Hello Pratibha 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the night Pihu is telling her father that she sold her and her mothers ear rings and suddenly realizes that she was day dreaming. Sunidhi from the back of the window is thinking of a way to stop pihu from telling Mahen everything and then Sunidhi suddenly comes bursting in and tells Mahen that Pihu wanted to seek his permission to go but was to afraid that he would scold him and so she thought that she should herself tell him .Mahen then tells her that he would never stop her from doing anything and even if he would stop her it would be for her own betterment. Mahen then leaves the area and Pihu feels relieved and in her heart thanks Sunidhi. In the morning Mahen meets with Pandai jee who wants Partibha to become their brand ambassador now that she has become a big star. Mahen tells Gupta jee that he is fully satisfied but they must seek permission of Partibha before they ask him.Partibha says that she is felling proud that the firms ambassador is asking her to become the brand ambassador. Pandai jee then says that he will get the contract ready meanwhile Sunidhi gets jealous and thinks that she will tell Mahen about Pihu and get her thrown in jail and will not only stop Partibha from going to Kolkata but also to stop her from becoming the brand ambassador. Pihu then comes to Sunidhi and when seeing Pandai jee and Gupta jee rushes out of the hall .Sundhi then is talking to her mother who is tellling her that her plan will not work and she will not be able to stop Partibha from going to Kolkata. Sunidhi is planning that after defeating Partibha she will not only have her revenge but she will also take her place.Sunidhi the sends another women to take the ear rings from the shop and feels that now all the connections are in her hands.Sanjit asks Partinbha that how her rehersals are going on and that must win the finals. Partibha tells him that they are going well. Shalu finds the ear rings in the kichen cabnet.Partibha tells Mahen that she was getting ready in the room then how did they get in the kitche Mahen then tells her that she must be happy that the ear rings were found. Sunidhi says to Peehu that she knows she had stolen the earrings and sold them. Peehu was about to tell her when Sunidhi goes away faking to take an important call. Inside the house, Sunidhi says she can’t hear Peehu’s truth else all her game would be ruined.
In the class, Pratibha sings. Shubda ji enjoys her voice. She stands up when the bell rings, joins her hands and the students leave except Pratibha. Shubda ji appreciates the beauty of her voice. Pratibha asks her permission to go home in break time. Shubda ji says she can utilize her breaktime as she wants to, just return back to class in time. Pratibha calls home, Shalu tells her everything is fine but Peehu is out with her friend.
Peehu and friends come at the desserted area. Peehu tells them they can’t afford doing it again, because her chachi knows she stole the earrings. They come to find all the videos and images. Two guys watched them from behind the tree, a lady made video of them all. When Peehu and friends leave, the boys come out, count the money and leave happily. Their car is stopped by a taxi, the lady who steps out of the car is Sunidhi. She comes to them and shows them the whole video. The boys are left open mouthed, they gulp and come out of the car. Sunidhi says she knows what they are doing, they are blackmailing little children’s videos, police would be coming here. The boys say they have returned the proofs already. Sunidhi says it doesn’t erase their crime about black mailing minors for money. The boys plead her not to sent them to jail, they will do what she says. Sunidhi tells them what they will have to do, the boys agree and asks her not to tell police. She asks them to go from here before someone comes. She thinks now this game is in her hands, she will make it difficult for Pratibha to become a star.

PRECAP: Pratibha offers the family to go to Kolkatta together. Sunidhi asks Mahen to say something, and had got worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What the hell happen to Sunidhi.She is disgusting .I cannot stand her character at all.I am glad Pratibha is getting through her singing with Subda ji.

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