed, that if sanam remembers the salt, she might remember everything else too. She decides to do something. She comes to shaad, and tries to bring forth, how ahil, being a Nawab, has his philandering and adulterous nature, and eyes girls. He asks how can she say this of her own husband. She apoloogises and says that she has seen the bare truth of this havelu, behind the glamour. he is tensed. She says that his face shows his tension rightaway. She says that ahil wont eye anyone, who is married, and asks if they are legal;ly wed, ahil wouldnt even dare to eye jannat. He says that everything got burned in the riots. She says that they can marry yet again, to create new memories, if old ones are lost. he is visibly at discomfort. She says that if he cant marry, he should atleast propose to her. The new bride continues to instigate shaad towards expressing his love for jannat, so that she knows that he was, is and shall always be connected to her. He is tensed and walks away, while she smiles evilly, thinking that he mightnt but she needs this desperately, and she knows hw to get it.

Shashi expresses happiness to ahil, about saif’s marriage with nazia, and says that she shall herself plan the honeymoon. Shaad and jannat watch tensedly. ahil asks her not to bother. He asks latif to serve desserts. The new bride comes with a scroll, and says that they should now play, and reveals that the scroll contains an imp news, and, whoever it stops on, shall have to read it aloud. Ahil is hesitant, citing that its getting late. But saif insists, along with nazia, and the new bride complies. They start the game. The music begins, and the scroll keeps passing by. She deliberately stops it on ahil, who is alarmed. nazia asks him to read it. he eyes the new bride tensedly. He opens it resignedly, and then gets upto read that, in a poetic manner, its actually a declaraation of shaad and jannat’s marriage, reading which ahil is shocked himself. jannat and shaad are alarmed too, while others are happy. the new bride butts in telling the reason of their remarriage, so that sanam can have new memories of her most imp day, as she doesnt remember the old ones. Ahil is angry, while she is amused, as she goes upto him, saying that its their joint decision. Ahil’s hand is held by the new sanam, as she says, that jannat and shaad shall get remarried, in the same mandap, together with saif and nazia, with all proper rituals. shaad and jannat are tened. ahil is furious. gazalla and latif are super excited, athey serve sweets. The new bride teases ahil that she loves him too. Shashi thinks that destiny has a reason to play this voice message game with her, and she has to find out the relation between her and tanveer, as she accepts the game. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The new bride along with ahil, asks shaad and jannat, that few peop-le are lucky to have their love yet again. The new bride asks shaad if he accepts this. Ahil is tensed, as shaad pauses for an answer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. writer plez kill off sanam 2 character…she’s such a f**king b*t*h and i hate the site of her..she’s the reason i loose interest in qubool hai,


  3. Actually sanam looks better with shaad then aahil. I hope aahil
    Leaves the show and the focus moves towards shaad and sanam 🙂

    1. Nope rather kill of Shaad

  4. Come on producers Ahil Is a nawaab he has to stand up that witch Sanam 2.

  5. I think ahil love that witch that why he can’t stand up to her he shld done kill her off long time but no he let her stay with him instead sanam is with him why he don’t show or carry her some place where the two of them so to go normally or show her some photos of the two of them together n tell her that she is his wife n throw that witch out if he can’t do that then i too think sanam shld stay with shaad i know two of them r not but the look good together ahil claim he love her so much but don’t know why he hestiate so much for

  6. pls leave sanam2 from qubool hai.i just hate her.we want the romance between sahil

  7. writers come on speed this serial along it is toooooooooooo slow and boring we are all fed up with longtoenail sanam 2 it is time to get her ass out of the serial she has done way tooooooooooooo much evil and you writers are just keeping her in the serial we have had enough of her and as for ahil I do not know what to say about him any more he is just giving long toe nail sanam 2 her own way and letting her do what she want why is it that he is not standing up to her for instance when she took his hand he should have shoved it away instead of standing there with those ugly pointy tips shoe which I hate and looking like a jackass you know what I really do not like men hitting on women but you see now I am fed up with long toe nail so ahil start throwing some good blows on her and let her come to her senses knowing who the man of the mansion is and to know her place and stop budding in his ahils affairs especially when coming to sanam 1 any way like I said before weiters please leave sanam1 and shad as a couple and let them leave that evil house where long toe nail resides and as for ahil too bad for him because he would not listen and do what is right he is only feeling sorry for that long toenail b*t*h and so he brought her back into the mansion and now she started back making his life a living hell so ahil take what you get for being a stupid ass hole

  8. sanam congratulation to you and your new sole mate shad hurry up and get hitched before you remember and ahil comes in and stop the wedding

  9. Sanam 2 se hi iss show ka ppl following kum hai.just throw the f****** b**** out of the show for good.

  10. f**k off u mcbc bastard Sanam 2. U a*sh*le jus get d hell out of d show. Itni mushkil se show track pe aya tha n u blo*dy ppl hv ruined it again. Ab mai nhi dekhungi u dnt respect ur viewers feelings toh tera ye show koi ni dekhenge kamino harami

  11. Bunch of fools….. Who are they fooling?! Aren’t they tired… Wtf!!

  12. common writers let ahil unite wd hz sanam they luk good together

  13. i jst hate sanam 2 she is a big witch.

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