Jodha Akbar 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jodha Akbar 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jodha says Leela must be shy taking her fiance’s name, Jalal says but you used to not be shy and used to make me afraid by her eyes, Jodha eyes him and says Jalal you.. she laughs, Jalal says to Laboni, i know Sangram, he is very nice guy, Laboni says this is my fate, Jodha says to Laboni that i have called tailor to order your dresses, i want your fiance to keep looking at you.
Hoshiyar is working like dasi as Ruks have given it, Dammo comes to him and tease him that you seem worried, she says i have one question, i have listened that you are not special of Ruks anymore? Hoshiyar says nothing like, Ruks cant move without me, she is dependent on me, Ruks listens all this, Hoshiyar sys she is handicapped without me, he turns to see Ruks there, Ruks says what did you say? that i am handicapped without you? how dare you, she slaps him and ask him to not open your mouth, she leaves, Dammo smirks.
Bengali baba is going from jungle, parrot is showing him way, he says there is weird pooja going on in this area, it seems like some black magic is going on, he finds beads which Laboni had thrown, he says soon i will meet her.

Scene 2
Jodha is selecting dresses, Jalal is passing by from there, he finds Jodha checking dresses, he is lost looking at her, Birbal and Fazal who are talking to him about politics notices this too, Jodha likes one dress, she sees Jalal looking at her, Jalal points that dress is not good, she rejects it, she checks other dress, Moti likes it but Jalal finds it average, Jodha tries one more dress, Jalal likes it, Jodha says to Moti that buy this one, dupatta falls from Jodha’s hands and falls on Jalal’s face, he brings it, ask all to leave, he makes Jodha wear it, Jalal says you are so beautiful that colors become more colorful when you wear them, Jodha says i dont have time for this naughtiness, i have some work, Jalal says you didnt do so much work in our marriage, Jodha says things were different then, we used to not love each other, Jalal says what about now? Jodha says now my answer is that i love you so much, Jalal says then hug me so tight that nobody can come inbetween us, she blushes and hugs him, she says your love will be tested tomorrow, you remember how all wives wear veil and husbands have to recognize them, Jalal says i have given this test many a times and won too, Jodha says then do it, lets see if you can recognize me this time or not, she is about to leave but he holds her dupatta, Laboni sees this and fumes un anger, Jalal pulls Jodha closer, Jodha distracts him and runs from there, Jalal smiles.

Scene 3
Laboni says to Dammo didnt you see how Jodha is with Jalal, Dammo says Leela’s fiance is coming, what will we do now, Laboni says i tried to find about Leela but didnt know she was engaged, Dammo says our game can be finished, you will not get Jalal, Laboni says i want Jalal only and will get him at any cost, Dammo says i have one way, dont come infront of Sangram till tomorrow night, Laboni says how wil i do that, Dammo says you have to do it, i will gather power till tomorrow to handle things, dont show your face to him till tomorrow night.
Its morning, Laboni comes to Jodha, Jodha says to her that what jewelry you like can take it, these are my jewelry, Laboni says you are doing so much for me, Jodha sys you can take anything, Laboni thinks i want your most precious thing from me that is your husband, Jodha gives her one necklace and goes to bring dupatta, Laboni sees ball gown there and ask about it,Jodha says Jalal gifted to me, Jodha blushes, Laboni fumes, dasi comes and says Aram is calling you, Jodha leaves, Laboni sees Dupatta which Jalal selected for Jodha, she wears it and says soon i will be close to Jalal, Jalal comes from behind and thinks that Jodha is wearing that dupatta, he back hugs Laboni, Laboni is beyond happy, Jodha comes there and sees them hugging, she is stunned, she says Shehenshah, Jalal is shocked to find Jodha standing behind, Laboni turns, Jalal is shocked to see that he was hugging Laboni.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Post it soon guys. earlier it used to get updated by 8 PM IST. but now we have to wait until 11.30 PM IST.

  2. No offence but pls hurry up an complete the update it getting interesting

  3. Bengali baba another villain ?

  4. jalal it is taking tooooooooo long for you to figure out laboni please sense what is really going on around you before it is tooooooo late how come no one has found leelas body in the forest as yet come on the fake laboni needs to be exposed both she and her ugly witchipoo motherit is a good thing that jodhas love for jalal is so strong that every time a spell is cast it is broken but writers please spice it up give us some more action let the black magic back fire on laboni and her mother and send them catapulting into oblivion LOL

  5. Bengali baba is a nice guy.may be…m not sure.anyway it is gud to see that jodha’s luv always protecting jalal nd their relation.

  6. So many clues and a still jodha n jalal can’t figure out nothing any bet this last part that laboni will say that she was just tryin on the dupatta and jalal think that i was jodha so he hug me n again she will get away with it and what up with the precap

  7. The Bengali Baba will soon fix this foolishness with this Laboni and Black magic,He will destroy all the evil and Laboni may have to run for her life.I hope this happens because this black magic is killing the serial.

  8. This black magic is too in your face.It is too pronounced and bold.

  9. When is this black magic over? One thing that I like to see this black magic back to laboni n her mum n burn them. Poor hosyiar but I guess that’s his wages becoming a spy? of ruk. JaJo wake up !

  10. Ms. Atiba there was a precap showing jalal saying to jodha that i recognised u once again
    Now it’s the yuvraaj’s turn to recognize leela
    N a nervous laboni was shown!

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