Maharana Pratap 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akbar’s servant drops a vase by mistake. The guy apologizes to him for the same. Akbar tells him to wait as his commander comes there. Akbar looks at his hand. Your missing finger angers me. Don’t you feel angry towards US? The commander is actually waiting for a chance to take revenge from US. I just want a chance. Akbar points out hat US could have cut his head too but instead he cut your finger. He wanted to you feel ashamed every day / all your life. Look at that servant, he just made a mistake. He dropped my favourite vase by mistake. The mistake is simple but I wont spare him. Akbar holds his earrings and pulls them down with full force. The guy screams out in pain. Akbar tells Hussain Ali that he should not have spared US. I am giving you another chance. follow US. He has left from the palace with his family. Arrest him and bring him here. Take as many people as you want with you but don’t return without him. Hussain Ali promises him that he wont let him down. Akbar promises to make him wealthy. Your name will be written in Mughal history.

Ishar Das ji notices movement in Akbar’s army. Pratap too looks at them. he notices a troop heading towards the opposite direction (south direction). Pratap realises that Akbar knows about US’s departure. They are going after father. Raja Jaimal knows that Akbar is a cheater. He catches hold of women and kids and arrests people. Pratap says Akbar is not strong enough to fight head on. He wants us to surrender the palace to him after taking father in his arrest. These Mughals wont be able to do anything to my father. Dodhiya ji still wants to send a message to US. Pratap sends Chakrapani to inform his father. You will have to reach them before the Mughals. You will have to go out really carefully as all the doors of the fort have been closed. Chakrapani assures him that he will take care of everything.

US and his family are still on their way. Amar Singh is missing his father. They will still take a few days to reach to a safer place. US finds Amar very quiet. They decide to halt their journey for a while. Amar Singh is again upset when US tells him to play for a while.

Akbar’s soul mocks him. You are such a coward. You are still scared. Akbar talks about his army of 40k. Hussain Ali is going to catch US very soon. Pratap will surely surrender before me real soon. His soul points out to the same. You are always trying to win by keeping your commanders in the front. Earlier it was Khan Baba and now it is Hussain Ali. Till when will you lie? Will you become a SHehanshah like this? Everyone is laughing at you, including your own soldiers. you have a golden chance to win over the fort and write a new chapter of history. You only have to win this fight to become the Shehanshah. No one will be able to face you from henceforth.

DB wants US to talk to Amar. He is pained to be away from his parents. Amar thinks of his parents. He is talking to his horse. They must be missing me and needing me. no one will let me go back to Chittor as they think of me to be a kid. I have decided to escape from here at night when everyone will fall asleep. I and father will teach those Mughals a lesson together. he will never think of stepping in Chittor ever again. US calls out for him. Amar gets tensed.

Pratap observes Akbar’s army. Akbar too looks at his soldiers enjoying / playing. Raja Jaimal is curious about what’s in Akbar’s mind.

Akbar’s soul tells Akbar that just like the ants are climbing up the apple kept in front of you, you too have to climb the fort. You have such a vast army with you. Just go ahead. Your army is ready to fight. Give them a chance to fight. You will surely win. What if Hussain Ali returns empty handed? Will you give up then? Everyone will rebel against you then. how will you face them then? They will be disappointed with you. Forget CHittor, you wont be able to return to Agra even. Akbar gets thinking.

He looks at his soldiers again. they are disappointed that they have come all this way to Chittor to play. We could have done the same back at home too. They feel Akbar is scared of Pratap. Till date it was Bairam Khan who had fought for him. What does he know about fighting after all!

Akbar’s soul motivates him to get into a real fight this time and show his soldiers who the real Shehanshah is! Akbar comes out of his tent but everyone is busy in their own work. Pratap looks at him with his binoculars. Akbar too looks towards Chittor fort. He is standing next to the canons. Pratap notices Akbar’s expressions. Akbar lights the torch kept next to the canons. He lights oneof the canons next. Pratap and everyone look on in amazement. The canon lands near the main gate of the fort. Pratap’s team is certainly taken aback. All the soldiers bow to Akbar. I have initiated the fight. I announce it that I will win that fort, come what may. His soldiers chants praises in his name.

Precap: Amar escapes with his horse. US, Acharya and Jagmal are looking for him. Amar notices Hussain Ali and a few Mughal soldiers. They are very nearby him. US and Acharya hear sounds of hoof. Jagmal reasons that this can be the horse of some Mughal too.

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