Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satyabhama cannot understand what Narad ji is up to. At times, he fills Bali’s ears against Hanuman while the next moment, he comes to bless Bal hanuman. He is very confusing. Shri Krishna says Narad ji is one of the seventeen sons of Brahma. Brahma ji has created them all through his mental abilities, from different parts of his body. Narad ji was born from Brahma ji’s lap while his other son, Daksh, was born from his thumb. Two sons of a father! Their differences became the reason for Narad ji’s demeanour. Narad ji was devoid of any attachment towards the world (due to his past birth). He chose the path of devotion to Lord. Prajapati Daksh listened to his father and got married. He helped his father in taking care of the world but he became arrogant in the process. He turned in an angry and stubborn man. Flashback shows Daksh telling all his sons to get married as they are old enough for the same. I want you all to help me in my work. A kid raises objection. He too wants to become a sanyasi like his elder brothers. Daksh talks about scriptures. It is your ultimate dharma to abide by your father’s words. Another son takes Narad ji’s name which infuriates Daksh. Narad only swayed your elder brothers towards sanyas.

Narad ji had spoken to Daksh’s 5 sons and they chose to become a sanyasi. Narad ji wasn’t at fault though. They were anyways inclined towards sanyas due to their previous birth’s karmas.

Daksh tells his son’s that he is happy and wealthy as he is a married man. It is my order that you all too should get married. Stay away from that Narad. Don’t let him come near you! Don’t pay heed to him at all. Daksh leaves. Narad ji appears there just then. The kids look in the opposite direction instead. They tell him what their father has just ordered them to do. Narad ji looks at them in amusement. Why is Prajapati Daksh not always happy even though he is a married man? The kids turn to look at him. Have you ever seen him angry or unhappy? The kids share that their father is almost always angry. Narad ji reasons that if Daksh was justified then this wouldn’t have happened with him. Have you ever seen me angry or tearful? They deny. You are always happy alone. The kids get thinking. What is the secret? Narad ji explains that a person stays happy as soon as he gives up on his desires. It isn’t that a married man will always be unhappy but it is very difficult for normal people to be happy and married. Lord Mahadev and Ma Parvati are happily married as they are devoid of any worldly desires. Any couple who follows their path is always happy, like Maharishi Atri and Sati Anusuiya. You too should get married if you think you are knowledgeable enough. Be careful otherwise. I have shown you both the paths. Whoever likes whichever path may decide to follow that!

Narad ji made those kids sanyasi too and sent them to different corners of the earth. Prajapeti Daksh got angry. He curses Narad ji that he too will be roaming in the entire world just like his sons. You wont be able to stay at one place for long. You will be called as Kalahpriya in the world. Narad ji too could have cursed Daksh if he had wanted to but he only smiled back in return. He accepted the curse as my (Shri Krishna) command and accepted it. This is the reason why Narad ji roams around the world and helps people. He is respected everywhere. All his acts are meant for welfare of people and the world.

Rukmini adds that Narad ji knows everything about present and past. He knew that Bali wont be able to harm Bal Hanuman in any way. Instead he got gold tops from the Lord too. Bal Hanuman is so cute. I so want to play with him and love him. Shri Krishna says some kids are like that only. They capture everyone’s hearts.

Anjana introduces Bal Hanuman to Dai Ma (the same daasi). Kesari gives jewels to all the daasi’s. He wants a big celebration. Decorate the entire state with lamps, flowers, etc. I want the celebrations to last for more than a month. No person should be hungry or thirsty or upset. Anjana shares a wish. I have heard that the liking of a pregnant mother is associated with the baby. He realises that Bal Hanuman loves kheer. She wants all the citizens to have kheer every single day. He jokes that if he actually eats the way she used to eat during her pregnancy then there would be no kheer left for anyone. our son will eat everything. She smiles.

Dai Ma is talking to someone in the streets about Bal Hanuman’s birth. Bali overhears them from a distance. He has covered himself with a blanket. The man offers him kheer. Bali gets to know that Hanuman has taken birth. He throws it away as soon as Dai Ma and that man walks away. He again decides to kill the baby.

Kesari finds Bal Hanuman a little heavier than morning.

Bali is outside the palace. He recalls how he had got hurt while entering Anjana’s room. A servant is decorating the balcony with flowers. She removes the hold thread from the balcony. He smirks. He enters the palace stealthily.

Anjana readies Bal Hanuman for his bath.

Bali looks angrily at baby Hanuman. Hanuman ji also looking at him. Bali says look at me if want to. I am your death after all!

Precap: Anjana is bathing Bal Hanuman when he hits the little tub with full force. Anjana is startled to see imprints of his feet in it. Bali and Dai Ma too notice it. Bali is angry as he failed before Bal hanuman. Why am I feeling so weak before him! why is that baby much stronger than me?

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