Maharana Pratap 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap says this Mughal can try anything but wont be able to do anything to us. His cannon dint even reach our fort. Raja Jaimal wonders why Akbar did so then. Dodhiya ji says it doesn’t matter but he wont be able to do anything to Chittor. Pratap adds that this fort is their respct. It is as strong as Rajput’s strength. It can bear anything.

Akbar decides that he will win this fort, come what may. The time has come. We have to move ahead, face any difficulties, sacrifice ourselves but we have to gain victory over Chittor’s fort. A commander says it is possible that we might not have to attack ont he fort. Hussain Ali might returns with the royal family before that. Pratap wont have any other option but to surrender before you then. Akbar nods. But what if Hussain Ali fails? You cannot wait to gain victory. You have to work for it. This is why I have decided to attack on the fort. He gives his commanders instructions about form which side they will attack the palace. We wont sit peacefully till we win! There are two new commanders who have joined Akbar’s team. Soldiers chant praises in Akbar’s name.

Hussain Ali and his troops are heading to where US has gone.

Akbar and his team are ready. The commanders go to stand before their respective set of troops as per Akbar’s instructions. Pratap is watching everything with Rawat ji, Dodhiya ji, Raja Jaimal, Kalla and Ishar Das ji. One of the soldiers light a rocket to announce the war. They march forward. Akbar’s army get ready to surround the fort from all the corners.

Pratap too orders his soldiers to get ready for the big fight. He sends Rawat ji, Raja Jaimal and Ishar Das ji to guard different gates. They nod. They chant Jai Ekling ji to motivate everyone. Raja Jaimal talks to his soldiers. We will not just shoot arrows at these cowards but kill them completely. Rawat ji too swears to kill every single soldier who tries to come near their fort.

Akbar’s commanders keep marching forwards with their troops.

Kalla tells Pratap that the soldiers have taken their position now. Everyone is ready to shoot / fight. Pratap tells the soldiers to be ready as the enemy is approaching them fast. Ishar Das ji vows to kill every single Mughal soldier. Pratap wants them to walk all the more closer. Raja Jaimal and Rawat ji are waiting for Pratap’s final orders to shoot. Pratap wants maximum deaths. Let them come closer so they are not able to turn back if they want to! Everyone waits impatiently while Pratap wants them to come so close that they are unable to go back even if they wish to! Akbar finally crosses the mark set in Pratap’s mind so Pratap finally orders his soldiers to shoot. The counter attack begins. Lot many Mughal soldiers die in the first go itself, followed by the nest one. The attacks continue and so do the deaths of Mughal soldiers. Akbar tells his soldiers to step back. They oblige. Another lot iss hot and more soldiers die. Akbar tells his soldiers to back off a little more. they are at a safe position now. Pratap tells his soldiers to wait as their arrows cannot reach those Mughals now. Akbar tells his soldiers to walk 20 steps ahead. They do so reluctantly. There is another attack from Pratap’s side and most of the soldiers in the front die. Akbar continues this to check till what distance the arrows can affect his soldiers. Lot many soldiers die in the process though. His army is finally standing at a safe distance. He tells them to stop there only. Pratap looks on annoyed.

Akbar tells his commanders that they were supposed to reach to this point today. we will stay here only now. Make all the arrangements and bring the cannons in the front. Rawat ji says we atleast killed 900 soldiers. Pratap doesn’t mind killing as many soldiers as he has to, to win the fight. We wont back down. Akbar calls it a sacrifice from his soldiers. We have gained access in our enemy’s area. We will continue to do so slowly and will win it ultimately!

Precap: Hussain Ali is looking for US and his family. US and Acharya are looking for Amar Singh.They come face to face. Akbar shoots cannons towards Chittor fort at night when everyone is sleeping peacefully. They are all startled by the continuous attacks on their fort.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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